Managed to cover wedding costs?

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by Josiechong, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Hi to all,

    Out of curiosity, does anyone managed to cover the wedding costs by collecting the ang baos only?
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  2. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Wedding cost as in lunch/dinner + wedding dress + photography / video graphy + rings??
  3. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Yes, but don't count honeymoon cost. Also pre wedding shoot
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  4. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Out of curiosity, anyone want to have a few saving tips for the wedding ?
    For myself, I did just covered everything including honeymoon and prewedding shoot etc without a loses but with slight gains
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  5. hxtj

    hxtj New Member

    Yes pls pm me about that thanks
  6. m2u

    m2u New Member

    Hi plz message me.
  7. lwzc88

    lwzc88 New Member

    Why don't u just share here?
  8. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Yes! Manage to cover the cost including wedding package ,bands and proposal ring basically the whole wedding is Free. Even have extra for honeymoon
  9. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Good for you ! :) do you have any tips to save ?
  10. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    For wedding dinner, wise I set limit to Max $1000nett price per table cause don't expect all guest to be generous with their ang bao. On Avg per guest is abt $100. So since that is like a standard angbao price for most ppl, why not just work within that budget. Like that than won't loss out too much for the dinner. Many couple want grand grand so choose hotel but it's not practical, in the end all the food is almost the same. Mine still got the whole suckling pig for each table.
  11. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Me also the same tactics here. I presume one person average gave $80 Ang Bao and my wedding table is nett $750. So from there, use my auntie specialist Skill to work Budget :/
  12. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Yup, this is like the old school method, and they always say in SG hard to find per table lesser than $1000.
    But I manage to find $500nett to $850nett, gift, card, free flow beer, drinks all included which is really cool!!
  13. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Yap, mine is the same package like the one u said . Unfortunately , that kind of place atmosphere is not that modern which most don't want to consider . Hey , because of this the price per table tend to be cheaper. There is always pros and cons . Nothing in this world is perfect lol. I always heard some cases that couple ended up divorced because they could not repay back the luxury wedding cost and push blame to one another. So sad really :/
  14. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Mine is at TPY safra. Which is pretty good one, they have a outlet at grassroots which not bad too.

    Ya! Many of this case cause Want grand on the end give themselves money problem. Those pre wedding shooting also another killer! Especially those oversea base pre weeding company. Die die also cannot choose oversea base company cause many couple due to the time constrain they end up purchasing more extra, I got a friend whose package initially cost $2800 but on the last day at Taiwan they can only and they got only that one day to look through and decide so end up they pay $7000!! $100 per photo extra mah.
  15. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Mine is at ban Heng HarbourFront . Need to chose a location at central with mrt . Most live east and west so need to chose central lo . Most Wedding photo company use all kind of tricks to get more money from us. Hiazz . Mine wedding photo company although from Groupon , he is really nice and honest guy. Tell me all the charges for packages no hidden cost . Total around 1800 plus the Photographer not bad . There is a scenery we took at garden by the Bay. Cherry blossom session. Everyone asked us do we go Japan to take wedding photo , must be expensive. We told them everything we took in Singapore lol
  16. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Money not they pay mah. Rather save the money go Japan honeymoon than to go there take photo, super pack and busy one. So I think planning for a wedding is to have very rationale mindset. If keep thinking that it's a once in a life time thing and ended up surging money on it. In the end, the couple suffer and friend and relative will end up gossip behind. Blissful marriage become Hateful Marriage.
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  17. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Ohoh, is good to have sponsor lol. It Is ok to splurge if we have rich parent. Because the child wedding will become business meeting and scoialising event among the riches. Anyway , yap dont always think once in a lifetime for everything. Something no need then no need , can cut then cut . If need, must put in Budget and calculate . My hubby and I don't come from rich family . So every step we take must calculate and scold people if needed . Actually even the parents willingly to pay for losses , we must minise the lost for them . Actually that time , I prepare to make at least $3k -$5k losses .
  18. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Ya I agree, set an expected amount that will be loss for the whole thing cause it's Expected already so won't be that heart pain. BUT if let say at the end of the day there is extra earning from the and bao, the couple will be very happy.
  19. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Yap, everyone will be happy in the end no matter lost or gain because eveything within Budget. If not done properly , Wedding is another cost then later come to houses, another huge cost on plate . Can imagine if the wedding don't plan well, it will also affect the housing Budget too :/
  20. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Strongly agree, especially the trend now is when the BTO about to complete than ppl start to get married. And as the marriage age gets older, after marriage, house the next one will be child. The money can say is keep on flowing out.
  21. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Yap, can imagine one kid expense = 1 private cond cost spread throughtout 20yrs ? What to do really . So eventually it boils down how well we plan for life .
  22. Cheriss

