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Hi Dora, thank you for the suggestion and contact. You are right. sometimes we really need to buy branded stuff. Otherwise the hassle cost more than the money saved. As I have no idea of which brand of component is better, I chose my lights based on the design only (that's why I end up in deep sh_t now).

Still thinking whether I should bring it to CASE to settle with Strass Lighting before I replace the lights.


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well kyin, forget the idea n trouble to file them at CASE... after all did they mention or state any warranty to u? nowadays when u buy the lights from a lighting shop, some of us might hv noticed tat there is a particular sentence which is mean to protect the shop. n u r paying them at a high cost yet if anything is to happen, u wont b able to sue them bcoz tat particular sentence is mean to protect them. i don noe hw many shops hv printed tat sentence to their invoice but so far i seen quite a few. so y spend on them so much $$$ to get the same item when we can get better lobang. when u purchase the light, the salesperson would b like an angel but after payment is made, the tail slowly appeared. n no after sales service is provided like kyin's case. but of course, not all shops r tat bad... it depends on ur luck too...


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I was reading the conditions of sales at the back of invoice and noticed that there are 12 clauses at back all protecting the shop. According to their terms, "There will be no guarantee for lighting parts 7 days after self collection/delivery or installation. That is the shortest warranty period I have ever seen. I should have read the terms before buy, but the problem is you don't get chance to read their terms until after you make a payment(coz terms at back of invoice). By then it is too late to regret already.

Seems you are very experienced in dealing with those shops. I wish I had visited this forum ealier before making any purchase. Thank you Dora for your contact.
strass and palace belong the same, i also got prob with them attitude sucks.. idiot guys all pushing problem types.. also intend to bring them to case if they cant solve my problem.. boss also prob, threaten if go case don help solve prob.. wher got such things, i also do sales.. if they don do their work gonna bring them to court


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I would like to commend and reccommend A Lighting at Geylang for their cheap lightings.. I bought almost all my lights from them. To be honest, I went with my husband to scout for lights at Jalan Besar, Geylang, Balestier and even the highly recommended light shops in Jurong West area. However, despite entering numerous shops, the first shop that we have been to, A Lighting, proves to offer us the most competitive rates.

I bought my whole house downlights and spotlights from them totalling 29 pcs, 2 toilet lights, 1 study room light, 1 kitchen light, 1 spotlight and 1 balcony light for a total of only $680... Should I buy the same lights at other areas, the price would have been at least double of what I paid for.

Another place I would like to recommend for chandlier would be the lights D shop at jalan besar, they offer very nice looking chandeliers at very reasonable prices. They even offered my my T5 flourescent lights at the best prices compared to other stores. To add on to that, they were very professional in their service and advice.

I usually do not write postings, however, I am so impressed with the prices and services provided by the abvove mentioned 2 shops that I find it worthy to commend them and to reccomend them in this forum. By the way, do note that A lighting is not located near the cluster of shops at gelyang 30+.. A lighting is located at the other end of Geylang, I think it is Geyland 20+ ther.. Opposite Ajunied MRT station is a POSB bank, walk straight don till you reach the other main road. They are located at the corner there..


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yah yah... they are an honest family.. the guy there also very friendly... he helping the father ...studied electrical engineering one i think..think they got two shops there.. one selling older fashion type of lighting and the other one more modern.. but i think close on sunday.... worth a look...being using the lightings for 9 months alredi no complain... some of the shops at balestier cannot go in one.. all cut throat one.. dont believe you can walk down and see... but dont expect real swakorski quality hor..


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I also bought my lights from DK too.


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Hi all, just wanna warn everyone to beware of Palace of Lights at balestier! The staffs there were friendly initially. Pricing seemed reasonable but upon installation, the 1 hr job took 4 hrs instead & the man still had to return another time to install the remaining lights (there were only 6 lights BTW)!! One of the light panel did not fit, one light bulb flickered! The installer came another time with a new light bulb that flickered again (they used all made-in-china light bulbs). The person in charge said they'll arrange for it to be changed. Appointment was made & i waited there the whole afternoon & they called me at 5 p.m. to say that they can't make it! Super furious! I called them again & this irresponsible person call Steven said that there's nothing they can do as it's the electrician's fault!! When i commented that it's the light shop that employs these people & this is not the way to do business. This Steven guy just hang up on me!!!Really not worth it! I wasted so much time on this horrible light shop. Dun waste ur time on this f***ing place.Be careful!
hi joyce, you're not the only one complaining, beside me and there are others on this thread too.. palace and strass belong to same company, jus repeat.. and their sales person will jus ask pp not to believe wat was written on forum.. why? they got complain la..
i bought my lights from them too, initial serivce very good, will tell you not to walk around any more, since we already know which type of lights we are lokin for..
next if your're are singaporean, they condemm on malaysians.. they even condemm your contractors.. why? sure got reasons.. they will jus tell you those pp don know things but then it's their products prob too, i also got one glass panel which don fix, my electrician refuse to do.. they tell me to bring all the way my lights for them to fix.. ha waste my trip, next one bulb fuse.. and two lights ic did not work.. my contractor luckily know about lights business operations, give them a call, they finally agree to send pp to fix, but one glass tube broke.. they had to come and replace but make us wait and wait, they make 2 trips jus to do my lights ic.. the bulb not workin, they expect me to go down to exchange.. how would i know about electrical when i'm not electrician, luckily we fd out that the bulb not faulty, something went wrong with the other parts of the lights, so did not go down and exchange, but this time round not going back to them, but if anything bad happen sure will go case with them.. the somemore don ans phone calls, boss dare threaten say if go case, they wont solve your prob.. this kind of attitude and serivce, ......... very angry..


