Man are not reliable


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nothg in typ huh..
go loh
those memories down those shops......

not young liao..old enough to be mother....

doll: very e high..esp this old virus still cant get out of the RAM...

must use super duper new antivirus to clear away..

right now..has firewalls to pervent new virus coming in too.


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doLL (sgbabydoll)

shop shop see see..also form of dating ah

ariel: then tell me what are the good men u have met loh
for me, unlucky..none..


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those old memories for keeping, just surprised lah... cos where i go for dates at different age will unlikely be the same.


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Ice Panda - our high memory capacity is to store good and useful data, bad and unwanted data please delete. Don't be a datawhore lah.


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Ice Panda...dun tell dun see reliable men around you?

You need Ariel to tell you the stories to convince you?



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Icepanda, I don't like to date at shopping centres. Too crowded, little communication, non romantic at all and aimless. A beach stroll or drinks at pub/bar is anytime more romantic mah.


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panda, my advise, u need to relocate to a new country after each relationship. Because of your AMAZING capability to link and inability to differentiate the individuals. It like a Taiwanese drama where the actress will have all the flashback of the memories. You watch too much drama till you want to live like one.

Anyway, would you link to the position your ex ML to you? Then, u need to try a new position with each partner as well. Same with any intimacy, be it massaging, kissing or simply pampering you.


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MiLo On e RoCkS (miloice) -
that is a very good example of ML to your new partners.

But frankly speaking..e new one is less inexperence than the old one.
kinda of sian..
also cannot tell the new one tat..last time i do this and so different..
must act blur a bit..

say 'see from the books'



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On one hand u compare the new guy with the old. And on other, you doubt him and link him and men in general to your ex as well. Very contradicting and ironic don't you think?


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Its simply pointing out how contradicting it really is. We talk on points. Why would you think i am somehow offended?

Be it men or women, one should learn to recognize our partners for who they are. No need to compare with our ex. Are we magnifying, linking and comparing all the negatives of our partners but blind and completely forgiving to our own flaws? This is something to think and reflect about.


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Hi icepanda

I am facing almost the same situation as you. We are married for 2 years and he left home because he don't want a wife who only knows how to keep the house tidy. I am labeled as a bad wife who only contented with what I have and don't strive hard for better life.

I am very depressed now as nothing I can do now to save this marriage. I am not sure of the real reason of him moving out. We are staying at different house now and no direction for this marriage. But I still waiting for him to come back

Perhaps guys out there can share your view of my situation now. Thks.


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be strong and show the strong independent side of the lady.. your husbands might be surprised and change their minds after that.. but who knows u might be the one chosing then


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Fate, don't think its the same situation at all. Panda has moved on to a new relationship but having issues with comparisons and linking to her past that haunts her.

What is there to share about your situation? The marriage is gone, face it. Time to look forward. Its tough for sure but look at the divorce rate, u r definitely far from be alone in this. So, don't ever think its too tough and terrible to move on. The world doesn't stop spinning, life goes on. Life is a long long walk. This divorce is only one chapter of it. So many others did move on. SO CAN YOU. Be strong and focus on your future not dwell with the past.


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Me oso got blur when reading Fate's post... How same is the same?? Juz coincidentally both gender happen to be Man and Woman??? Heheheheheh


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The way that men only attracted to woman who is strong emotionally and financial independent???

when he as a husband told the wife at the first place..tat he wants a warm home..
come bk from work .....have a nice dinner cooked by her ..

when times pass by...wife has done her best..then husband start getting picky..

isnt men not reliable in what they have said at the first place..
women are always at the losing end...having terribly hurt...


