Make-Up and Hairdo for 2nd March-in


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did anyone of u do the above? Is it necessary as the duration is so short only? The MUA will charge $150 just for this.


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i will do it., infact i planned for this.. i rather spent this $150 so that MUA can make me pretty during the 2nd March=in


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Agree with smilem. hehe.. must be pretty pretty. I actually paid for 3 hairstyle change even though mine is just a lunch.

Church ceremony: makeup + hairstyle
Wedding lunch 1st march in: touch up + hairstyle
Wedding lunch 3rd march in: touch up + hairstyle


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anyway.. u alreadi spent ten over thousand, or few thousand for the PG & VG & banquet & Gown.. wat is the $150 to these? $150 to make me prettier./. i do i do..haha


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I have a package with a bridal studio. How much will they typically charge if I want my MUA to do my makeup for 2nd march-in?


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Hehe.. I juz finish my wedding recently.. It was nice of my mua to stay through the whole lunch banquet. Paid a total of $700, but I think it was worth the $$. As I have 7 outfits for my actual day, she did a total of 5 hairstyle change to fit my gowns. Super fast. She can just undo everything and retie and curl it within 10 min. With her around, I was able to finish my banquet within 2 hr. Hehe...

My $700 includes
- mother morning makeup + touch up in afternoon/ help to change accessories
- my husband touch up in the afternoon
- my morning makeup + hairstyle
- my afternoon lunch banquet reception touch up + hairstyle change
- first march in touch up + hairstyle change
- 2nd march in touch up + hairstyle change
- 3rd march in touch up + hairstyle change
- send off guest touch up + change in hair accessories..

After my lunch banquet, I went outdoor for photoshoot.. No more change in hairstyle, but she lent me some accessories to match my outdoor gown b4 she left.

I'm v happy to be a barbie doll that day.. Just go for it even though duration is v short. You will not regret when u look back at ur wedding video and photos.


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For recent BTBs who's having / had your solemnisation on your AD, did you ask your MUA to stay back for additional hairdo for 1st & 2nd march-in?

I'm contemplating is it necessary, or should I just save the $$$. Btw, if you did ask them to stay back, how much were you charged?



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Hi brides to be, I just had my AD earlier this mth. I paid additional $150 for my 2nd march in hairdo/ touch up and it was super worth it. My guests noticed amd were wowed by my totally different 2nd march-in hairdo to match my evening gown so definitely no regrets as it's a once in a lifetime event. Already spent so much to come this far just do it all the way then! =)