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Dear all,

I am a partime maid looking for job on tuesday and friday morning,minimum 4hours per trip charges $50 for 4hours.
Interested,I can be contacted at tis HP : 91297935


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I have tried many part time maid, I think this is the best.The hsework she do is always do a clean job & most impt of all is honest. She was intro by one of my friend, so in our grp of friends all well recommended her.

Her name is Alice


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oh ya, i forgotten to let you know her rates.
Per hr:$10.00 (min 4 hrs)
Transport Fee:$3 per trip.
so 1 mth i paid her is $172.00( 4times /mth)


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Oh ya, she just changed her morning job, her timing changed.
So nw Aunty Alice only works for the East & only Wkends.



I am intending to hire a part time helper. I live in Yishun. Willing to pay $9-10/hr on a weekly basis (3-4 hrs on Sat or Sun mornings). Helper must be able to perform basic chores like sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, washing toilet, cleaning of windows (interior), changing of bedsheets, ironing, wiping kitchen cabinets and table tops etc.

Want to find someone honest, meticulous and is able to work independently. Your response and recommendation will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Pls email me at [email protected].


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Hi All,

We are looking for part-time domestic helper on Sundays 8 - 11 am, to do ironing and house cleaning. I live in Kovan area.

Can anyone recommend someone to help us? Please email me at [email protected] if you have any info.



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My local part time maid is very reliable. She is a nice Chinese lady. $10/hr for weekday.

If you are interested to engage her service, please email me for her contact so you can contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]


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My current part time maid is staying in Hougang. She is reliable and fast in her work.

I have drop you an email for her contact. Good luck!


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I have recommendation too, but she only available for SengKang & Punggol area. PM if you are interested & you can contact her directly.


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My current part time cleaner is not bad. She has been helping me for these 2 years, very reliable and helpful. You all can try calling her at 9698 0199, her name is Siew Peng, 50 years old auntie. She does areas in the West


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What's wrong if you get the local maid from the agency ? I've try a local maid from A-Team Amahs & Cleaners and they done a great job. I'll PM you, if you want to know more about them, hope it help..


Hi All.

My PT cleaner auntie will be going on holiday. She normally clean my house once every fortnight.

She will only return in early Dec. So need to find another PT cleaner to clean my house on 15th and 29th of November.

Me stay in Sembawang area. Anyone have any contacts to share? Price preferably not too ex.



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Hi, all. I am using catherine as recommended from another thread. She is quite alright for my standard.

But the best thing is she can come and clean my place in the evening. So don't have to leave a precious weekend for her.

Can sms her, 83220542


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Hi All,

I am looking for part-time domestic helper on weekend to do ironing and house cleaning. Anyone have gd recommendation? I live in Buangkok area.

Can anyone recommend someone to help us? Kindly PM the contact & the rate..


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Hi all,

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable part time maid. Do try Wipes It.


they provide eco-friendly cleaning services at a very affordable price. Seriously i dun think you ladies shld stick to $10/hr anymore. Wipes It provide round the clock service, and best of all, they provide their own eco-friendly equipment as well!

do try them, i tried their service last year December for my Christmas party. service was fantastic!



My company is looking for part time cleaner. Looking for reliable ones. Any recommendation?
My company is in the yishun. Small company.

Please pm me.. Thanks!


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I need a local part time maid, am living in the central area. I don't want to go through an agency as I have had bad luck lately. Any recommendations please?


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Im looking for part time helper for weekdays, am staying at bukit batok. Any good intro?

96999945. Thanks


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Hi i am looking for a part time maid / helper to clean up every week. Location will be at red hill, flexible timing is okay with me. Willing to pay a appx $10 odd for an hour. Do pm me for any good recommendations. Thanks alot :) or call me at 98254228


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Looking for good reliable part time maid (local or Malaysian) at Tanjong Rhu area. SMS 91864745. Thanks!


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am looking for part-time maid to help out.
once a week every sat for 4-5 hours (usual cleaning and ironing of clothes).
Am staying near mount faber/harbourfront

Please email me at [email protected]


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Posting for my mil:
Experienced in cleaning flat.
Speaks hokkien and simple mandarin.
Staying around rivervale mall.
Prefers somewhere around sengkang or punggol area.

Contact 92357735 if keen. Thx!


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im looking for PT cleaner around clementi/west coast area.
approx 4hrs
anyone has gd recommendations can PM me.

Thanks =)


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Need help in cleaning ur sweet home?

My neighbour is looking for a job as part time helper.

Prefers staying in AMK area or northen area.
Other places will also be consider if there are buses accessible to ur place.

Minimum 3hrs

Whether on regular basic or one time basic or for CNY spring cleaning or pre-renovation cleaning.

Speaks Chinese

Has Experience working for her boss staying in Condo and flats on top of that she has experience cleaning office too.

PM me if u needed any enquires.



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I am looking for a PT domestic helper to perform the below tasks
* Dusting/Cleaning of all rooms & kitchen
* Washing of toilets
* Vacuuming & mopping of floors
* Ironing clothings

Any good recommendation, pls PM me. Thanks.


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i'm living in geylang (residential pte apt, no redlight activity) and need a part time maid to come in weekly for 3hrs, weekday is ok. any recommendation? contact 90691071. thanks

cleaning of 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, floor.

no ironing


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I'm looking for part time maid to come in twice a week for 2 to 3 hrs, weekdays ok. location choa chu kang. Any good recommendation, please PM. Thanks


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Helping my aunt looking for a job as part time helper.

She is stay around west side.

On basic home clearing or office.

You can email me [email protected] or sms me 90044514.
Speaks simple english, chinese and hokkien.

She got experiance on office clearing and taking care of new born.