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highly recommend christy @ nailwords! she's at texture hair salon at bright center (lor L telok kurau) & did my ROM nails! excellent service!! the diamante she stuck on my nail art dropped off and she replaced it FOC the next day when i went running back to her.

plus, almost 4 days later, my french mani still looks brand new (and you know how fast french shows wear!)


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would like to recommend this new nail spa near my place at siglap - polished hand & foot spa. i was scouting for a good place to hold my friends hens night party.

they have specially designed bridal packages which include a colour change on AD and a complimentary foot spa valid for 2 weeks after AD. talk about real pampering man!!

check out their website under party planner


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anyone has recommandation for a good manicure salon in bishan? I don't like to travel too far to get my nails done as the protective oil they put always get rubbed off as soon as I step out of the salon.


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I tried a few times at different nails salon for manicure & pedicure. Personally i like the best among the rest was at beary nails
It is located at tampines central.

Finally, I went today to sign up a package with them for pedicure - 5 times for SGD 128. I thot it was a pretty good deal

The people there are very friendly and you get a free drink too for each visit..good service


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Hey gal,

Century Square / Tampines mall / Tampines MRT & Tampines One have a few new nail outlets too like Lady finger in Tampines they have promotion and it seems reasonable too..


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I visited fingerwork and dolish. Personally prefer the service,quality and ambience at Dolish. Very relaxed and Ayumi is really humorous and skillful at creating nail art.


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you can also try the ice-cream and jelly pediure at the nail attic at Holland Village. heard its very nice. they are quite resonalbly priced too.
spa manicure and spa pedicure at $40 with hydrating masque, sugar scrub and 2 complimentary nail art.


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I seldom visit these places. With my fren's recommendation, i have just tried Lush Nails for my PS. They are very thorough. I like their services. No complains and they are very patient. Classic mani $22 and classic pedi $33. Did my nails on 3 Feb ... still as good now ~ should be able to last till CNY !!! Price wise is even cheaper then PINC. I tried once at PINC, my nails become very brittle. Lush Nails is available at AMK Hub, Thomson Plaza & Holland V Shopping Centre. Thumbs up for them~ will use them for my actual day as well !!!


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HI Quido , you did it for your PS? how was ur PS huh? tired bo?

AMK near my house,i shall go and try out for CNY and my PS!


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Jasmine, i heard CNY they can only do Express Mani & Pedi liao ~

PS was good ~ tiring ~ and aching !!! Still aching now ! hahha kekeke when u taking yours ah ?? Where u plan to go ?


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Hi quido,
really ar.. i haven do my nice nice pedi and medi wor, tot can go there do.
wow, sound interesting, mine will be end of feb or early march, my hubby still oversea so not sure the date.


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i see ... give them a call lo. Express should be fine as well. AMK Hub: 6555 4438.

All prepared for your PS? Gotten the necessary things liao ??


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Hi Sharon, your nails looked lovely!! how much did u do ur nails for? what is the contact of Cheryl? she is located at amk?


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Hi All,

I tried out Nailz Korea at Square 2 and did their Gel nails for my pre-wedding shoot on Monday afternoon wah.. but guess wat!? Two of the gel nails came off on the very same night while I was at home folding clothes.. I was suppose to have my overseas outdoor wedding shoot the very next day morning.. So, in the middle of the nite called up my girl friend whom is coming along with me for this outdoor shoot to bring her nail polish to cover up those missing gel nails so that it won't show .. Was so sad and disappointed with them.. And MORE came off the follow days when I was there for holiday for 2nites....

And by the 3rd day which was on the day I was returning back to SG, I was only left with 2 nails intact with the Gel polish and so despite feeling so Tired, I have to rush to a nearby Nail salon in the late evening to do an express french nails as the following morning I was having my indoor shoot.. really very pissed off with their lousy quality..

And prior to the gel nails, the salon lady even promised and assured me that their Gel nails can last for 3 to 4wks and won't fade or come off and I got to go back to do the removal as it stick very firmly to my nails... but instead it came off that very same day...

