Mandarin version of ROM Marriage Vow

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by nature, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. nature

    nature New Member

    I had my ROM solemnization ceremony in mandarin. However, we can't remember the marriage vow now because we were too nervous and I'm too shy at that time.

    Does anyone know the mandarin version of the marriage vow? Please share… Thank you!!

  2. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    Hi nature, I dunno... but I heard that it was very mushy... [​IMG] hehhe
  3. carol

    carol New Member

    Hi jenjen:
    This the the vow that we read out during our ROM:
    "I promise to love you, to honour you, comfort you & keep you
    I sickness & in Health
    And forsaking all others, be faithful to you
    So long as we both shall live."

    I wonder if they have change anything to it.
    As for the mandarin version, I suppose it's the translation of the above.

  4. ling

    ling New Member

    Can we say the vows in both versions during the ROM solemnization? To cater to all my friends and relatives mah......

    I heard from a friend that he nearly laughed out when saying the vow cos it's so mushy... did anyone here feeling like laughing as well? [​IMG]
  5. jeseric

    jeseric Guest

    Hi Ling,

    I dun think ROM allows both versions, it's either or. And though it's mushy, my advise to you is not to laugh. Cos one of my pal laughed during her ROM, and the JP scolded her saying that marriage is a very solemn event and nothing funny about it. Lucky thing she's those happy go lucky gal, else I think she would have cried. :p
  6. nature

    nature New Member

    I dun remember the Chinese version as an exact translation of the English one. Perhaps I'd try asking the registry for a hard copy.

    Yes, very very mushy indeed. I was laughing throughout the whole ceremony. I think maybe I laughed politely enough... hence din get scolding. After the ceremony, my friend told me that his sis got scolded for laughing during her ROM. hmm...I am lucky then!!! @@

    The worst part is that I stepped on my dress when I was asked to stand up to exchange rings and vows...I was extremely CLUMSY!!! Everybody in the room started laughing at me.

    So, to all ROM-to-be brides:
    Start rehearsing now, including sitting and standing up... Dun be like me... [​IMG]heeeheeeheeee...........
  7. ling

    ling New Member

    maybe i should read the vow everyday until my rom day so that i won't find it mushy on the day itself..... don't want to be scolded on such an impt day. [​IMG]
  8. charmaine

    charmaine New Member

    Hi Nature ,

    haha..can find a kaki oredi..i oso like you laughing all the way coz very mushy..i chose the chinese version and i oso nearly fell when i get up to say my vows and exchange rings.haha..still think it's so funny now come to think of it.My frds laugh at me oso lor..kekek..hahah....
    Yap,we will be scolded if laugh too obvious..anyway I wasn't apying any attention to the vows coz pai seh and SO funny..hehe

    To all gals,to stay calm is really impt!!!!!

  9. carol

    carol New Member

    Hi Nature:
    Have you found out the chinese version of the marriage vow from the registry?
    I'm very keen to know the chinese version of the wow.

  10. nature

    nature New Member


    Thousands of apology for late followup…
    I called ROM hotline and they told me that only the solemnizer has a copy of the vow. I’ll try to call the solemnizer again, hopefully the next time, she’ll be free.

    Will keep u updated!

  11. carol

    carol New Member

    Hi Nature:
    "Aiyo", no need to say sorry lah.
    No problem, I guess you must be very busy with your work.

    Sure, me really very interested to know the outcome.

    Thanks & Regards:
  12. ling

    ling New Member

    Hi Nature & carol,

    I've just came back from my mini honeymoon after my ROM. I said my vow in Mandarin but somehow, don't really understand the words and of course can't remember the words now. [​IMG]
  13. jo

    jo Guest

    The Chinese Version was really mushy and funny. I did mine in Chinese and was curbing from laughing aloud
  14. soj

    soj Guest

    I am going to ROM soon....the last time I attended a ROM was a few years back, is this the only text I have to read during the solemnisation? I remember the JP will ask some questions and the bride and groom got to answer "I will" and "I do". Anyone can advise on the entire ROM process?

    Thank you [​IMG]
  15. lifetime

    lifetime Guest

    Hi nature,
    when is your ROM? Mine is in mandarin too. My is on 19 Feb, so if you can wait, by then when i m done, i let you know. [​IMG]

  16. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    hi lifetime, if my memory does not fail me, i think nature's ROM is over leow... [​IMG]
  17. lifetime

    lifetime Guest

    Ops! thanks JenJen, didnt realised ,so 'paisei' [​IMG]
    But still anyone who need the mandrain version after the date can still let me noe. [​IMG]
  18. jenjen

    jenjen Active Member

    hi lifetime... i'll be interested... hehehe... though my ROM is oredi over... but I did it in English... heard that the Mandarin one is quite mushy, and will like to hear abt it... if u dun mind, can inform me... [​IMG]
  19. knowing

    knowing New Member

    Hi Lifetime

    I am also rom-ing on the same day as you
    May I know what time are you rom-ing?
    Maybe will see u :>
  20. lifetime

    lifetime Guest

    Hi Knowing, [​IMG]
    no lah u wont see me cos i m not having it at the ROM. I m having my solemisation on a Yacth. [​IMG]
    Best wishes for your ROM, and i know that that day is a good day.. [​IMG] keke cos i went to the "ah pek" to asked for the date! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    No porblem JenJen, when i m done. I will let you know. [​IMG]
  21. knowing

    knowing New Member

    Hi Lifetime
    WOw so special solemisation ceremony
    COngratulations to u & yr hubby to be too!!
    yah i went to an geomancer to choose this date too...she told me its an auspicious date,,,
  22. love14

    love14 New Member

    hello, knowing..

    may i know the name or address of the geomancer who choose your date for ROM date?

    how much does he or she charge you for picking an auspicious date for you?

