Looking for galfren


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involve in interest groups, social work etc. Good avenue to know friends of similar interests.


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"go shopping, help on part selection and sometimes share some private matter together"

- but these activities typically requires an existing bond.....
as of now, i think you first start off by getting to know new friends without setting certain expectations, like your above-mentioned.

For now, you can check out the bery-bery frenly threads at Sgbrides.com, such as <font size="+2">"Chatters"</font>, <font size="-2">"Singles", "Ladies" and "Place to meet new friends"</font>.



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wa lau... you all can't tell meh...

As in "Sun Tze Art of War", One should modify one's plans according to favourable cirumstances.



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shopping - hardly.
help on selection - depends.
share some private matter - *can feel my ears pulling away*

other motives - help her to find a gal friend. So, I have good intention nevertheless hor....