Looking for Good Nubra


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I got mine from Delfi Orchard.. it is the original nubra. The auntie is good, she measures you and also teaches how to wear nubra properly. Slight costly though. But i feel it is worth it.


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I bought my nubra at Delfi Orchard last month too. Can't remember the shop name but it's at level two, near the escalator. If you have a student card, you are entitled to 20% discount. Mine costs $81.60 after discount, but I bought the one with fabric on the exterior. It was recommended to me by the auntie and it served me well during my recent photo shoot in TW. The full silicon will be more expensive and it's heavier.


Can anyone recommend me where to buy a good Nubra for Wedding Gown?

Thank you!

Hi there,

I bought mine at tangs, it's about $69.90 I think, as I have it for a few years now and it's still in good condition.

It comes in a really nice & hard box too.

It's called freedom bra, black box