Looking for an Arthritis Specialist


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I saw a lot of post looking for a good Arthritis Specialist. So i would like to recommend A/Prof *************** at Gleneagles Medical Centre for your joint pain problems.


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I have early onset arthritis. The Doctors mentioned, I wonder what can they offer? Surgery? I did physio, but i stopped as it still hurts. Now doing cycling and walking


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It would depend on the severity of your pain and its exact cause I think. We also went to Dr *************** for my dad's [mild] arthritis, and aside from prescribing meds, the doc suggested physio and a change in diet and exercise.


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I think surgery is more for severe cases, like when you need to have the joint replaced or smt. Like with my grandpa, he needed to have knee replacement. After that, his ortho Dr Sean Ng also recommended physio to help with the pain and movements.