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mine was bought from Vlux. although it is slightly expensive than what you bought, but i have no problems from the start. was very happy with the sales person. all my lightings none of them are ROC. so no problems


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Went to Italu with my ID... Alvin's service was great. Did walk into Place of Lights and met that ST*v*n guy before we meet our ID. After reading the above post...Heng didnt buy. They do have many many nice designs but they're pricier than Italu.


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need advice here. i'm buying lights from a few shops, how do you guys go about getting the installer? the shops usually quote about $30-$40 for first light, and subsequent lights about $7-10 per point, but if i get my lights from a few shops, will the one installer juz do the whole project? then i don't need to pay for so many "first-light" charges.

or does anyone have any independent installer/electrician to recommend? i don't have a reno contractor. any recommendations, can pls e-mail me at [email protected]? thanks.


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Hi all,
Like to recommend 2 of the nicer sales person that we encounter during our shopping for lights.
1)Al*x from DIY lights @ Jalan Besar
2)Da*id from Light Creative @ Geylang
Both of them are very helpful and not pushy. When we ask for discount, they are also very willing to help out whenever they can. Thanks to them I had a wonderful time shopping for my lights.


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Hi All,

Anyone know where I can get Tiffany Lamp in Singapore ? Just want to hang a tiffany hanging lamp for my dining hall.


updates for my lights... stupid lights indeed.. ed help send ppl to check and its e electronic ballast spoilt.. as usual thta palace l1ghtin8 ppl push responsiblity..
called them at around 12.30 before 1 pm today.. tell me that raym0nd s33 went for lunch.. ask me call after 2pm.. 2.30pm call them up.. say he's not back.. call hp.. hp not connected.. stupid.. give up on them.. will only tell ppl not to go there any.. liars cum poor quality things.. only do before sales service.. after sales service one word.. s.u.c.k.s.
so now only hope my contractor can help do something for me..

till now the one light a simple one purchase from them the 2nd of movin in give 3 bang ans not working anymore.. luckily there are 2 tubes.. else my that room will be dark for 2months..

this company likes to push that they are not the one sell you the lights so none of them can help
the one sell you lights will say get technician to coem help..
the so call technician is jus a bangalah that know not much and come say donno how to do.. date never arange properly.. appointment time not on time.. arrangement is bad.. and i'm not the only one that complain this company in this forum..
its the same name is s.t.r.a.s.s lighting.. beware.. :< :< :<
their sales staff will jus tell you that don believe the forum.. sometimes ppl jus anyhow write.. :<
s>t>r>a>S>S = P>AL>A>C>E lightings..
and be alert.. their salestalk so gd that so can easily get trap:<


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i oso wan 2 complain a light shop. my whole hse go n buy > 70% lights fr dk becos heard so much gd reviews. so nw post my experience. Have oredi posted in another forum. one comment- luckily i did nt buy all my lights fr them.

The owner is definately NOT honest. his lights r cheap but so is e quality. e whole time we hav nothg but trouble. reno oredi so bz still hav 2 deal w spoilt lights n worse of all irresponsible dishonest shop owner.

1 of e lights (most expensive 1) is giving us so much prob becos e holder is spoilt n he still dare 2 sell it. somemore dare tell us it will b a brand new piece but gave us a display 1. used 4 so long oredi of cos it will hav prob &amp; we knew it is a showrm piece becos he blurped it out by mistake.

we oni discovered e fault when we make a switch 2 energy saving bulbs. e bulbs cld nt be secured by e holder at all. u can keep turning 2 infinity n e bulb w still not be screwed on to the plastic holder.

call tis derrick n he insist we hav spoilt e light. i hav a dresser w 10 bulbs which i bought with those $1+ light holders n i dun even get such problem. sell pp spoilt goods admit lar. once i got time i w go case n complain.

now after i off e lights the bulbs will give out "sparks" once in a while throughout the night. Irritating. waste my electricity oso.

any1 who buy lights from this dk better "check" ur lights properly. i dunnoe how oso cos when he delivered e lights we couldnt check 2 cos obviously we dunnoe how 2 install lights so how 2 check? but do chk for physical faults n watever there is becos once u pay he is sure nt 2 honour e fault n blame it on e owner.

next time i w take my business elsewhere n advise all my frens 2 steer clear of tt shop.


