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my friend is looking for maid as she have no financial ability , so I am helping her to know What is the procudure she should look into if she will to get a maid ?

and how much is cost to hire a maid ?


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without internet, can u even survive? how can u help your fren when u dun even know how to find the simplest information?

u have a helpful heart, but if u really wanna help pple, pls be more aware of your surrounding and dun live in a well...

Everday flip open straits times classifieds... 2nd, 3rd, maybe 4th page will have maids, maids, maids. u want the most u get last saturday's classifieds... Price Big Big, got Li Nanxing, Chen Liping, Xiang Yun all smiling in the picture next to a maid... some no price but got phone number for u to call...

2mins is all it takes, and 10cents Max Max on your mobile phone... and u will have All the details to help your fren. immediate even.

in fact as u read this, u can Also yahoo on to get some basic websites...

u have hundreds of agents in spore who can guide u and your fren and u post on sgbrides...

seriously i think some of u are really very unintelligent. if i was stranded on an island with u, i'll bang my head against a coconut tree... than to entertain stupid questions u can find out with the very computer u take to type this post, in Lesser time. this is a Maid question... not say spore never heard of maids before...

lastly, i dun understand how she have no financial ability but wanna look for maid... your sentence dun link very well.

anyway the cost would be between $600-700 depending alot on her situation. maid's pay between $350-450 and filipino maids may lkely increase in price..the extras are for levy

but seriously lah, pick up the phone and CALL.


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first : i would like to thank u for reply.

second : although my question to u may sound funny n stupid. Its a way, I helping her to find out more reliable information.

as she is a single mother and have never hire any maid before so she would want me to help her find out from those experience peoples who have a maid before what is the important thing to look into before sign a contract with a agency to get a maid, as nowaday so many issue of maid problems from the newspaper . so she is quite worry.

ya. you are right about gather information directly by just calling them but can't she just at least know the basic before asking the agency etc..

I mean just like buying certain things. you at least must have some info about the thing you want to buy before paying right?


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in such case u're not asking correctly...

financials - check with agency for the full breakdown. they are the most up-to-date and the market is competitive enough for u to pick 3-5 without finding prices too far off.

procedure - check with agency, they can give u the full breakdown. procedures may change, thus the agencies will have a better idea than most of us.

do's/don'ts - agencies will advise u. like not allowing them to have mobile phone, and further issues on weekend-offs. the different nationalities would play a part in this as well.

maid problems in papers - u can start a thread on this. they are largely due to individuals... and do note we have regular articles on maid-abuse too...

experience with inidividual maids - u can start a thread.

good maids/bad maids - individual liao... and also how u pick, looking at biodatas etc...

yes i totally agree u need to get info before buying things... BUT i think in the case of the procedure which was your initial question... the Best Advisors would be the pple running the procedure DAILY, like the agency. i may have a maid, but all i did is sign paper and pay money... the rest of it is done by the agent. so wanna ask, ask the right pple... else ask the right question.

the way i see it, your helping fren will end up with lotsa hearsay, lotsa rumour, and unnecessary time wasted on something that is personal and never the same for everyone. if every one have good stories, your fren may have a sad one... is she gonna blame u? that would be the question.


single mum. no money. wants to hire a maid... by asking a friend who doesn't know.

there are too many shouldn'ts in that one story.


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Just hired a helper, basically cost as below:
salary bout 320-400/mth dpends on exp
levy : $265 or lower if u citizen (pay every month)

agent fee: vary from 500 -700, I paid 599 for agent fee (one time only)

maid loan: vary depends on how new is the maid, insurance: vary 200-500 (can choose)/ 2years
plus basic needs like food & other things

if want detail call agency better
hope this helps


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I think there is a minimum income requirement to hire a maid.

Indo maid salary : $250-$300 (diff in experience and inexperience)

There's subsidy of levy for working mum as well..pls check..

Not only that, she have to pay for their daily expenses as well. That will amount to ard 600-800 per mth.


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no min. they dun ask u to produce ur payslip.

but the thing is, government very smart - u are obliged to pay ur maid levy via GIRO no other means...whether or not u can pay the maid salary is your problem. Agency dun care.