  23. knowing

    knowing New Member

    Hi pcoral
    I have to search for the phone for you cos i forgot where i placed it
    She's recommended by my colleague & she is operating at home, if you really are keen i can ask my friend for her number again...
    She charged me $50 for 2 dates, 1 Rom date & 1 customary date.
    N she will state to you what time to fetch bride all that....
    or if you are keen i have also signed up with WayOn geomancy for my house fengshui consultation, they also provide wedding dates selection service
    Let me know yr preferance
  24. hello

    hello New Member

    hi lifetime,
    do u thku can email me the chinese version for the ROM thgy to me.
  25. justrom

    justrom New Member

    Hi to those going to ROM,

    I've just been through my ROM yesterday [​IMG] To share my experience, we have asked the CJ to say in Mandarin to commodate the parents. But when comes to the vow, we say in English... So for those who might think the Mandarin version is mushy, can consider saying the vow in english.... [​IMG]
  26. mala

    mala Guest

    i went thru the ROm in chinese
    i dun think it is very mushy!
    but i dun know wat i was saying loh, seriously
  27. meg

    meg New Member

    Anybody did it in both English & Mandarin, really like to do it to cater to my Mandarin-speaking only parents...Thks.
  28. meg

    meg New Member

    Anybody have any idea?
  29. xris

    xris New Member

    Hi nature

    I also have mine in mandarin as both of our parents dun understand English! Can you pls pls give me a copy of the mandairin version as both of us were very nervous & I really dun remember what I have said!

    Hi Meg

    Dun think can do it in both English & Mandain, you can only choose 1! This is what the JP told me when we were in the room!
  30. leafy

    leafy New Member


    I can't help u on this (sorry) but I discovered that different JP has different version of marriage vows in chinese. But the meaning is the same. Not sure of the english version though.

    The JP do not have a hard copy of the vows too. So quite difficult to copy, unless u record down with voice recorder (some mobile phones has this function) next time u attend friend's ROM.
  31. meg

    meg New Member

    xris, unless you do it outside I guess. Was thinking of having two. But guess it sounds weird.
  32. sc04

    sc04 Guest

    Hi, we were thinking about having it in both English and Mandarin as well. However, my Fiance wasn't sure if it is good to say the vows twice. Hmm...anyway, will see how.
  33. hazel_t

    hazel_t New Member

    i did mine in Mandarin and i couldn't remember a single word i said.
  34. rose09

    rose09 New Member


    may i know how do we request to say the vow in mandarin? Do we ask the JP on the ROM day itself or do we have to specify to ROM earlier b4 the day of solemnization? I will be having my solemnization at the ROM and hope to say the vow in mandarin.
  35. pageup

    pageup New Member

    Hi rose,

    You can tell the JP that you would like to have the solemnization in mandarin on the day itself.

    Like others, I can't remember a single word of the mandarin vow though I was told it was very meaningful [​IMG]
  36. rose09

    rose09 New Member

    Thanks Pageup, I'll do that [​IMG]
    I think its more meaningful to do it in mandarin.. my grandma, our parents and relatives will be able to understand [​IMG]
  37. leafy

    leafy New Member

    hi rose,

    Not to worry...The person at the registration counter (on ur ROM day itself) will ask for ur preferred language. The JP will also ask.

    I also read my marriage vows in mandarin, for the same reason as u. [​IMG]
  38. rose09

    rose09 New Member

    thanks Leafy [​IMG]
  39. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi all,
    I intend to do my ROM vows in mandarin...cos thru previous one exactly have the words in hardcopy, those who had..please email me at
    Does english vows and mandarin vows take the same time? :p
  40. nakedtoes

    nakedtoes New Member

    Lifetime: can send me the chinese version ASAP.. my ROM tomorrow.. anyone have pls send to
  41. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi Aelic,
    I do have the version...but in my video which i dun have it with me now. Anyway, the mandarin version is nice....better than ang mo (at least to me la), it will end quite no worries..juz go ahead with need rehearsal wan :p
  42. icdt

    icdt New Member

  43. eileeng

    eileeng New Member

    Hi Gin,

    Can trouble u to gv me a copy of the Chinese version of the vows from ur video? Thanks in advance!
  44. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi eileeng,
    Let me go home and listen again..but i try to gif u by tml or the day after. [​IMG]
  45. ojou

    ojou New Member

    Hi Gin,

    Me me! I also want the chinese version if you manage to jote it down.

    Many thanks!
  46. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi Eileeng and Ojou,
    I managed to write down. I hope my chinese not so bad la..if any wrong word, I guess u change urself but the sound is correct la. :p
    I sent already.
  47. ojou

    ojou New Member

    Hi Gin,

    I didnt receive leh, can send me again, or perhaps PM me? Thank you thank you. [​IMG]
  48. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi ojou,
    I forward the msg to u again..
  49. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Hi Gin,

    Can you forward the chinese version of the vow to me as well?? Thanks a lot! [​IMG]
  50. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi bitbit,

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