    Cheriss New Member

    Hopefully, this forum post helps more couples in planning and think twice.
  23. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Yap hopefully . Don't keep thinking as Long as I work I can repay the loan. No such thing . Sometime the economy is so bad that we can out of job any soon unexpectedly
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  24. ing1

    ing1 Member

    Totally agree with u gals. It's the life after wedding matters most, not the day itself.
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  25. shanti__

    shanti__ New Member

    Thanks ladies for sharing ur tips n thoughts about money.. I basically share the same thoughts as you all.. but unfortunately my htb doesn’t think so.. he wants what others have and doesn’t think twice about spending money.. we both don’t come from rich families and no big savings to fall back on and he always think we can always earn back the money so why don’t spend it now..
    I tried to control him, doing a budget, opening joint account to save together and nagging him about his spending habits but just doesn’t work..
    Any advice? I don’t want us to live out of our means n downgrade our living standards after the wedding :(
  26. Josiechong

    Josiechong New Member

    Hi, I don't know whether I can give you good advices. There is an sg article on online that said what happened to them after their lavish wedding. You might find it and give it to him. Normally, he will say will not happen to him. Then you do a budget of wedding cost. Roughly you consider everyone will only give 60 per person for angbaos. Lastly, you must consider the loss you prepare to accept in wedding. If you are getting hdb and renovation soon, you told him that the money will be save to use for housing. All loan interest rate are very high.

    I know how guys feel want give the best to girls in wedding so that you are not regret. There is another possible to go around. Rom first , save money then have the wedding ceremony in few years later.

    If cant, you can tell both side family and friends and ask them for help to ask him to tone down the spending.

    But then leopard never change its spots. If he spends within his limit and have monthly joint saving and never ask more money, I guess you should let go a bit and slowly change him. If you control him too tight, men will like to do the things that you don't like
  27. Rester

    Rester New Member

    Hi Shanti,

    Was thinking you can do what we did. See where you can cut your budget from. For myself i held my wedding a supposedly better hotel. But after comparing all the 5 star hotel this one is actually on the lower end. Still above 1k but not the 1.8-2k per table. Seeing my own wedding here is where i think is most advisable to cut cost on:

    1) wedding lunch not dinner (usually cheaper by around 200 onwards per table)

    2) hold it at a good location but lesser table: very important to me. Since lesser table means lesser guest, you will only be inviting those whom you really consider close and not be stressed out about not having enough guest to cover the table requirement. For example, i managed to get the main ball room meant for 30 table minimum for a booking of only 20 table. Best thing is the ball room looks so much more spacious too (wish they had space out the table abit more thou as the side felt too empty but o well...). With only close relative and friends invited, the ang bao they gave was much more generous. We only had 2 table of whom are my wife's colleague and they gave quite a fair amount too.

    3) actual day photographer - find friend or just use iphone if you dont it as a group selfi instead of conventional wedding table to table shoot. The photos for the actual day are something you will prolly not view that often after your wedding. At least base on my data gathered from my married friend and myself (1st time after wedding before sending to relative and max 1 more time after that). Also there are loads of people out there whom have a dslr but not doing pro photography but just as a hobby. If you have such a friend just be thick skin and ask los. Usually they wont mind cause can try and build portfolio. On your end just assure them if they do bad job you wont blame them la just be upfront and say budget tight and got iphone as spare photos.

    4) videographer - this 1 my advise is to engage someone good. usually much more ex than photographer but you need a good edited morning highlight video for dinner.

    5) childhood montage - do many apps to help you. Either that or if you have mac just use imovie. There are template there for you to use and drag and drop. 3 hours at night in front of your com can get you something good. Only problem is hotel will insist on you using original music. if you have good la dont have just tell them it is original los.

    6) wedding gown - slowly shop for wedding gown. dont go for the big player in tanjong pagar sure ex. dont go for their road show etc. we went last year before our wedding and damn they are very aggressive. Can see many couples falling into their trap. than you will see all the complains about originally signing for 2k end up pay dunno what amount. Find those in the more wulu places for simple reason.....cheaper rental means they can charge cheaper for their gown too (usually la some will charge you tanjong pagar price still lol).

    7) Wedding Car - Lend.....Seriously if you are to search around the market rate for a wedding car is from $300 - $600 and you are only going to be in the car for - groom place to bride, bride to groom, groom to new home (if have) and than to hotel. 4 trips in $100 per trip....not worth it.... frankly not much people will see your car. Max it appears for 3-5 sec in your morning highlight video for your relative to see.

    8) MC - again find friend.....or relative. the hotel usually will provide you with a standard script so just do your edit from there.

    Will update again if i can think of more. if need intro, let me know so i can inform you whom my vendor was and their pros and cons.....want cheap and good dont bother pming me thou.....haha
  28. Derfaith

    Derfaith New Member

    Hi, can you share with me which bridal studio you went to. I personally do not believe in renting expensive gowns cos only wear once, I doubt I can remember the details also. Just white, look decent and not like a dumpling is good enough.

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