Looking for MUA for Mother and Sister


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Hello BTBs!

I'm looking for MUA that can do mother and sister makeup and hairdo during my actual day.

I have sourced for a few contacts but not too sure who should I engage :(.

Do let me know if you have experience with any of the MUA mentioned below! Thanks in advance!
  • Cynderella by Cynthia Oh - $100/pax
  • Valda Goh - $100/pax
  • Irene - $100/pax
  • Kate Tang - $100/pax
  • Sharon Ang - $135/pax
  • Autelier Studio - $120/pax
  • Cleo Chang - $220/pax
  • Clove (Sister company of Cleo Chang) - $100/pax

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Vivien Low who is not in your list is very good! I am a fussy person but I can't find flaws in your work and service attitude. Check out my post for details.


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Cleo is over-priced and stuck up. It is always good to choose someone who is passionate in his/her work and Vivien has that. I am glad I have chosen her though not many people might know her at this point of time. Her work on me was well appraised by everyone and I am sure she will go far. :)