Wah this whole event totally spoilt my photo taking mood man..

Will be heading down to ask for a refund and compensation... Won't be letting them do my nails ever again..

U gals beware and take note...

Very Sad Bride-to-be


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I just had my nails done at a home based manicurist at khatib not long ago.

very home feel and nice lady!

And im getting engaged soon! here ia m at this forum...

would like to check, do u girls specially do your nails during ROM?

or just during photshoot/ wedding day?


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Hey sweeties, I want to share and recommend this gem place hiding out of town. This salon was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad it was fabulous! To be perfectly honest, I absolutely loved my mani/pedi experience at Pretty Inn Nails. They are located at West Coast Shopping Centre, small but cofy. Two weeks after my first visit, I recommended my cousin to have her wedding nails done there. Guess what ? ... Her's turn out so beautifully with the artwork and unlimited crystals supplies at a fraction of price in town outlet !!! The nail girls are impressive, creative yet humble and friendly. Maybe for a special occasion or something ... they certainly does a great job ! All Bride Babes ... well recommended ... try them out for a trial and I bet you will agree with me.


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Hey sweeties, I want to share and recommend this gem place hiding out of town. This salon was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad it was fabulous! To be perfectly honest, I absolutely loved my mani/pedi experience at Pretty Inn Nails. They are located at West Coast Shopping Centre, small but cofy. Two weeks after my first visit, I recommended my cousin to have her wedding nails done there. Guess what ? ... Her's turn out so beautifully with the artwork and unlimited crystals supplies at a fraction of price in town outlet !!! The nail girls are impressive, creative yet humble and friendly. Maybe for a special occasion or something ... they certainly does a great job ! All Bride Babes ... well recommended ... try them out for a trial and I bet you will agree with me.


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manicure provides more than just filing of nails.
i only been to a pedicure once with a friend who did manicure..
they soak your hands/feets till the cuticle is soften.
then they will soft the cuticle in and remove any dirt in ur nails and trim your nails nicely. then they go on to file your nails till pink and nice, then they will apply base coat,nail polish of your choice and then top coat.


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hiya girls,

im kinda new here. as you know this thread has countless of postings and i've read till my eyes almost went blind and i cant find the info that i need. :

would appreciate if u could tell me where can i get cheap but okay manicure + pedicure services cos i wanted to them at one go.. i know that for really good ones will have to pay a higher price but pretty tight on my budget these few months due to sprees.

can anyone recommend me some places thats within $50 for these 2 services?


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Hi girls, I have a $195 package with Nailz Korea letting go at $120. Cuz i decided to mtm nails with them hence no longer need their mani-pedi for wedding. Email me for details. [email protected]


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Hi all, I had an awful experience at Pink Parlour. They did a lousy job on my manicure and I called back to request for a touch up. As promised on variuod forums, they follow up on feedback BUT they don't sound sincere at all. The lady boss, Wendi, sounded impatient. Do not trust when they say they value customers.. When it comes to following up on feedbacks, they sound reluctant n unhelpful. I will never ever patronize them.


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It has been awhile since I last went for my mani and pedicure. Wanted to look good on CNY but came back with disappointment and frustration. I can only advise a "NO"...don't ever step in to this shop i have just went recently "LITTLE DOT's HEAVEN" at The Bencoolen (near bugis village). I'm so upset that I wanna let the whole world know about the unethical act of them.

The pedicure was done sloppily that you won't even bear to look at it. The gel nails color was so off from the color chart. After filing a complaint, given a touch up of the gel mani which in return ruined my initial gel mani and I have no choice but to re-do it again. They still got the guts to charge me for the soaked off??!! Plus additional charges on the scrub/wax treatment for my pedicure which I was not even informed in the first place.

