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Malena Bridal package

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  1. Newbride_TH

    Newbride_TH New Member

    Hi... any Malena Bridal Haute Couture graduated bride or has confirmed package with them. Any reviews will be great. TIA :)

  2. heavensb3rry

    heavensb3rry New Member

    oh no, why is there no reviews?
  3. shuney

    shuney New Member

    hey! I confirmed a Pre-wedding and AD package with them. I haven't went for any shoots yet though!
  4. Rebecca See

    Rebecca See New Member

    Hi! I'm considering signing a package with them but I couldn't find any reviews online. Anyone who can share their experience, would be great!
  5. evonnn

    evonnn New Member

    Hi, Im looking for reviews about them too! Thanks!
  6. heavensb3rry

    heavensb3rry New Member

    Be sure to read their T&C well.
  7. B3n

    B3n New Member

    Malena Bridal is one of the rare few package company who offers actual day photography and boast about specialising in premium gowns. My wifey can’t find their gowns catalogue online, only bit and pieces of their models in gowns (rare and few that She like). A big shout out to those who:
    • Visited their actual boutique
    • Completed their weddings by engaging Malena Bridal
    • Not choose Malena Bridal
    Share with us what’s your experience after visiting their shop ? Did they allow gown fitting prior to buying the package? Once my wifey see something she likes, it will be as gd as half the battle won. We are overwhelm with too choices. (o_O)

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