lupus symptoms or something else?


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My younger sister believes she has SLE :/ for the past months she has been complaining of muscle and joint pains, nerve pains, chest pains. We took her to see Dr ***************, a rheumatologist at Gleneagles but she was told (plus her test results show) that she does not have lupus. Could this be arthritis? My sister's only 25, btw. She's keen on seeing a neuro next. :|


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It's not uncommon for young people to be afflicted with arthritis or lupus. I know this because I met someone at a conference who shared that she has lupus, and she's way younger than I am (I'm in my 30s). It's best to see an expert for tests. A/Prof *************** is a good one to seek advice from if you're interested. He's a family friend.