The arrogant tone of the lady boss really makes me wanna puke. Can you imagine what she said to me:" I dun think it's your first time doing mani pedi....the color on the chart will look different on the nails. It's like going to the fitting room, you try the dress and buy it. Are you going to return it when u find that it's not nice after you have bought it? Saying why I didn't mention the color is not nice when her gal was doing my gel mani thru out the 45mins. I told her this is bcos I was busy choosing the right color for my toenails. What's wrong of having the best color to match all my CNY clothes? Her gal did try to do a touch up for me but it's beyond redemption. They totally ruined my initial gel mani. I have to soak it off and re-do it again, in which I have to pay additional $30 for the soaked off but they will re-do the gel mani free for me. They should not even started on the touch-up in the first place if they are unable to do so. After their terrible mistake, I still have to pay for my own soaked off??!!

Moreover thru out the session, there was no mentioning of the additional charges for the scrub/wax treatment for my pedi. She insisted her china gal did inform me about it....probably I dun understand her gal's china tone. Said that I can well afford it.
I'm neither blind nor deaf that I dun even know if she did or did not mention anything about the additional charges. She only keep promoting their "wonderful" base coat which cost $39 and I told her I'm not interested. PLEASE....whether can I well afford all this additional unnecessary charges, it's none of her business ok?!! I will pay if it's worth it, but that kind of sucks services doesn't even worth a single penny.



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Thanks moomood and yioyio for sharing your experiences, so sorry to hear about them. I can't tolerate bad customer service, even if their skills is superb or whatsoever. Will definitely not go to these 2 for my future mani and pedi!!


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hi frnz,

i had gone for my pedicure to phenomena,their service was excellent,i never felt that my foot was so smooth and the g8 news is that they are also having some promotion now.pls do check at

Phenomena Nails & Make-up Academy Pte Ltd
Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-147
Phone : 6533 5029
try it out!!!!!!!!!!


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sharon..hhahah..i also agree with you..initially wana get some MUA who they do nails as well..i have a colleague & a friend who diy her nails during rom & AD...its also quite nice..then they both courage me to do tat, cos they not so particular and luv diy stuff..

there's one day, i came to a salesgirl whom "ba tan" outside other ppl's shop @ Bedok.A lot of manicure/pedi items..sticker/polish/cuticle oil/remover/beads/etc...

Although the weather is quite hot & besides me she also has to attend to other customer too..i ask her what is this & by one she explain & she even test on my finger..she never give me/other customer you know lah, some sales staff will show unpatience face when you tried here & there...the price also v.reasonable..can be as low from $1.../3 for $10..can mix..finally i get all the stuff that i want..

When doing closing, she told me that i'm short of $10 to be a member ($50). with the member card whenever i purchase, i can get 10% discount with every $20 purchase from the main shop at TPY/ if they "ba tan" else where,i also can get i just top up addtional items that i want..i was shortage of $1, but she still let me be the member.

True enough at TPY main shop, i can get 10% discount with $20 purchase. (However, sales item/already discounted item, they cant give me 10% discount.)

Sharon, if you are interested, you may pm me for more details.


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Hi all,

If you girls out there feel like doing all those services at hm you may call Margaret @93833593. She hv a v gd skill. Got to knw her through friend. And she also went up on media. And also charge at v reasonable price.


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Hi ladies,

Can recommend me a good and resonable nail salon (not hard selling type) at bukit panjang,Choa Chu Kang or Jurong area?



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I went for my mani and pedi today at Lush Nails Holland V. Although I told the staff that it was meant for my pre-wedding photo shoot and that I had to match my nail colour with an ivory wedding gown and a maroon evening gown, she recommended me a very pink colour that was even more pink than candy floss.

The sense I get is that the staff there don't really care what occasion you're attending. And they don't seem to be able to match colours appropriately. Unfortunately, due to the dim lighting in the boutique, I did not realise how pink the nail colour was until I walked out of the shop. It was then that I saw to my horror that my fingernails and toenails were candy pink.

As my photo shoot is tomorrow, I ended up going into the Nail Palace near my house to redo the nail colour.

