Looking for Wedding Banquet 5,18, 25 Nov 2017

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by Lovelavender, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Lovelavender

    Lovelavender New Member

    Hi, I am looking for wedding baquets 25 tables for date 5, 18 and 25 Nov 2017.
    Kindly pm or email cathlam1973@yahoo.com if you are selling off your wedding package. Thanks

  2. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    Regent got 25 nov 17 available I see people selling on this forum!
  3. MissyA

    MissyA Member

  4. Ren Hao

    Ren Hao New Member

    Have one on 5 nov 2017. Please SMS or WhatsApp at 8268 2241 if you're keen. :)
  5. elena yeo

    elena yeo New Member

    pm-ed you
  6. Popsugar

    Popsugar Member

    u keen to take over this package?
    Giving great discounts. U can email me atpopsugar55@gmail.com

    Selling wedding lunch banquet at Ban Heng Orchard Central open date 31/3/18
    Minimum 18 tables
    -Function menu at 758nett/table (sumptuous 9 course Cantonese cuisine)
    -Free cocktail reception from 1130pm-1230pm (soft drinks only)
    -Free flow of soft drinks and chinese tea
    -Free 20L of tiger beer
    -Waiver of corkage for duty hard liquor and wine brought in by host
    -75% of lovely wedding invitation card
    -100% Complimentary food tasting
    -Complimentary one night stay in a superior room @ Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway for minimum 30tables
    -Champagne fountain with complimentary of one bottle of champagne for toasting
    -Free 20 pieces parking coupon min 20 tables

    3 March 2018 (very nice date surely has cos it's our date) if not before 31March 2018 provided there is no wedding on that day. Hope that some couples are interested to take over our package. The bold ones are the negotiated TandC during roadshow.

    Thank u

    Let me know if you're interested to get this package.
  7. Hi interested in 4 Nov?
  8. greentea12

    greentea12 New Member

    Hi I have one on 16 dec 17 if you're keen. Pm at wang.ps@live.com

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