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Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by iamken, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. iamken

    iamken New Member

    Dear all, I am new here... in fact this is my 1st posting to seek guidance and enlightenment from all.

    I will be proposing to my gf of 5yrs very soon.
    And I have been looking at rings from the usual jewel shops, until I read from this forum on Love & Co. The prices are quite decent.

    I am pondering over this diamond ring shown to me...

    0.77 carat
    E colour
    Cut/Polish/Sym all Excellent
    Damage: $9129

    A good buy?

  2. baobeiek

    baobeiek New Member

    iamken: wow .....
    which SA serve u ? which LVC u go
    do u hv any budget ??
  3. supergal

    supergal New Member

    hmmm..a proposal ring for your future wife shouldn't be termed as a damage wor [​IMG]

    sounds abit ex to me..for the specs that you have given..

    anyway, i'm happy for you to decide to propose..good luck!
  4. iamken

    iamken New Member

    Hi Geraldine.... I was served this morning by a lady named Karen at Vivo.... she was very nice despite the fact that I was in my jeans and tee.
  5. baobeiek

    baobeiek New Member

    iamken : Ic ... hmmm ok
    maybe u can go to Raffles city one
    My SA Serlin can assist u ....
  6. iamken

    iamken New Member

    Thanks Geraldine.

    Now the F1 thingy is in town with lots of road diversion... think I will pop down after this week. The Vivo shop is abit quiet. So the moment I stepped in, all the SAs eyes (and the cctv) zoomed onto me. Luckily the proposal rings section is at a small corner, so I just parked myself there. But their sevice is very good.

    But my word, they have a HUGE wedding band selection covering most of the shop. Can't imagine me browing thru them with the SA following me... will feel pai sei.

    I think Love & Co prices are slightly better than the others. Most likely will get the ring from them.... though I still got a few more shops to recee.
  7. baobeiek

    baobeiek New Member

    iamken : Ok ... no need to pai sei la
    they are nice nice .. yes they have a Huge Wedding Band Selection .. think hv new design coming in ... hehe
  8. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    hi iamken,
    u can actuali take a look at wholesalers like eclarity(amanda) or josi gems(simon) there will b cheaper n more value for $$, as they do nt need to pay for advertising n high rental rates...can google the names to get e numbers...
  9. baobeiek

    baobeiek New Member

    hi iamken
    actually u can go to orchard hotel there n try
  10. iamken

    iamken New Member

    I have actually contacted eclarity..... wanted to meet her today, but her schedule and my timings clash.... I will contact her to try to meet up again.

    But frankly speaking, I am not very comfortable buying from theese 'wholesalers'. The diamonds may comes with genuine GIA certs, but how can we tell if the cert is referring to the rock. Sorry if I offend anyone. I am just speaking from an dummy's point of view.

    But I will still go to eclarity.... maybe I will be convinced =)
  11. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    diamonds of 0.3 and above have a 'IC' no lasered onto e girdle..tis IC no will be stated on e cert oso..U can ask amanda to show u e no. Tis is hw u can be sure tat shops dun chng ur diamond if u bring to them for washing...=]
  12. iamken

    iamken New Member


    so I have gained wisdom and knowledge again.
  13. baobeiek

    baobeiek New Member

    iamken : dun worry abt the GIA cert
    actually get from those wholesalers somethin is worth and the cutting / color etc will be better from the retail shop
    as for my proposal ring oso get from wholesalers one as my hubby also like u doesnt know anythin abt diamond ...
    but our friend do show him the gIA n Ic number inside the diamond
  14. iamken

    iamken New Member

    Hiya all,

    Just been to Clarity (a wholesaler) at Shaw Centre.

    It was fantastic. The service was good. And the prices are much cheaper than ALL jewel shops.

    Will write a detailed update on the forum for all to share.

