Lousy Neighbour


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milk: i think that's quite common ain't it? as long as not hanging their underwear in front of my front door, I'm ok with it.


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haiz... sometimes the noises they made is like early in the am.. wkdaes still ok since gg work oso.. wah kaozz.. wkends oso got sometimes.. sian loo.. not only got those noises from uncles looo.. sometimes i also hear the neighbour aunty scolding her grandkid loo.. loud also loo.. and the kid also like cry make noise also.. sian.. this type can lodge complaint to hdb? like can't right..


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hahah thomas, my way of dealing wif 'territorial animals' is to become 1 myself.

See, im not a plant lover, but sometimes planting pots of plants along the corridor has its advantage.

Im sure we see ppl dumping their used cabinets outside corridor or placing some bicycles or shoe racks just to demarcate the territory.

As for noise (Lingz), it's getting common nowadays for affluent hdb dwellers for owning a piano for their kids. Welcome to the congregation of little mozarts, not forgetting the level of noise/sound/music or watever u call it. lol


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thomas, my neighbour does that as well!! and I know which unit cz the dirty water will drip all the way to the rubbish chute.. so I just took photo and complain to town council.. they will deal with it!


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milk: hahaha if u can't beat them, join them?

cow: mine I dunno which asshole did it cos the contents were dry...I have absolutely zero tolerance for ppl who make life hell for cleaners. why can't they just throw their rubbish into the goddamn chute directly? Is it so difficult to do that?


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Thomas, I have lotsa proof for the town council.. sometimes they just block out the whole rubbish chute and people cannot throw rubbish... see.. even when govt make every level a lift level people are still so lazy to take the lift and throw bulky items away..


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dunoe gt this type of neighbour bt this neighbour of mine is problematic.. the uncle blowing nose and splitting @ his toilet soooo loud... when he wlkin outside oso can gt these noises looo.. smetimes i c outside floor like got splitting stains dunoe izzit his.. I heard say can feedback to NEA.. not sure can anot... damn digusting... the hse oso gt aunty scolding her grandkid plus the grandkid making noise...


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The one staying on top of me plays marble in the middle of the night. Sometimes at 3am, I am awaken by the tik, tik, tik sound.. Told myself if I hear it one more time, I will surely go up and confront their inconsiderate action


Hey Cherie,

are you sure its your neighbour who are playing marbles? Not that I want to scare you, have you not heard about those marble sound story?


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There are very logical explanations for that lah. Its the waterpipes. There was even a newspaper article about this some yrs back.


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Searched online for a few mins and found this... really SCaRy Stuffs. BOOMZ! *Kidding only lah* :p

"Mystery of the falling marbles: Structural engineers say noise comes from plumbing or concrete floors while others give different explanations" (June 12, 2005) by Chua Kong Ho

HEAR that? Someone in the flat above is playing with marbles. But it's 1.30am. No child would be up at this witching hour.

The mystery deepens for bank executive Joseph Wong, 47, because his upstairs neighbours are an elderly couple. No youngster live in their five-room HDB flat. (Our 1st Forum Exchange)

When The Sunday Times interviewed the families living up to three floors above him, all denied dropping marbles or any other objects on the floor so late at night.

Also, the sound seemed to have followed Mr Wong from Lorong Ah Soo to his new home in Edgefield Plains in Punggol.

Wags, of course, would say he has lost his marbles.

But his letter to The Straits Times Forum Page last week, asking the HDB for answers, has stirred out of the shadows many who have been similarly vexed, if not puzzled.

It has also plunged Singaporeans into a frenzy of fuzzy theories. The Straits Times received more than a dozen letters, including one from Madam Sharini Shamsuddin, who playfully suggested that spirits are at work.

Internet forums are swelling with explanations that make you want to throw up your hands in disbelief. One that probably coaxed many laughs, both nervous and mocking, is the suggestion that the HDB had placed marbles between floors so that playful spirits would be so distracted playing with them, residents will be left in peace.

If so, private developers have been equally diabolical. Expatriate Julian Cohen, 42, has been haunted by the same sounds at each of the three private condominiums he moved into in the past 10 years. He also heard them when he was working in Hong Kong.

He said wryly: 'I guess Joseph can take consolation that the marble-dropper doesn't just live above his HDB flat but drives round to his second apartment above mine to continue his marble-dropping activities after he has woken Joseph up.'

Mr Wong's wife Geralda and six-year-old daughter Amanda, however, are sound sleepers, deaf to the disturbing noise. 'Always, the noise happens between 1.30am and 4am. It spooked me initially but as the years go by, you get used to it,' he said.