Comparing my experiences in both shops within a single day, I would say that both places have their pros and cons. The good thing about Lush Nails is that they don't hard sell. They finish your nails and send you on your way. However, I felt that their service was bad in some ways. For example, even though the shop uses portable dryers, I was asked to vacate my seat and go to the waiting area to dry my nails so that someone else could take the seat.

The problem is, Michelle asked me to vacate my seat instead of the Caucasian ladies who had been sitting in their chairs even before I arrived. I wonder why.

Candy floss nail colour aside, the girl who did my mani smudged my nail colour accidentally with her hand. Then while trying to place the dryer on my lap, she did not wait for my hands to be positioned properly before shoving the dryer onto my lap. As a result, my nail colour smudged again. What's worse is that she blamed it on me and muttered under her breath something about how I kept smudging my nail colour.

In contrast, when I went to Nail Palace, the staff were really nice and chatty. They gave me the correct pale pink that I wanted and even added shimmers for effect. Of course, there is the uncomfortable hard-sell, but you can stand your ground and they won't push you further. The place is also quite shabby and not as nicely decorated as Lush Nails, but that didn't really bother me, because what mattered to me most was the nails.

After today, I think that we shouldn't favour other more posh boutiques over our neighbourhood boutiques. The nail shops in Holland V tend to be more expensive and perhaps because they're more popular, they may not provide you with great service, unless you're one of the Caucasian expats living nearby. If you're not so particular about a shop's decor, Nail Palace is worth a try. I really like their OPI classy pale pink colour because it matches both my gowns. They saved the day for me because I can't imagine wearing my elegant wedding and evening gowns tomorrow with candy pink coloured nails.


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Gone are the days when we can have a mani, pedi, facial or even an eyebrow trim in peace. Nearly every salon that I've stepped into in recent years has some package to promote to me. Even my hairstylist at Jantzen is promoting extra treatment. I found out that the staff at Jantzen don't get any basic salary. Their income is entirely commission-based.
I'm not really a manicure/pedicure person but i visited 2 salons for gelish manicure this year with the vouchers which I purchased from Groupon.

1) Nailbox at Southbank - no hardsell. Service was good. I intend to go back to them for my bridal manicure next month.

2) Nail House at Joo Chiat - no hardsell. Services was good though (I paid extra for gradient nails) i didn't like the soak off session cos they will charge you if you want to trim your nails unlike Nailbox.


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Hi 2012novbride,

My ROM is in Nov too! :)

Can you share the address of Nailbox at Southbank? How much is the regular gelish manicure?
It's near the ICA at lavender. A condominium cum shops located opposite kallang river #01-05. I'm not sure about the usual cost cos I got the deal online. You can call them to check tel: 62993505
City Of Nailz and Wax
Do not buy any voucher from City Of Nailz and Wax! Totally condemned!!
1. You won't be able to make appointment aft you mentioned you are voucher holder! They will always tell you they are fully booked yet in fact there is no customer at all!
2. The "real" deal (on voucher printout) is different from what you saw on Groupon page. Groupon page shows the deal includes dead cell removing but it's not mentioned on the printout. There is no way you can fight with them. I can only take it as a lesson & share it here to avoid more victims.
3. Bad service from ladyboss that you don't deserve it. Don't expect nice work from these promotions as it will be done by trainee & ladyboss will not do a last check. For my case, the trainee told the ladyboss that she's done & ladyboss can have last check. The ladyboss said no & walked off.

