Loans for Marriage


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Hi All,

I wonder if you guys could provide me with some comments on the above issue.

My husband whom we got ROM last year is currently having some finanical problems with the preparation of the customary wedding this year. He is not earning alot, about 1.4 k only before CPF deduction. He initially had a 10K Fixed Deposit, but had recently took it out to spend it on his recent day operation, house painting (bought paint & paint himself), do the PVC mat on the floor & change the doors. He is now left with bout 2K.He is still waiting for Parkway Shenton to refund him the $$$.
He wants to get a loan from the banks but all the banks either requires a minimum 30K salary or at least 1.7K/mth. He meets neither of that criteria.
So now, he wants to use my salary for loans. The thing is, Im worried that he might have difficulties paying for the loans. He was telling me that he need a loan of 8K, to be pay over 30 or 36 mths. Should I let him get a loan with my payslip?

Then dun do the customary wedding lah. ROM and setting up a family are good and simple.

And u dun seem to contribute anything towards the home renovation?


your $ is your $
your husband's $ is also your $
on the contrary, your husband's debt isn't your debt

So u should get him to borrow from his parents / relatives / friends instead


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hmm .. the husband has forked out money for home renovations and a day surgery .. his intention of taking loans is not to spend on himself but on the preparation of their customary wedding.

instead of reflecting on whether they should minimise the expenses for the event or even postponing it, TS writes whether she should allow him to apply for loans with her salary even though it's for THEIR event ..

seems like she's only in it for the good times ..

and kim .. in this instance, his debt is her debt since it's for their customary wedding, not for his own expenses ..

you're not married, are you?
your $ is your $
your husband's $ is also your $
on the contrary, your husband's debt isn't your debt

how come u have this such thought????

and do u expect the TS to lose face if she heeds your advice to get her hubby to go borrow $$ from his relatives or friends especially for the customary wedding n home renovation?????


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your $ is your $
your husband's $ is also your $
on the contrary, your husband's debt isn't your debt"



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Wow! I think Kim might be one of those 'Mr Nice Guys', who gets into financial trouble because of over-pleasing or overly accomodating to the gf/wife.

Ever tot about two main factors:
- that Huan Zhen's hubby is bringing home $1.1k after cpf deduction, in considerations of other instalments or loans?
- that Huan Zhen might not be willing to contribute on the monthly repayments (maybe, she ought to elaborate abit on her finances in case of misperceptions.)


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whahaha.. mark78!
guess u r not the only one who is speechless leh really.. me too!

Vios.. ni you lai le!

1 qn.. 10K FD (need 8k for ops & painting & doors?) ?????

I can forsee a lot of more monetary problems coming up ahead of u 2 man...


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"your $ is your $
your husband's $ is also your $
on the contrary, your husband's debt isn't your debt "

If I am the husband I would wipe my ass using my notes than giving to someone with such mentality to start with.


Ya....funny mentality leh.

I loaned and forked the majority of the expenses like reno & car. My hubby slowly pays me back lor. He wanted to borrow from his mum initailly but I told him u borrow from others (not that his mum is outsider lah) why not borrow from me lor. Anything can settle within ourselves first.

There has to be some trust.

You are having doubts already....then u sure he's the man for you? Worst, are you the woman for him?


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Yeah. Its okay. Imm just angry that when ask fon AD Schedule & ask him to select the VG & PG, he keeps dragging. drag from Feb to Mar, Mar to now.
Im paying for the VG, PG & Bridal shops = $8000
Its not that Im not forking out my money.


Then are you sure you guys wanna get married now? It's not good to always have the "money" question sandwiched between you 2 leh. You can say it's ok now, but in future leh?

I'm a woman also, for me, money is very important. Something for me which I can rely on shd anything happen. My hubby and I have our fair share of squabbles over money too.

I just hope in future if (I mean IF) you guys quarrel, dun bring in the topic of $$$ lor.

If money is really an issue, why not talk about it first.