Postgraduate student Lim Leng Hiong, 28, who lives in Holland Drive, suspects golf enthusiasts are practising their putting at home.

In an experiment, he found that glass marbles, ping pong balls and golf balls, when dropped, produce different sounds. 'But it's hard to tell the difference when heard on their own,' he noted.

The only problem with his explanation, of course, is that HDB dwellers have been hearing the sounds of marbles way before the recent golf craze.

HDB would have you believe that every sound has a reason. It said in a letter to The Straits Times: 'To date, we have not received any feedback on the sound of dropping marbles where there has not been any attributable cause.'

What could be some of the attributable causes? HDB spokesman Tay Boon Sun is not telling. But he gave the assurance that the acoustic properties of flats do not differ from other residential buildings.

More forthcoming are structural engineers and the Founder of Asia Paranormal Investigators, Mr Charles Goh. Their answers, however, indicate that when things go bump in the night, the reasons are rarely beyond the mundane.

Mr Goh, 37, said the marble sounds can be traced to air-con pipes or old refrigerators, while the sounds of furniture being dragged across the ceiling, another common occurrence, could be due to lift doors opening and closing.

Structural engineers point to two probable causes: the plumbing and the concrete walls and floors.

Mr Wong subscribes to the last because that's where he hears the marble sounds in his flat.

Mr Crispin Casimir, owner of CC Building Surveyors, and Dr Tan Guan, a director at TY Lin SEA, will have you focus on the concrete.

Concrete floors may contract at night, giving off creaking sounds, Dr Tan said.

Mr Casimir added: 'Sounds travel and are distorted as they pass through concrete walls and floors.'

Mr Shek Kam Chew, 68, a structural engineer since 1966, is convinced it's in the plumbing.

'It's definitely not supernatural but what is called 'water hammer',' he said.

Water hammer occurs when water flow is shut off suddenly like when the toilet is flushed. This change in pressure rattles the piping and create 'clanging'sounds, which may sound like marbles dropping after distortion through concrete walls, he said.

Still sceptical? Why not stick with the obvious? Surveys have shown that Singaporeans sleep late. So really, it's just children playing with marbles.

Three explanations
1) When water flow is shut off suddenly, the change in pressure rattles the pipes, which may sound like marbles dropping after distortion through walls.

2) Some pre-fabricated floors used in HDB flats have an embedded high-strength steel cable which can give off creaking sounds when they contract.

3) It is really children playing with marbles

What the HDB says

'HDB flats are designed based on prevailing building codes. Hence, the acoustic properties for flats are no different from other residential buildings. To date, we have not received any feedback on the sound of dropping marbles where there has not been any attributable cause. HDB Sengkang Branch Office, which manages the flats at Punggol Town, has not received any feedback about the sound of dropping marbles in the area.

In Mr Wong's case, we have contacted him and offered HDB's help. We will be checking with his neighbours over the next few days to see if we can locate the source of the sounds Mr Wong mentioned. Madam Shamsuddin mentioned that her eldest son described hearing similar sounds as Mr Wong. If she would like us to look into the matter too, she can contact our Toll-free Branch Office Service Line: 1800-2255-432 to provide us with her address.

In a high-rise, high-density living environment, a certain degree of noise is inevitable. It would also be in the interest of neighbourliness for residents to ensure that the activities carried out within the flat do not generate excessive noise and to exercise some degree of tolerance towards their neighbours.'


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Why speculate on superstition when we know there are far more credible and likely reasons behind?


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my area there is full of idiots, lately find dog faeces on the staircase landing, ended up I had to take a lift even though I usually walk up.

can't ppl be more considerate?


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Hi there, me have been having issues with my noisy and inconsiderate neighbours. They have creating constant noise nuisance early morning and late at night. I have talked to them and it doesn't help.

I have created a dedicate forum for sufferers like myself to share your experiences and lesson learnt. If you have successfully resolved it, hope you can share with us as well. Do share with your friends about the page and hope we can use the portal to highlight to the relevant parties how bad noise nuisances can be and more actions needed to be done. The page is as below:


Please participate and share with your friends. Let us work together and help create a less noisy and inconsiderate community.


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OMG, i have lousy neighbours too! I can't believe how immature & lowdown some grown men can be.
They simply make a big deal for just about EVERYTHING.

Parking problems, washing of cars, placing of multiple cameras facing the entire estate just because they think they can.
It is absolutely ridiculous & extremely childish.

I find it a disgrace living around such low class people.
If anything, i would rather live in peace & harmony seeing that we might all have to face one another for god-knows-how-long.

WHAT is the point of doing those irrelevant & unnecessary things when they KNOW it'll cause arguments & chaos for everyone?
Some people just never learn. Disgusting.