Sharing my total bad experience.
Before I bought the voucher, I called to check if there is slot on my offday. The lady said yes. I called again 10mins later to make appointment aft I bought the voucher. She said whole day fully booked. I told her that I just called 10mins ago to confirm time slot & this is why I proceed to buy the voucher. Then she reluctantly gave a me time slot ON THE SPOT! WTF!!! Without taking my name & number, she said "OK, see you then!" & hung up.
I called again on that day to check if there is earlier time slot available as I was at nearby few hours bef my appt. Again, she said fully booked. Fine. I was there in time. She said my name was not in the appt list. I told her that they didn't take down my name when making appt. She said it's impossible that they don't take names when making appt. So is it my fault?! She said they were fully booked so unable to do it for me on that day. I was so angry & insisted I must hv it done on that day & no way for me to come back again! She then reluctantly arrange a trainee to do for me right away.
I was there for an hour. There is NO walk-in nor customer with appt at all! The ladyboss & another beautician were chitchatting at front counter. What's worse, there was a customer returned for complaint of chip-off & requesting for a redo. The ladyboss kept saying "It's like that" & said redo is chargeable. Aft much negotiation, the ladyboss gave her a redo at FOC. Besides, the ladyboss also answered a call & sounded so rude. I heard she argued & said "if it's so troublesome, I would rather give this up!" At that moment, I felt like being cheated. If I knew it earlier, I would rather paying standard price at a well-recognised salon rather than sufferring here.
As for the nail work, do not hold any expectation. You know, it's by trainee. You can do better than that. Trust me.
I will never buy any voucher for services or dining from Groupon nor any deals outside anymore.


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AVOID - Lavishing Me

I signed a 3 session (gel mani and classic pedi) package with Lavishing Me. The shop was initially at Cuppage Plaza in Orchard Road. My first session was done at that location. I made an appt for the 2nd session for 1 mth later, only to find a closed shop when i turned up. I was quite worried that my money had been cheated. After several unsuccessful calls over the next few days, i found their FB account and saw that the shop has shifted to become home-based. The owner had not bothered to contact customers regarding the move.

I did my 2nd session 2 days before my wedding, at the home-based location. The next day, the pedi on my big toe was damaged, there was a hole the size of a 5-cent coin. Panicking as my Big Day was the next day, i contacted the owner asking if she could help me. Initially she said no, even though i volunteered to do it myself outside her flat. i juz needed to borrow her nail polish as i needed the right shade of colour. She refused also, but subsequently she offered to do it for me, but would cost me $10 as she had to cancel her customer’s appt. In the end i went to my sis's manicurist who was kind enough to redo the nail, top up the glossy top coat for the other toe nails and only charged me $2.
I was already very disappointed with the service at this point, but i decided to continue with the last session as i had already paid.

I made the appt for the last session 1 mth in advance. I Whatsapped the owner to confirm the appt 2 days before (on Fri). She did not respond for several hours.I sent an sms a few hours later but still no response. I finally called her mobile at 6 pm and she answered, saying that she was out and would contact me after she had returned home. At 9pm she Whatsapped me saying that she had to cancel the appt on Sunday as she had to celebrate her stepson's bday. I was quite upset as my package expiry date was the following day (Monday) and i had no time to go to her place which was in faraway Hougang. When i mentioned the expiry date she said she would extend it but at that point in time i did not wish to continue with her services. I asked for a refund and was rejected. I then asked when the next appt date would be, and she said to 'wait a min' as she had juz reached home. She did not get back to me that night even though many 'min' had passed. The next day, I WA her at 10am asking for a refund, i was scolded for being rude and having no patience. How can i not have patience when i had waited for 1000min (13hrs) for a response from a totally irresponsible business owner, who had said to 'wait a min'?

There were 2 occasions when I had WA the owner at 11pm about confirmation of my upcoming appts. As this person was quite unreliable, after that experience when I found the shop closed, I always made sure to confirm the appts with her. The first time I WA her at 11pm, she was polite and nice and replied my text. The second time when I WA her at 11pm, she said her shop was closed and to check with her the next day. The next day, she did not update me, and instead I had to text her again.

She has refused to give me the refund, and gave me appt dates that are too far away. She could not give me dates in Sept as she said that her ‘schedule was not confirmed’ and that even her ‘regular customers’ have not booked appt dates with her.

I wonder, how does someone with her poor reliability and customer service, have any ‘regular customers’? Please avoid this shop. Don’t waste your money.