Makeup Ampoules


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I'll taking my pre-wedding photoshoot next month and is looking for a good ampoule. Any recommendations? :)

Thanks in advance!


Normally your MUA will ask you if you wanna use theirs.
Because they will advise you to use theirs and they will find some excuses like your ampoule might not suitable.
For my pre-wedding shoot, i used my MUA's ampoule.
If you insist getting your own Ampoule, you may get it from Laneige, Body Shop Youth essence.
Try getting Hydration series rather than Whitening will cause dryness.
Apply hydrating mask(second skin hydration mask from innisfree is the best hydrating mask) 30mins before you start your makeup will help a lot.
Make sure you bring along Sunblock & Insect repellent lotion/spray when you go out for outdoor shoot.
Hope this info helps and enjoy your photoshoot!