Mandarin Oriental Singapore


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n yve thank u very muc for the pic! hw lovely oriental is even be4 its dolled up!

n my package (adobe) is for 2010 sorrie i have so muc typo error!


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hi lokiewedslydia, thks for clarifying =)
so will you be booking your banquet soon? when is your AD?

we'll be going down to meet our coordinator this saturday! n we've already checked out the venue 3 times on our own already. but we're still undecided on which suite to take as our guest nos. are not yet confirmed.


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hi navyv
ya i'd be bookin once im bac to sin
im away nw for work.. might be bac nex mth

whn wld ur ad be?
mine's 091011 =)

i havent seen other suites besides the oriental ballroom so i dunno abt sizes is ur coordinator sandy too?


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hi lydia, i won't be able to attend as will be away on holiday. think there should be another wedding showcase towards the end of the year so hope to be able to make it for that one instead. really interested to see how the themes look like.

now we're wondering if we should sign up now or wait till the showcase in order to get the perks. though our coordinator has indicated that we'll be getting the "same perks" as those who sign up during the showcase itself, but we just thought it doesn't really harm to wait abit just to make sure we're really getting the same deal. i sound so cheapo now haha!

will anyone be signing up soon? within the next few weeks?


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navyv, can share what perks are offered to you? and your coordinator is sandy? can PM me if it's not convenient here. I might sign up soon but i do not know what other perks are given in the wedding showcase and like you, i also don't know if i should wait or just sign up.


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Hi ladies, am also considering MO as one of my venues, the other being Shangri-la hotel, any views to share on which us better in terms of svc, food n themes?

I'm planning for a wedding luncheon n going to meet with the coordinator soon.. Like some of u here also not sure if I should wait till the wedding showcase for the perks. Anyone able to share the perks offered? Can email at [email protected] if not convenient.
Thanks ;)


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cali, you looking at banquet this year or 2011? if 2011, i suggest you meet the coordinator soon since they haven't release the 2011 package. that way they can lock in the current price if you confirm the venue. 2011 price bound to increase


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hi phoeb

yes i agree. dun wait any longer to "c c look look" prices are increasin =)

oriental has gt a wedding show on 30may
with free admission

jus register and meet the coordinator on tt day and ask all the qns u may have


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i'd be attendin the weddin showcase with my mum as my HTB is nt in sin.. so if u see a melayu (im very tanned) lookin ger wif her mum

say hi! hehe

hope to c anione of u ther! =)

dear nanyv ur nt bein cheapo to wait since u've alr contacted a coordinator say if ther's really a price increase for nex yr, im sure she'd let u noe =)


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I would suggest that u go down and take a look when there is a wedding. To get the right feel.

when my HTB first recee the place, the coordinator actually get us to go during the day when they have wedding lunch, after she bring us thru the whole place.. we really love the ballrooom very much, and immediately we decided to hold our Wedding lunch there. for the few hotels we went, MO give us the best feeling.


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hi coden totalli agree on that =)

i haf some dates given by my coordinator for ani of u whose interested to view the ballroom prior to a real wedding

14 / 20 / 21 / 23 May
(You may pop by between 6-6.30pm for the viewing. No prior appointments required)

no harm to jus drop by to look at MO's ballroom when its all dolled up ya? =)


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dear phoeb
ooo she didnt say n i didnt ask! cos all 4dates i cant mk it! but since march w.o fail she wld update mi which dates has gt a weddin gg on
its gd to haf a coordinator to liase with
all of em r gd fr what i noe =)

dear smilem
u may email to this general address to contact their wedding team

For enquiries, please call our wedding hotline at +65 6885 3488 or
e-mail [email protected]

congrats on choosin MO as one of ur choice! hehe


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of course it's good to see all the themes at the wedding showcase. But for people like me who is considering the dream theme, I will want to see it spread throughout the whole ballroom to see if the black is too overwheming :)


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yeah, you have a point there. dream theme should be dark shiny grey and not black, if i am not wrong. Only the new theme which is call the sweetheart?? is in black.


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zenn: didn't know that its grey. the description of dream says '...lush black-draped chairs..' anyway doesn't matter la, the looks of it belong to the dark side. You are an oriental BTB?


I also like the dream theme...

The garden suite is L Shape..and abit squeezy if you have 13 tables. I would recommend for people with around 10 tables bah.

Faith">> you can ask the coordinator to send you the photos of garden suite. Previously i requested before, but have already deleted away le.


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I got the pictures from Eve and I also went down to take a look...haha

And I happen to see the Harbour View suite..
anyone knows if can hold wedding there?
I emailed Eve but she on leave till 11 may haa


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I'm a Oriental BTB in September, and is loving my choice!

Any one of you have recommendations on the dinner menu (based on past experiences)? I've heard about the crabmeat buns and cod fish - they are a must ! Anyone else have other recommendations on the desserts, meat, noodles etc ? What are you having?

I'll be heading down to the showcast this 30May myself (htb is away :~( ) to take a look at the themes, anyone else going?


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hi amethyst

im lydia
i'd be headin down on 30may too! hehe.. wif my mum as my htb wld be away too
seeya ther ya!

based on my fren's recommendation
yes both items mentioned r their no.1!!!


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Faith>> I was told that the HarbourView Suite can only hold max 3 tables each. Think they have Harbour View Suites 1 to 5, and some of them can have the partition removed.

Amethyst>> I've read from the archives that the double-boiled sharks fin soup is good. It's sharks fin in clear soup, not the usual starchy version.

Does anyone have any idea which are the better dishes for the Prawn/scallop and Chicken/Duck items?


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hi navyv
my fren who is very familiar wif oriental's menu suggested these amongst the choices for ;

MO lobster and prawn with sf roll

braised shark's fin with 3treasures

crispy king prawn wif wasabi mayo (she sae the presentation is unique compared to scallops n it tastes gd)

stewed duck with 5treasures

baby abalone with sea cucumber or dried fish maw
(either one is equalli gd)

steamed fillet of cod

premium specialty
deep fried spare ribs glazed with honey


chocolate pudding

wat do u all think?


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dear all, any advice between MO and intercontinental in terms of food, services and most imptly te coordinator, as we just read very neg sharing on inter coordinator who attended to us and dishes, made us felt so much hesitant now....
pls help by sharing more experiences as we gotta confirm te deal by may 27, many thnks in advanced.


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the wedding show was fantastic..
oriental is even better than ever (loved all the habor suits/dolce vita). the new theme dazzle is dazzling. the hydrangeas and the white flowers in the lobby were beautiful as well.
thumbs up to oriental!


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hi nat!
ya i was so dazzled by dazzling! did u c the bling cuffs they use for the napkins!?
wat attention to details!

im very happie wif MO n their service..
even their weddin favors r top notch!

unlike the usual cermaic cups.. saucers..

but of cos.. the price is higher than the usual too..

quality for its price n vice versa


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yes the swaroski crytal used for the napkin.. and the stage..its so nice

if i cfm my wedding at oriental i will use dazzle theme. love it to bits


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realli? tt wld be so sad la!!

i didnt speak to anione with regards to the themes..
as i was rushin off for work..

thanks phoeb! i'll ask my coordinator when its time to mk payment =)