But your friend, no money hard - simply becos you won't be able to pay the 2000+ upfront. Some agencies will allow you to pay instalment i think - best to check with agency.

Actually best way to answer all your questions - go and sit in front of the agent on a weekday (less busy) and you can be spoon fed or force fed with info.


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Get transfer maid and no need to pay 2000+ upfront. if dun go thru agency, no need to pay any agent fee.

I got my transfer maid online. Just pay $200+ maid insurance, $10 work permit and EOP course $20-$30 for 1st time employer. The rest will be her monthly salary/levy & maid expenses. Medical checkup every half yearly.


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Powder is quite right that you cannot quite link. Look at your initial post. What is the question? It isn't a query asking for sharing of others experiences with maids. Rather, the process of getting a maid and how much it cost.

If your concerns are abt bad experiences with Maid agencies, you should be asking abt things to look out / avoid for when selecting and interviewing the maid. Also, what are the black listed ones etc.

When you ask the wrong questions, expect the wrong answers.

If your friend is leaving the maid at home to be alone with the kid. Its could be risky. Do install CCTV and religiously monitor it. Having the CCTV alone is not enough as a deterence. After sometime, when she figure out that the CCTV is not monitored, the maid will get bolder despite having her criminating acts recorded.

Many maid agencies will recycle returned maids even with really bad history of cheating, stealing etc. Their reviews on the maids they place on their websites isn't reliable at all. You need to interview them and make your own judgement from their body movements and response. No one else can make that selection process easier for you.

One of the maid I sent back, wore our clothes, ate our foods with very poor hygiene, she licked dry the knife she spread the peanut butter and place it back in the drawer with the rest of the cultery. Drank water directly from our water pitcher, scoop our soup daily directly while still preparing, try all our dishes directly while MIL is bathing after cooking, act stupid and slow to avoid cooking and helping in the kitchen, finished our expensive ice cream, litter used empty containers of food out of the window to avoid detection from the trash, stole money by denomination of $50, sneak out daily for breakfast and snacks. Butter trade her shopping snacks with neighbouring maids, changed openly in our kitchen while we were in bed. Pretended to work throughout the day but idle the very second not in our view. Took every opportunity to call back indonesia using her calling card with the money she stole. On the average for 2 weeks that we monitored her, daily calls are longer than 45 mins to hours. Turned on the iron to pretend to be ironing laundry when we are out and only go back to the ironing board when we return hours later.

All these were caught in CCTV.


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cuclainne, its about employing the right maid. The supervision is needed initially or when things started to get fishy.

Its completely tiring and impossible to monitor all the time. Getting the good helper is very useful especially living with folks that insists on their ridiculous protocols. Without the maid, she will be tiring out herself everyday being stressful and unable to cope. Despite everything, she will continue to insist on doing all these things that doesn't matter to anyone except her. Her mentality, to always insist to sacrifice herself in whatever manner possible to feel its for our good even when the truth isn't so. e.g. whatever good food we buy back, it doesn't matter if its more than enough, she will insist to give her share to others. Despite how we stop her from it, she will scoop it and put on our plates. So many times, food ended up dropping on the table or floor with all the stupid passing here and there.


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I don't believe in supervising maids using CCTV. If I can't trust my maid, I won't employ her.

I am one of those who trusts my maid to be responsible and I empower them to be so. I also give them freedom and don't believe in any kind of restriction from having a social life .

But of course it is not so easy to find a good maid that you can trust - but once you have one - treat her decently and you will be rewarded.


i never had a maid but if i do, CCTVs will definitely go up if the maid is left alone with the children. if i run a childcare, a nursing home or a hospice, i'd do the same. it is not a good combination when you have people who are either young and/or vulnerable and caregivers who are overworked in a stressful environment and underpaid.

trust but verify.


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I can understand CCTV for security and surveillance reasons... monitoring large section of areas..

But in a private confines of an apartment - for "spying" of maid's activities.. to me it is an infringement of personal space & rights. But I can understand the why people want to do that - just that I would not do that.

Just like employers who think that a maid should not have a social life just because she is your live-in helper. Denying the maid of off day because she can get into trouble because she will mix with bad influences..

