Looking for AD bridal make-up and hair styling for bride and mum(s)/bridesmaid


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I am a BTB getting married on 10 nov 2012. Would like to get quotation for the following:
(1) bride make up and hair styling
(2) mums/bridesmaid make up and hair styling

Please give quotations for package and separately.
Kindly send your rates/packages to [email protected]
Thank you very much!


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Hi everyone,

WhiteDay Studio focus on delivering natural turn-out and making sure that you look the best on your special day.


Our artist Serene just returned from Korea and her schedules are still available for bookings.

WhiteDay will specially customized packages to suit every individual's events.

Please contact us at 91800899.

Thank you.


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I recommend Dana Chang. She did my makeup for my AD and I loved it. She's also very good with hair styling and have lots of accessories to loan. My mum and MIL were transformed by her too! Highly recommended!


Both of them have facebook pages. Dana has a school called Makeup Arte Academy. U can search for that.
I have read some brides talking about Andrea here before. U can search. If not find her FB. Andrea Ow I think.