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Hi wyy,

can share your pics too? me starting to visit bridal shop liao...

many thanks in adv. [email protected]


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Hi wyy,

can share with me your lovely photos and package?? Intd in GI =)

Congratulations on your big day this month!


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Hi wyy,

Your pic very nice leh...hmm having 2nd thoughts liao, haha dunno which one to choose leh.

Btw can you share with me you pkg? You can email me to same email addy.

Many many thanks.


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Hi wyy,

Finally went to Graceful Image to take a look at their lovely gowns. Quite impressed. May I know who is the person you liase with? How is their payment like? I am very worried that after payment, the quality of service may dip a bit..

Is it ok to ask from them more things? Are they very accomodating? (I didn't ask from them cos i am not ready to sign yet)

Oh another thing, did your MUA go with you for your PS? If they have more than 1 MUA, who is the nicer one?

Thanks so much! =)


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hi gladys,

Glad you like GI.

Dun worry abt the service after payment. I have gone thru with my wedding dinner on 25th Mar...and Judy (the one who i liase with) is so good and wonderful.

before and after is same....or to better. They really look into details and Judy make it a point that she take good care of the wedding couple to let them look good. I was very blessed to have GI. They really make my life easier.

My MUA is Meiling. She is a fast worker but I must say she is good. I like the fast act and she makes me look beautiful during PS, My church wedding and Dinner.

for accomodating....i hope what you want to ask is reasonable. For me, my hubby do all the talking with Judy. And she really think thru and try to match our request as near as possible. She is reasonable, i feel and i like her.

I will be flying to NZ on 28th Mar, so maybe when I back, i can share some pic of my wedding dinner (now AD photographer is processing it).

Andrea, yew....

email you liao.


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Hi wyy,

Thanks for your inputs. (heehee i'm thinking of some free inserts) Seems like yours is a MTM. I'm still thinking which one i should choose.

Enjoy your honeymoon~


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hi...I'm thinking of taking up the package with Graceful. Went down on Sat. Gowns are nice but worried of the hidden charges. Anything that I can negotiate on? pls help.


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Hello, I'm really new here. I'm considering Graceful Image also. Haven't been to their shop yet but would like to know about them e.g. their packages... Is it ok for anyone of you to share with me your packages with them? What to take note of when negotiating with them? Please advise. Thank you so much in advance! My email address: [email protected].


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yoyo...i am back on thread.....

wedding over....good lah good lah...relax liao...

ppl considering GI here, reassure GI provide great service cos i am one of the customer who is extremely pleased....esp of how Judy taken good care of me. She has make me a princess in my wedding and all friends are saying i look extremely different and pretty.

Hi Cloudz,
have email the link to you and apology for late reply cos i just come back HM.

Eliz, i think you can go down to have a look at the shop, the gown etc etc......if you dun feel comfortable there is nothing i can advise. Go and have a look first then negotiation next. Dun worry, look for Judy, she is a great lady!


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Hi YY,

I'm quite new to S'pore Brides. Thanks for sharing your experience with GI. I have shortlisted Graceful Image as one of the BS that i may considered. Can I take a look at your photos? My email add is [email protected]. Hope you don't mind? Thanks!


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Got it! Thanks YY! You and hubby got super fu qi xiang. I like the colors of your EG very much.

Your photographer in-house? Which photographer u use?

Me still shortlisting BS. Tough mann...


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in house photographer. i forgot his name and he is realli a good one. B4 the PS, he asked what theme we wanted and i requested for "en ai" theme(cos we never been en ai before). and i think he did a good job.

got the fu qi look meh? that is bad, i am becoming ugly...hahahaha


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Dear All,

I have signed up with GI few months ago.
I am willing share my experiences and give my opinions to anybody who need it.I will start from Day 1 of our appointment.
I have read the good & bad about GI only after i have signed the agreement.Those who are interested in GI may take my encounter as a guage.

Yesterday, 26/5/06 was our 1st appointment with GI.
It was for the selections of wedding gown, evening gown for me & Coat for my HB.

I managed to get a wedding gown off the rack but have yet for the evening gown. I will have to make another trip go down again.The wedding gown is available in a variety design but not as much for the evening gown.Hopefully, they will bring in more evening gowns for my next selection.......