    Now going to watch the F1 on telly =P
  15. posiedosie

    posiedosie New Member

    hi yeah try josi gems! its really value for money, lol.. my husband got my proposal ring from them at $3500. mine was a 0.55 E colour VVS2 somemore.. agreed that cos they do not have advertising or marketing involved thus the relative lower prices. but that does'nt mean their designs or quality are not there. in fact they're more willing to customised and help you to design your ring for you too.. [​IMG]
  16. breegal

    breegal New Member

    Hi all, have not heard abt josi gems. But am quite surprised at the wide range of bands at Love & Co. Have not seen such a concept here in Singapore. Seems like the people here are quite happy with Love & Co [​IMG] anything in particular to recommend?
  17. poppiez

    poppiez New Member

    hi all, i just went to love and co. @ vivocity with my colleague and i must say that i am AMAZED at their huge range of pretty wedding bands!!! i was actually narrowing down my choices to soo kee and lee hwa before i went love and co... anybody know if they accept instalment plan and i also check that they have 10% discount for citibank card...
  18. breegal

    breegal New Member

    It's like a wedding band heaven!! they are known as THE WB specialist. It's wonderful that Singapore has such a concept shop. Gives people like me less things to worry about. yep, i believe the do have an instalment plan [​IMG]
  19. poppiez

    poppiez New Member

    went to love and co raffles city on sat and finally my perfect wedding band and they indeed have instalment plan. i will be going down this week to make the purchase haha. just thinking about the ring is giving me butterflies in my stomach... =))
  20. ronaldmac

    ronaldmac New Member

    Thank God for instalment plans! i just bought THE PR from love and co @ raffles city. its call the LVC signatori. have been shopping around for the perfect stone for my girl and finally decided on this one. haven't seen similar designs so am quite fortunate to have chanced upon it.
  21. dinitegrity

    dinitegrity Active Member


    I can help anyone who need certified AGS/GIA diamonds. Just give me your budget, what shape you like (Round, Emerald, Princess, Cushion, Heart, Pear, Marquise, Oval etc)? Looking at how many carats? What is your acceptable color, clarity range? Able to contact me at 98578031 for further enquiries.
  22. naru

    naru New Member


    does anyone know if Love and Co take in rings for upgrade?

    For my case, my fiance bought me a ring from sookee before proposal, i don't want to keep it in the safe when i wear my wedding band, would i be able to upgrade the value into my wedding band?
  23. lovenco

    lovenco New Member

    soo kee & love & Co stuff and points are not interchangeable. consider buying yr WB from soo kee then.....
  24. kiri

    kiri New Member

    hello diane [​IMG] if i were to give u the specs, will u be able to advise how much is the ring?

    carat: 0.56
    color: G
    clarity: VS2
    shape: round modified

  25. lovenco

    lovenco New Member

    Hi Diane,

    wud u be able to quote me the price range for the following specs:

    carat: 0.61-0.69
    colour: E/F
    Clarity: VS1/2

    if you wanna take it offline, i am contactable

    thanks much
  26. nutellachoc

    nutellachoc New Member

    hi, i just want to share my good experience with love n co @ suntec branch with Calvin.

    to be frank i rarely have praises for salesperson because they either don't make an impression or make too much impression coz they are pushy. but those who deserve a mention i will mention and recommend.

    love n co was the first jewellery shop we ever stepped in and after that we're like the usual couple we went ring hunting at the common LH, GH, Sookee, etc but nothing beats the service from calvin and ultimately my bf still went back to buy from him despite the price being steeper abit than LH,GH, etc as we really like the service coz he gave us so much information like the difference btw the certs, etc + his little drawings on how light reflects in a perfect diamond... all these are very informative for couples that do not know much about diamonds... even after we left without buying anything he's still all smiles and chirpy.

    there was once we went LH to check out the rings, the salesgirl asked us... "you don't want to buy now meh?" i'm like "hello... this is not buying carrots leh?" then when we left the salesgirl didn't even bother to take a 2nd look at us... it's little things and details that matters to us.

    but not all LH salesperson are like that.. there's one sales person called Eleanor from Bugis Branch that is very sincere too... but we prefer love n co's design.

    anyway back to love n co... he's not pushy, very sincere, detailed and knowlegeable about diamonds and takes a soft approach to dealing with us and since he's around the same age as us he understand what we are looking for, ie cheap, good and big. wahahah....

