Looking for 28 sept 2014 wedding banquet


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Anyone has a wedding banquet on the above date to let go?

Looking at around 15-18 tables

Lunch or dinner is fine.


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WTS Grand Park City Hall Banquet 21 Sept 14

I have this wedding banquet package on the 21st Sept 2014 (Sunday) to let go.
I am letting this go due to my posting overseas.

This date 21st Sept 2014 is carefully chosen as it's one of the auspicious date in 2014.
Some hotels even has additional charges on this particular date.
But you are free to pick other dates in September 2014, subject to availability.

The package includes all of the following:
1) 2 Nights Suite stay in the hotel. (Most hotels only offer one)
2) $1078++ per table. (very good rate as current market is now higher than this!)
3) Min 25 tables.
4) 9-course dinner.
5) Complimentary food tasting for 10 person.
6) Complimentary car park for 25% final confirmation guest.
7) 2 Choice of wedding favors.
8) and more...

I am calling out to those who are blissfully in love to take up this golden opportunity.
Am willing to forego a 3k deposit for interested parties.
I am currently overseas now and not convenient to take calls.
But I will be back by 30 Nov 2013.

Meanwhile any queries please contact me via -
email: [email protected]
whatsapp: 90062071

And please share the news and help me out! Thanks!!


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I have wedding dinner min 15 tables at holiday inn orchard. The date is 6 sept 2014 which is a good date according to MAster Tong.
I will offer a substantial discount for the deposit paid off. Perks are very good in covering your needs including usage of function room.
Please let me know if you are keen and i will send you the detailed package.