Look better in 3 months- healthy and fit way (For BTB & GTB)


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If both you and your GTB are committed to looking better, feeling better, we are as committed to helping you get there.

What we cover:
- Nutrients during and post work-out (right protein for your GTB)
- Advice on nutrition based on our experience of losing 5 kg in 3 months (for BTB)
- We will go to your location, 1 hour of workout that includes warm up and cool down
- We will work out with you, motivate you, and ensure you look the best you should be, and feel the best too.

We don't believe in fad diets, or anything that destroys your body. We know you have a big day to look good for, and we'll help you get there.

Commitment: 3 months
3 times a week

Why 3 months:
- Workouts will be designed to fit your fitness level and based on your goals and objectives.
- We will advise you how realistic it is, but will guarantee you will look better and feel better in 3 months for that important day. You should expect a natural radiant glow and have the energy to boot.

Who is it best for?
- Office bound folks who always say they have no time- we come to you; after work!
- If you think you don't have the discipline, don't have a regular gym but want to look better for that important day

We will be with you every step of the way.

What to expect:
Personal classes (per couple):
$80 per session

Group classes:
(2 couples) $60 per couple, per session
(Max 3 couples) $40 per couple, per session

PM for more details and I'll be happy to share further.