As for my husband.....
He may have to talior cos he cant get a fitting coat.
However, we have ever ask them do have coat of my HB size becos he is thin. They assure us that sure can get his size. Only yesterday, then they take his measure and found that the coats are too big for him.......
Disappointment..... cos we have spend another hundreds of $ on coat which can be used for adding more photos.

I will use * for my rating starting from the next visit to GI.



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2nd visit to Graceful Image on 2/6/2006

We went down to Bugis for the selection of my evening gown. However, I choose a evening gown & a wedding gowing. The gown at Bugis is much much more beautiful than at City Hall. I didnt take long(less than 2 hrs) to get my evening gown & wedding gown compared to the 1st visit(4 hrs).

I would say Alice whom station at Bugis is fantastic. A very friendly person. She is willing to give advise & not pushing to get the gown chosen.

She even help to do my hair to let me have a ideal what kind of style suit me & my gown.

Happier encounter than the 1st visit.....

Rating ****


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sorry miss your posting....

hope you will enjoy your future trip and enjoy working with them which i enjoyed very well.


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Hi Duckling,

I have not had my photo shoot yet. Will show u when its ready.
The package price is about the same for almost all the bridal shop. What matter most is the sevice. Dont let them give u the wrong ideal.End up paying more.

My photo shoot will be in Aug06 if u r not in the rush, I will give feed back on Graceful Image before you sign with them.
Dear all,

Finally now is my turn to comment on Graceful Image. (GI)
I have signed up with them on Oct 2005 in a wedding show and now my AD is over.
The reason why I didn't wrote here earlier was becoz i see alot of bad remarks on GI old threads after I signed up, and i want to make sure their services i rec'd is consistent till my AD.

On my AD, i rec'd alot of compliments on how pretty i am and beautiful gown i hv, i could not deny GI gown is value for money, coz GI packages was not very expensive if u compared to those very branded one, but of coz her freebies was not much, but what i want is a beautiful, grand gown but not a cheapo one.

With Judy's excellent design, sharpness & creativity, she can make my gown look so grand and glamourous, I'm in love with my gown

Whom i like in GI? Judy rank 1st, Alice is very good & friendly in helping u wear the gown, she is good in her taste. Yue Qin is good too but she had left, Tian Sheng and Mr Lai are very nice and patience during the photoshot, pity them for getting mosqitoes bites while picturing us. Mr Tan is oso friendly.

I believe people relationship need chemistry, it oso depend on how demanding and how you treat ppl. I am please with their services. I am very happy with the experience I hv with GI since Oct till my AD, I did not regret my choice on GI. Tks Judy for making me a beautiful bride !


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Hi butterfiles,

Wow u seem to know everyone there. Is great to hear that u have good times with them....
Hopefully, I m able to experience that it if not better....

your comments above really make me feel better.......

I believe GI do provide extremely good service as everytime there's bad comment someone will surely speak out for them.

I do hope that I am also the one who speak out for them.

I want to share my experience stage by stage what i have gone thru.

Reader here will be able to know how it will be like.

True & fair view
Hi Yew,

Hehe, u r most welcome

Tian Sheng is the photographer while Mr Lai is the one who drive us and help Tian Sheng. I din actually remembered their names, i ask Judy what is their names after the photoshot.
Mr Tan is the man who is more in charge of photo selection, he is always at Tan Quee Lan.

I know Alice and Yue Qin as they are the ones who help us wear our gown, such intimate encounters in a lifetime, i think i wun forget their names ...ahahahhaa

Afterall, i think different bridal shops hv their own strength and weakness, else they wun be surviving in this industry. some is good quality of gown, some is alot of freebies or prices very cheap. So it depends on wat we want, and most of all the chemistry with them


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wow so happening here....


angelina, i will mail the pic to you later

and ppl here...i am with GI for my wedding in March and everything were so well taken care of that i need not worry a single bit.

GI is great. and service is good. Unlike butterfiles, i dun remember names unless repeated for many times so i onli can recall a few like Judy, Yue Qing, Mr Tan....for the rest i onli know after i read the posting from butterflies.haahaa


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Hi All,

I hv a voucher worth $2.8K & willing to let go at $1.4K (neg)

Details :-
* 1 OTR wedding gown (rental).
* Its not redeemable for cash or exchange for other items
* it is not valid for promo & discounted items
* rental for one day
* alteration of gown is not included

Interested party pls contact me lastest by this Thursday.

Pls drop a mail at [email protected]