Looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage to buy bto


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I am a singaporean chinese guy who is born in 1984. I will be 35 years old by end of this year and egilible to buy my own hdb

But I am a low income, earning less than 2.5k a month.

I already got a degree and tried to look for higher salary jobs. Went for many interviews but did not get any offers. So I have already reached the peak in my career..

Since 2014 till now, I been joining speedating events, using dating apps and also join expensive 1 to 1 matches by expensive dating agencies that are accredited by SDN

So far I still cannot find a gf through these avenues for a couple of reasons. Some girls were older than me and they did not want to date younger guys, even though I don't mind dating older girls. Some girls have certain requirements such as the guy must earn at least 5k and above, which I do not qualify. Some girls are just weird, maybe just looking for guys to pay for them when go out together. etc etc

I am seriously looking for a gf that will lead to marriage so we can buy our own hdb

The girl must be willing to work to support herself too so we can together buy our own hdb

I do not mind older girls up to 40 years old. I am ok with girls from any race except for malay and indian girls (culture, religion and lifestyles of malay and indian girls are too far apart from Chinese guys)

I am ok with girls from other countries such as from Malaysia, Thailand, china, Vietnam etc

If you have any girls who can intro to me, kindly drop me a email to [email protected]