Lunch 8 Aug 2020 or any other dates @ Fu lin Men Recreational Club. Super cheap photobooth included and $50 off per table.


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hello! dates are flexible but:

I am selling my lunch wedding package at Fu Lin Men on a very HUAT date, 8 Aug 2020 (a super popular date!) @ Fu Lin Men (SRC) at a discount of $50 off per table and a $300 photobooth with SELFIPRINT for 2 hours (a very very good deal!). Other dates of the year can be selected too but would subject to availability. Would just require $3000 (deposit) + $300 (photobooth) for payment. You can settle the remaining payment with the banquet manager near/after the wedding date.

It's a very convenient location (just 4 mins walk from Cityhall MRT) facing the Padang. It's been recently renovated hence the place looks posh! It can accommodate 15 - 18 tables.

Details of wedding package after discount (refer to the photos for more info):
Perfect Love: $638++
Devoted Affection Menu: $738++
Everlasting Love Menu: $838++
Eternal Fidelity: $1008++

let me know dates you wish to have i can ask if available. also, i am about to meet a penalty soon so if youre interested pls contact me!!! 92359899.