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Hi Richter

I hope you did not make any purchase from Designers Lighting since last two weeks.
If you are there, ask for the pricing and take note of it. Also ask for the specification as well - the material of the lighting frame, where is the ballast made from (china or australia,etc), what is the voltage bulb they are providing, what brand of bulb, etc...warranty).

Using this information, go around other lighting shops and ask for the same info for benchmarking.

Based on my recent experience, their pricing is very high. You can check first and compare it yourself. Try to make your comparision apple to apple.

You will see the same light design in other shops as well because they all are getting from the same main distributor.


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Hi all, just to share my experience, my hubby and I just bought my lights from Lights Arcade yesterday. Was served by Jen-e and found the service good. She's a friendly and patient staff and is able to offer suggestions of lightings to fit our house's theme/colors. I do agree with sushibabe they might not be the cheapest around, can try to bargain a little, but prices are average-reasonable. Other than Lights Arcade, my experience with LightZone was not bad too, in terms of service and pricing. =)
We went to Italu too, service was ok, but price much more expensive than the 2 shops I mentioned above.


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Number One Lighting at Geylang - The boss very nice &amp; helped within my budget of 500+ for lights (he oso got give discount, on top of no GST), without compromising my satisfaction in the designs

The lights i bought (12pcs):
1) 2 living room lights (with round wood frame, to match my laminated floor)
2) 3 bedroom lights (with round patterned glass)
3) 2 kitchen light ( with round patterned glass, fully covered for better maintenance due to cooking area)
4) 2 toilet round light (acrylic cover)
5) 3 spot lights

All bulbs are extra bright type and energy saving

The Number One boss very easy goin, helpful, although abit ah Beng but sounded very honest lah, not like those other bigger shops that keep 'pressing' us to buy expensive but not necessary lights. If you want cheaper those big shops will recommend those lousy or no designs one Just my personal opinion lah

Number One Lighting
673, Geylang Road ,
S'pore 389600
Tel: 67496636
(open on Sun as well, but pls call to confirm what time they open/close)


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Hi Everyone,

Will like to share my experience at Hylite Deco in Jurong East.
After reading so much good review from everyone, we really went alot of shop in geylang, balestier. Honestly speaking, we felt the price is too high for us. As we prepared to buy more then 30 light, inculding downlight and T8 from one shop. Finally we drop by Jurong West and the last stop we reach Hylite. The shop owner extremely friendly and not pushy at all.

One great point abt them is, they able to match others shop price and even so much lower then them. For their ballast they are using made in Austrilla &amp; they are giving blub from Italy. U can even give them the model num of that light u want and they can get for u thru their dealer. For the downlight we found alot of shop that give us more then $35 per piece. For Hylite we paying less then $30 per piece. For the rest of the light i could not provided too much info, but i will say it the BEST deal we got.

Comparing with so many shop we find that is the best deal and even best product. I just like to share my best deal with everyone and we not earning any single cent from that shop owner. Hope that helps everyone who searching for cheap and good lighting. Good luck everyone!

Hylite Deco
Blk 353 #01-109
Jurong East, St 31
S'pore 600353.
Tel: 6560 3323


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Hi everyone
Will like to share my experience in t.payoh.
After reading so much good review from everyone, we really went alot of shop in geylang, balestier. Honestly speaking, we felt the price is too high for us.Lucky my friend pass me this lighting lobang to me it let me save a lot.
But i also worry the quality is it very jialat! But after i viewing the product not bad leh.
ok they sell those sq energy saving downlight(2 tube type 13wx2) $19.50.They supply australia atco ballast and osrom saving tube.


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They also give me 6 mth warranty. this make me very comfortable buy 33pcs from them.
And i also buy few basic light from them like for toilet and kitchen. (Those plain and simple acaylic)
32w complete set $20. 21w complete set $11.TOO bad they cann let me see thier dining light.If not i sure buy from them. hope it will help your up


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I drop by Hylite Deco since I stay near there, they are not cheap. The downlight we wanted they quote $25 when we first walk in, after asking a few more prices and that $25 piece become $28 cuz he say he got the model mixed up. And there is no more discount on the $28 and he keep telling us to go to the neighbouring shops to ask price if we don't believe him.

Oh well, we did go to his neighbour shop, Chelsea. They display their price of that light at $28 too but discount to $25 was given without much bargaining. Great service too I'd say. I'm fussy and I want to see the lights in warm, cool white and white and the lady don't mind changing the lights for me to view. I keep going to and fro the lights, asking her to switch on almost everything she has and she's very patient with me.

