Mandarin Oriental or Fullerton

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by littlepinkpointes, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    hey all,

    Would like to find out if anyone of you held your banquet at the above 2 hotels?
    We are comparing between the two and trying to weigh their pros and cons....

    We went to view both sites.
    Oriental has great food whilst Fullerton has the unique presentation with privacy for banquet.

    Any ideas/suggestions/feedback?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    Which room are you looking at for Oriental? I was comparing these two as well but most likely going for Fullerton.
  3. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    Looking at the grand ballroom for Oriental.
    Sigh. So difficult to decide....
    What made u decide on Fullerton?
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  4. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    Oh, in my case I was looking at the garden suite because I am only expecting about 10 tables or so.

    Fullerton has 8 course meal and Oriental only 7. My HTB's grandma said it has to be even number. Even with an additional course, Fullerton is only 300++ more expensive (30++ per table) so i guess its more worth it.

    We did get Oriental to quote an additional dish and it's very much more than 30++ per table.

    Besides, Fullerton's straits room is so much nicer compared to Oriental's garden suite.

    Food wise I think Oriental definitely win since there's really many good reviews but it's just a one day event. I don't think Fullerton will serve inedible food. This topic is too subjective as well so we decided to just follow our hearts and go for Fullerton.
  5. happypotato

    happypotato Member

    If I had your number of tables I will go for Oriental. Good food, nice ballroom..

    My HTB is very superstitious so Fullerton's ballroom is out. He don't want to start marriage life "going down" (referring to the stairs) lol
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  6. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    decisions decisions decisions hahaha
  7. XxJiaxX

    XxJiaxX New Member

    Hello littlepinkpointes, Im having the exact dilemma as you! But I really like Fullerton's ballroom, event space, and the little nitty gritty like wedding favors, plates and angbao box design. Oriental everything was just ok.. but their perks light my eyes up. Fullerton wasnt able to match with the perks that Oriental can provide. :(

    When is your AD? are u making a decision soon?
  8. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    our AD is 2018 last quarter.....
    we are going with Mandarin Oriental after many considerations:
    - steps in the ballroom not convenient for the elderly
    - the food menu is so so (compared to the Mandarin Oriental)
    - the date we are looking at has been on hold for another couple (so we are on the waiting list if we are keen)
    - the person in charge from Mandarin gave us a lot of perks and flexibility
    - we feel the location is more convenient than Fullerton (MRT wise)

    HTB is particular with food and we both agree the food is important for guests at banquets. So when he saw the menu and choices, he caved in already hahaha.
    in short, we compromised ambience for the food menu.
    (although the ballroom at Fullerton is really gorgeous)

    so yeah....
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  9. XxJiaxX

    XxJiaxX New Member

    I'm likely to be getting MO as well.. shall bid goodbye to the pretty ballroom and pray for MO to renovate their ballroom..:D

    I have pm-ed u separately! ;)
  10. Blushbolt

    Blushbolt New Member

    Heya! hows the ball room like at Oriental? Yes I have heard a lot about the good food in Oriental :)

    We are toying between Mandarin Orchard and Oriental, though I really like the layout of the ballroom at Mandarin Orchard. Food vs ambience haha.

    How much are u gonna pay per table for Oriental?
  11. littlepinkpointes

    littlepinkpointes Active Member

    Well I'm not adamant about getting high ceiling and mandarin Oriental's ballroom is pretty nice and classy. I like the shape of it (fan shape). There's certainly privacy although it won't be as grand as Fullerton.

    We took a lunch package. Our per table equates about near to $1300++

    My debate was guests will usually remember your wedding reception for the food more than the place itself. The ambience is probably just a wow factor and tbh, I do agree that ambience is just a moment of wow factor for the first few minutes if entrance. Haha
  12. ezfashion

    ezfashion New Member


    I actually host my wedding at oriental and i enjoy the services they provided. Food wise was great too.
    I have blog on the selection and food tasting experience with them. In the mist of blogging my wedding preparation to help bride to be. I will blog actual day of oriental soon, stay tune.
  13. dreamgal21

    dreamgal21 New Member

    Hihi, I am also comparing between MOriental and Morchard.
    Morchard grand manadrin ballroom is really pretty (from photos) but require min 35 tables?
    Moriental has only 7 dishes while Morchard offers 8-9?!

    So indecisive :( but i have yet to go down for site visit, maybe will help me decide better.

    I have been to fullerton hotel, i got to agree the lightings are soooo pretty! but i didnt like the e-longated shape of the ballroom, feel my guests are spread too far out. haha

    I am also looking at AD in last Q of 2018 :)
  14. Sherlync

    Sherlync New Member

    I have sign up with MO as well because doesnt have much choice as we are too last min to find a hotel. Mostly are full so left MO for that specific date. I love fullerton as well. Shall give MO a try as most of my friends say MO serve very fantastic food. Hope they wont disappoint me .
    The only thing i dislike is the stage is in the middle and the design of the ballroom abit old fashion .
    MO serve 9 dishes and manage to bargain to 32 tables instead of 35 tables.. ​
  15. Juneohzn

    Juneohzn Member

    Hi all,

    For everybody considering Fullerton, just giving my 2 cents worth that the food is pretty lousy. I would even say not even mediocre. The plating made the food look even more not appetizing. Hopefully this is only my individual feeling and others have a different view!
  16. swashed

    swashed Member

    From what I heard from friends, Fullerton has really lousy food. On the other hand, Mandarin Oriental has one of the best food, but is also a lot pricier.

    Depends on what u go for..
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  17. dreamgal21

    dreamgal21 New Member

    did anyone went down for Mandarin Oriental Wedding Showcase today?

    Able to share what are some of the perks offered?
    Thanks :)
  18. yukime

    yukime Member

    I agree Mandarin Oriental has good food.
  19. say_cheese~

    say_cheese~ New Member

    We tried the food at mandarin oriental wedding show and it was so good. From the appetiser of roast pork to The lobster to duck and dessert was so perfect. Our priority was food with reasonable price. We took about a year to source for a venue that fit our criteria or reasonable venue + good food. However due to personal reason we decide to have our wedding back in my htb country so have to let go of our package .

    Do PM me if you are interested to take up as the perks and rate we have is Super attractive and not convenient to post here.
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  20. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Hi! Can pm me the details? :)
  21. Wahahazdreamz

    Wahahazdreamz New Member

    Could share with me too? I am also considering that.

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