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i have this guy frend.

he has a 10 over years gf..become wife..
sounds very fateful rite...childhood sweethearts
but he told me
he has 'bonus'...means he 'on' many women outside.
coz he listens to their troubles wif full heart and slowly 'moved' them wif his sincerity and of coz some pamperings..
be it married women or single ladies, he say they are his 'bonus'
he even say he got a woman in taiwan who has bore him a son..

i say to him, dun your wife know abt all your 'behind her' stuff meh?
He says he hide it so well that his wife dun noe.
*perhaps his wife knows yet close eyes*

he says so long as he knows who is the MAIN DISH, the rest of the SIDE DISHES are bonus to him..

WTF..i tell him-I will NEVER BE YOUR SIDE DISH.
i say to him, what if your wife also eat behind his back.he said nope.coz his wife loves him.

well.he still is a good frend, but boundaries to till a gd frends coz he do help me emotionally last time when i am hurt badly

.......and definately a PLAYER in the field.



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Yeah, men are unreliable.. and women always got hurt and at losing end... ok.. poor gal...

So, what else is new here? You can whine and mope.. about men being unreliable and how hurt you are but it does not change anything...

You are still the poor you with a past haunting you. and the unreliable man is now having the fun of his life..


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sm (simpleman) -

yes..the unreliable man is now having the fun of his life..

i believe the world is round..

there is such thing call karma..

just beware..........


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I don't believe in karma.

But if you believe in Karma... then all the more you should just let go and live your live. If you believe in karma, he will have his just desserts and you should live happily ever after. So why even bother to whine and be affected by the past?

You are not very logical, are you?


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"snt men not reliable in what they have said at the first place..
women are always at the losing end...having terribly hurt..."

This is stupid. Citing some incidents to justify how not reliable men are. In the same way, I'm sure anyone can come up a list on how unreliable women are too. This is very very dumb.

One moment, u spoke of karma and the next u said life is not fair. Do you even know what is karma??


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If you believe in karma, does it mean you had done something terribly bad to kena unreliable men?? You know karma is not one way hor.


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what is the definition of reliable - you can trust it to work everytime you need it to? Or you expect him to be in love with you from day 1 to infinity?
Even a car, when brand new is reliable but this reliability wanes as time pass. You need to maintain it and even then, the the level will never be as tip top as the day you bought it.

same for relationship, have you "maintained" the relationship? Have you given it an overhaul? Or have one partner progressed so far ahead that when he looks back, he realise you are far behind and no longer walking / running at the same pace?

A Marriage is not putting a pause on everything that we do, rather, its a booster that instead of a pair of legs running, you probably have 3 legs (I don't say 4 because I don't expect both partners to running in perfect tandem). If after a while, only one guy is running and worse still carrying the other or dragging long before he gets tired?

Same for a car, how long without maintenance can it go on?

Even OS you have to upgrade to Windows 7 de.


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Oh, so chim. But if it's regarding ex-bf and current bf it's not called recycled love mah since they are two different men.


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"Yeah, men are unreliable.. and women always got hurt and at losing end... ok.. poor gal... "

simpleman, are you gay or somehow trying to be a gentleman so many women will admire you, or your nickname is truly precedes you ?

who say women the one got MOST LOST ? just because we are the one doing the taker and women is giver ? what make you think so ? what ever the problem you have here, allmost all of them is the women problem, not man. man will never complicate his own life by taking a small thing into a very big argument. and who is the one that trying to make a big fuss here ?

hei, people, don't try to do missleading here.


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Moist, do u have problems reading or is this a lame attempt to lift sm's quotes out of its context??

Its very clear that sm's post at April 19, 2010 - 11:46 pm was speaking against such whinnings with some sarcasm intended. But, you are choosing to interpret it otherwise.

What's your motive? How leh??? To give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that you meant well would also mean how stupid you really are.

"hei, people, don't try to do missleading here".
Best applied to you.


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"moist, it's probably beyond ur understanding but there's such a thing called sarcasm."

oh, asking people to divorce also sarcasm ?

oh i see, i always thought that people here are always say something in their mind. actually , it is not, it is just politically correct. actually, sacarsm are not saying anything at all.

i understand know.

sorry, it is my BAD.