Loan for upcoming hdb


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Hi all,
My hdb is coming round the corner. I wish to get loans for renovation and furnitures.

But renovation loan will be paid to contractors and they are paid in full before they start renovation. This is worry-ful. You will never know how well they do.

If i will to take a renovation loan, i will need a second loan (maybe personal? ) to cater for the furnitures.


I do not wish to take up so much loan but with wedding round the corner. Its going to be tough.

Can you guys advice me on which is better?
- personal loan for all work?
- reno loan then personal loan to cater for both.

Thank you!


Probably you want to check the payment terms with the contractors again. Always thought that it should be paid progressively.


always best to do it phase by phase... just in case there are any hiccups with the company halfway through.. or if they don do a good job, you have the upper hand to get them to redo!