And why are maid's job so stressful? Precisely we made it so. It is already bad enough to work for more than 12 hours a day in a confine space.. living with strangers, taking care of young and old.. and with employers spying and making at times unreasonable demands. And no off-day to rest.. some have monthly off-days but it is not mandatory.

Just imagine yourself in the shoes of a maid. How to be not stressful?


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Or how about your bosses installing a CCTV capturing what you are doing at your work-desk? You would scream .. but the maid has no right to protest? Do we have more rights as a human being just because someone is working for us to feed their family?


the nature of my work doesn't require cctv monitoring but my boss has other means to check on what i do. personally, if my work required that i be monitored via a cctv - say i am a bank teller, a call center agent, or a dealer in a casino - it's no biggie.

in my mind, it would be irresponsible if you leave the care of your children entirely to a stranger without any means to check and therefore ensure their well being (to a degree).


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there is a difference between spying and monitoring sm. I installed CCTV for 2 purposes actually.

Firstly, to check on mil to ensure she is ok when alone, she has fell several times and 3 more serious ones fractured her back, wrist and latest broke 2 front tooth. You will know the importance when u have folks with bad hearing and u would be worried sick each time the phone is not propoerly placed or she didn't pick up. The main reason we moved in to stay with her and purpose of the maid is to care for her and off load tasks that she still insists on everyday regardless her health. Your mind would be worried sick and not knowing if the maid is attending to her or not.

Secondly, as a deterrence. I never expect I actually needed it to verify what was going on. We used the maid for 8 mths before realizing how bad things were. Each time something happen, when my mil feedback to me, I had always given the maid the benefit of the doubt. Stress? the maid I sent back was FAR from stressed. She enjoyed herself and totally abused our trust. She familiarize our timings and took advantage of time lapse to cheat, steal and enjoy her life here completely.

I guess u must be so damn stressed being in any place with a CCTV. in lifts and all public places, we are all monitored by CCTV. Are you getting a nervous breakdown from it?? No one is installing it in places of the maid's privacy. When you experienced a maid like the one I got, you would probably think again. She is really damn good in play acting. We couldn't believe what we saw actually happened daily. All the energy she took to wayang is totally unbelievable.

The stress doesn't come with a CCTV, rather employers that literally BREATH down the necks of their employees. If you do that to your staff, u don't need a CCTV.

Frankly, spending time to playback all the recordings is no fun. I wonder who is more stress?


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"But in a private confines of an apartment - for "spying" of maid's activities.. to me it is an infringement of personal space & rights."

This is total rubbish. Her work is confined in the apartment. CCTV is installed at places of her work and not her private room. It would be an infringement to install it in the toilet or her room. She has her private space and the freedom to rest whenever she is done with her chores or needs a rest. She would read books and magazines. I passed her an Indonesia English dictionary which she is using to improve her english. I regularly cut fruits and share with my maid, and often helping her with the dishes and keeping after. She is far from stressed. None of my maids we employed were stressed. The 1st maid I got, I even helped her with her handphone, backing up her and restoring her images, download ringtones for her etc. Helped her get top up cards, even got our siblings in Indonesia to exchange money for her at better rate. Oh, we helped her with the shopping and bargaining of her mobile as well.

Anyway, why would childcares, a nursing homes or a hospices be somehow under "surveillance of large area of spaces" as compared to CCTVs in an apartment? In terms of spaces, it could be rather similar. Both cases, it is not to spy but to provide surveillance. You can still build the trust and good working relationship with or without CCTV. That is for surveillance not spying. No one is so damn bo liao to 24/7 monitor their maid.


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Another point.... it isn't only the maid activities that is captured in the CCTV. I guess everyone any house with a CCTV should all be damn stress ?? Let's scream. LOLZ.

Toma put it clearly,
if the work required that to be monitored via a cctv, what's the big deal?
Here's another example, all operators in production lines are working under environment with constant surveillance. Our home is a place with lots of personal items and belongings that could be abused by the maid. Especially with children or folks around, we need the surveillance. When things needs verification, we need a way to check.