Mahjong kakis in Tampines/Simei/Bedok


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Hi Astrogirl,

Yes and not yet, will be moving to Bedok sometimes in Oct 06. Bought a resale flat, now under reno. However only can move in after my traditional marriage.



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Hi Astrogirl,

Yes, bought a resale flat in Bedok. Will only move in after my chinese customary marriage.



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i always need kaki to play mj but then i play very small 20/40. u knoe why i got no kaki.


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I stay in simei... know abit of mj but very very slow.... dun know how to count also.... haha

If u jus 1 2 play for fun or play smaller... i dun mind hahah.....


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hi all..

we do hv weekly session at 1 of my gf hse in bedok. Sometimes short of 1 Kaki.. We play 50cents/1 dollar. Special style of playing thou. If 1 player throw the card & the other player wins,he or she will hv to pay full. The other 2 kakis no need to pay. Sounds exp..ya, but think back, if u are controlling the card when u noe wat the other player wans, den you wil noe how it feels wen u dun hv to pay the other half. Oni the hero who throw the card out pays all..hehe. At first wen my fren intro this style to us, we were not convince, but now all of us get struck oredi. so gals, anyone keen..PM me


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Hey just nice,
Me n my friends is looking for Kaki to play manjong. My this friend play manjong v funny one like jacky wu. Anyone want play can jio us, i stay at sengkang , he stat at tampines.


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Hi ladies, I'm staying in Tampines. Most of the time my friends and I play 20/40 cents, but I can play a bigger bet if you want... anyone interested please pm me!


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sigh.. i think difficult to find player to play in sembawang..

if u guys dun mind north, or got pass by, just pm me.. anytime, overnight also can..

due to saving for weddings, my bf and me now playing 3/6 divided by 2.. if wan smaller also can.. keke..


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Hi ppl,

Anyone playing mahjong @ East Area can contact me.... Hehe
Staying @ Bedok. Most of the time playing small, but 30/50 ok with me too...
Can contact me via email or MSN @ [email protected]

P.S. Ann, I'm not able to PM u. Pls MSN me instead. =>


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Hi Emily,

We play mj at Sengkang during weekends or sometimes weekday night or friday.

How much are you and your Jacky wu/friend playing ???

maybe we can join and make a table hahaha...

can email me at [email protected]


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I stay in Tampines, enjoy mahjong with good kakis. Me too, always looking for ppl with good character to play.

Prefer to play 50c/$1, conseal additional "1 tai", gong n bite $3/$6. Ping Wu self touch/conseal $35. Dun mind playing who throw who pay style.

Kindly PM me your contact to arrange for session.



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Hiyee all, Emily and any mj kakis in Sengkang? How often and how much u play, where to play?
Can leave contact to arrange for regular sessions? Thanks and have a nice day ahead. =)


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Hi every MJ lovers,

I also love MJ but always short of leg or cant find people to play. Can play any amount up to 3/6. Can only play mostly on Thu only anytime cos thats my off day.

If anyone playing or short of leg, can email me at [email protected]

Or sms me at 96798995 for faster access. Cos not on net always.

Really hope to hear from any of you real soon.


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Hi all

i am an absolute newbie in MJ, and looking for "patient" kakis! usually play 20cents/40 cents. PM me if interested? Live in Tampines!


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Im coordinating and

matching pple in different regions of Singapore to play mahjong.Can i get some info from you, so

next time i can match pple in your area with you?

*Copy text below and answer beside questions please.Thanks.

1) what style u play? play for fun,20c 40c, 30c 60c half etc : *answer here*
2) Max how many tai :
3) Email :
4) hp :
5) Area u stay :
6) Play with guys only, girls only, or mix :
7) Name :
8) Gender :
9) Areas you can play in - North, South, East, West etc :
10)Stay beside MRT? Which MRT?:
11)Special: Kang/Ka / zi mo etc :
12)can u host at ur place? :
13)Shooter or normal:
16)MSN address? :
17)Facebook id?:
Please email me your preferences and i can find players for you. My email is jazzben81(at) .

My MSN/facebook is the same as email.I be online in MSN 9pm SGT every night. Hope to see you

soon! =)


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Hello everyone! :)
I'm looking for mahjong legs too!
Most of the time short of 2 legs!
Usually play 20cent/40cent, if bigger also can but dont usually play too big..
I live at yishun and can come my place play anytime as usually am free anyime of day provided if arranged in advance like a day or so..

Interested ppl please msn me or email me at: [email protected]

Thanks :)


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Hi, my fren n I wanna play mj but short of 2 friendly players. We are juz "social" players, not expert. 20/40c. Looking at Sat nite. East side. Anyone interested, pls pm me. Thanks.


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hi, im interested in playing mj as well. usually play 20/40 or 30/60cents. only picked up e game for bout one year looking for kakis for more practice. Im staying in Tampines. Anyone interested email me at [email protected]. I will try to collate contacts of ppl staying in e east area=)


New Member this thread still alive?

i m looking for mj kaki currently..

interested pls PM me..

Playing max 30/60 (round off to dollar type - max 10/20dollar 5 tai). Lived in Marsiling..


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Hi ladies

Anybody interested to join forces for mahjong games? I play shooters style (50/$1) and am staying in the east.


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please call me if you need a player. local chinese age 30s can play from 11am to 5 pm every weekday.