    according to my bf, he went to look for him 5 times before finally deciding to buy and we're also deciding to get our wedding band there.

    after so much said my ring is:

    0.58 carat
    G colour
    Excellent Cut
    LVC Signatori with love shaped claw and side diamonds
    Cost i think is about $5.6k

    ps: although it's only a 0.58 but looks like 0.60~0.70 due to the higher setting and my small finger. so a tip for guys out there proposing, if your gals have small fingers, don't have to get too big.. haha.. but of coz from a girl POV, the bigger the better :D!!!

    enjoy your rings hunting peeps.
  27. ronaldmac

    ronaldmac New Member

    Hi ntus about u,
    I felt the same with love&co when i was shopping for the proposal ring. somehow their staff are very well-versed and not pushy, which helps guys like me to take my time and think.

    I think i visited the store a few times too before deciding to get the LVC Signatori ring. My fiance still loves her ring. If she's happy, I'm doubly happy!
  28. cactus_leanne

    cactus_leanne New Member

    Just bought Love & Co promise wedding bands! Love it! Great design, wonderful service by anna from suntec city branch. She even offered to polish my proposal ring tho it isnt bought from love & co! We just love the rings and service!
  29. lina83

    lina83 New Member

    Anyone been to the outlet at Raffles city SC? How's the service there? Basically i see their designs are very unique.
  30. arthurlee

    arthurlee New Member

    hi leanne, do you know whether Love&co has platinum wedding bands?
  31. inspectorgadget

    inspectorgadget New Member

    Yee Hwa: yes, they do have platinum wedding bands. I was at the ION Orchard branch and was shown a pair.
  32. littlesmurfie

    littlesmurfie New Member

    How does love & co compare to others like goldheart? Design, quality or just the brand?
  33. freek

    freek New Member

    Hey Folks, perhaps you can check out on Brilliant Rose.
    So far i think they are the ones who have the best setting and their diamonds looks big and bright than their actual size due to their cutting.
    I got my proposal ring from there too.
  34. judytan

    judytan New Member

    You should check out private jewellers like larry jewellery, Vivo Diamonds, etc. These jewellers usually offer higher quality diamonds for better value for money.
  35. joellezhuo

    joellezhuo New Member

    Very good. Most of my releative always have wedding dinner or even me myself having high tea and dinner over there.If you dinner Martell got left over balance pls let me noe..i'll get it all from you.Thanks
  36. joellezhuo

    joellezhuo New Member

    Hi, i can help you in you ring. Alot of my frenz is working in Lee Hwa,citi grams and gold heart. i can help you to get it more cheaper with good colour and the design that you wan.
  37. udo49

    udo49 New Member

    Hi all, Soo Kee had send me $200 discount voucher for all Brilliant Rose collections and $500 discount voucher for Brilliant Rose Solitaire Casing. Valid til 30th Sep 2010

    Letting go @ half price of the value of the discount vouchers. Interested party pls sms/call me @ 98361905
  38. niamhjean

    niamhjean New Member

    Hi there can anyone tell me the price of this rings:

    LVC alegria
    LTW051A_C, LDW169B-C
    LTW028A-C, LDW125B-C

    LVC promise wedding bands
    LTW 010A-C, LDW 149C-C.

    I saw this on LOVE and CO. website and since I'm from the Philippines I can't check it for myself. I'm getting married next year and looking for great wedding bands that me and my husband would love.
    HOpe you guys can help me.
    Thank you
  39. sky99

    sky99 New Member

    How much does wedding band cost from Love & Co. on the average. Anyone knows?
  40. bibao

    bibao Member

    Cheapest ard 1.5k per pair. Highest should be the promise signature WBs. Depending on the diamonds, it ranges ard from 3.5k to 6k per pair.
  41. SoaringWind

    SoaringWind New Member

    Hi, i'm just wondering...

    For a 0.6H, VS1, excellent cut, costs 5.6k worth the buy?
  42. SoaringWind

    SoaringWind New Member

    Thanks for the reply. It comes with setting.
  43. SoaringWind

    SoaringWind New Member

    Alright. Thank you for your advise! Will look out for better deal =)

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