Looking for cheap lawyers and accept installment payment for divorce fee.

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Miss Lee, May 15, 2017.

  1. Miss Lee

    Miss Lee New Member

    I'm a SPR mother of two Singaporean sons. I just gotten my PR on July 2015.

    I been together with my husband nearly 10 years and I would like to file a divorce after married for more than 3 years going to 4 years.

    Unfortunately, my husband does not agree on the divorce but he didn’t mention any request on the term regarding my divorce request.

    I and my current husband have already bought BTO together which is still under building progress.

    As I’m the only financial support for myself and kids or somehow husband, so I got financial constrain when come to divorce fee. It will be very good if anyone can recommend me a lawyer who accept instalment payment.

    I got some question which I unsure and not sure what should I do.
    1. If my husband does not agree to divorce, will be consider as contested divorce?
    2. Can I keep the BTO for myself and my kids after I file the divorce?
    3. Can I keep the rental house from HDB which I currently living?
    4. Is there any lawyer allow me to made payment via instalment plan?
    Hopefully there is someone can help me or advise me what & how should I do.

    Thank you.

  2. Babyface84xo

    Babyface84xo New Member

    i've sent u a pm
  3. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    1)Yes,unless stated otherwise.
    2)No you can't, unless he agrees to remove his name from the flat.
    3)Yes you can, as long as rental is paid.
    4)There is actually quite a few in singapore, more like law firms not individual laywers though.
  4. Confusedhurt

    Confusedhurt New Member

    Hi Babyface84xo, is it possible to PM me as well as I am looking for a lawyer too
  5. IrisHo

    IrisHo New Member

    Pls pm. I also looking for an affordable lawyer. As im alone taking 3 kids expenses and all without my 'husband support. But i needed to end this marriage asap.
  6. likethathow

    likethathow New Member

    I've PM yall
  7. sj7980

    sj7980 Member

    Hi Babyface84xo, is it possible to PM me as well as I am looking for a lawyer too. Thank you

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