We bought from them and next day we called and request for the lights to be delivered, they manage to get their guy to deliver it almost immediately. We are quite impressed.


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My encounter with Strass. Don't buy from them!

Committed and paid deposit to 4 ceiling fans with them:
2 x 48" 3 blade ceiling fan without lights (bronze color)
2 x 60" ceiling fan with lights (bronze color)
Total damage: $900! Yes! I know it's ex!! DUH! so very regretted after shopping around, but no choice... committed liao.

2 weeks later, Before delivery, they told me that the 48" no stock in bronze color.
Told them I want bronze color to match my decor and they should have told me long ago when I committed whether they have stock or not. I kicked up a fuss, and told them if they can't find bronze for me, then I want a refund.
So, the boss told me they will surely find the 2 bronze color 48" for me.

On delivery day, the delivery guy call to tell me they only managed to find 1 bronze 48".
Since I don't have much of a choice, and 1 48" will be put in the MBR, guess it could be of a different color. So I told him I'll take white.

as my reno has not completed, we did not install the fans right away.
After some of my reno were done, I thought was changing both the 60" to white. So I tried my luck and call them to see if I could get them changed since I allowed them to change one of my 48" to white.
The boss told me that he has to check if it's in stock and will call me back.
He called me back 5 mins later to say that there's no stock. I told him I could wait and ask him to check when the stock is coming. He said he'll call me back and never call me again. I keep calling their store and no one answer. I suspect they have caller -id display to avoid calls.
I understand that on the sales invoice, it says goods bought are not exchangeable. I was just trying my luck but was unsuccessful. So I'm stuck with the bronze 60".

Then today, my contractors finished the electrical wirings and help me install all the ceiling fans.
All the ceiling fans were ok, except for the 48" bronze.
My contractor asked me is I bought a 2nd hand one as it was rusty, and the fan is very noisy when turned on!

I'm damn pissed with them now. My hubby and I are going down to confront them tomorrow!
So Angry!


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So today, we went down to the shop and ask them about it. The boss say they don't know, and ask us to refer the problem to the agent.
So, I called the Agent (amasco) to complain about their reseller (Strass). They told me that they will change (incl. free installation) for me for the 48", but they only have White color in stock. Then I told them i wanted Bronze color because the other 2 60" is bronze color (all put in living room so much be in same color).
The lady told me that she can't help me with the 2 x 60" one because they are not spoil and if I want to change, i have to go back to Strass. I told her that Strass attitude is very bad, and they told me that the 60" has no stock in white! I reason and argue, until she told me that she has to check with the warehouse whether 60" has stock in white or not first.
After awhile, she call me back and told me that she will change that for me as well, but as it was not faulty, i have to pay installation fee ($45 each) for them to change la. I'm ok with that la, as long as I get all uniform color.

SO, tomorrow I'll get all the ceiling fans change to white.

SO, to cut the long story short, DON'T BUY THINGS FROM STRASS, alot of complains about them on the forums also, I found out too late.
The ceiling fan (AMASCO) is not bad, customer service also good. Willing to help even though the faulty brand no warrenty given by the bloody store, and willing to change color for the 60" fan although we didn't buy direct from them. Can buy direct from them


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Just to share, i bought my lights from No.1 Lighting too, after chancing upon their gd reviews here. Indeed the uncle is very helpful in ensuring the things that he proposed fits our budget. No hardselling to push for sale for those very expensive dining lights.

All in all we bought:
- 12 white case (2x13W) square downlights
- 2 simple light holder with energy saving bulbs for toilets
- 3 rectangular lights (each 2x36W PLL) for bedrooms
- 1 kitchen light (no cover, no need to clean the dead insects within the cover)
- 1 wireless door bell

All bulbs/tubes are Philip or Osram. Spent <$650 altogether.


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any one bought from
saw their promotion for downlight which is relatively affordable


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Jz drop by Designers Lighting last weekend. their selling at high price. 4" downlights quote me 42 each. lucky didn't buy from them


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Me and my wife took 2 weeks to scout the lighting shops in balestier and geylang. This is my Summary:

Balestier Lighting shops: too cheap in pricing that cause me to suspect the quality to be very bad as they do not bother to explain what brands they carry. Do NOT accept IN-HOUSE Brands Tubes. Cannot be trusted. I dun really think that cheap quality are reliable. Service and explanation are IMPORTANT.

Geylang Lighting shops: Price are affordable. Service &amp; Quality is excellent. I would like to Compliment Especially One Shop Which is 'LIGHTS BOUTIQUE PTE LTD'.

We were served for a long time and took the sales personnel 2 hrs of time but he had been very helpful and patient without doubt and most important is his knowledge that he shared with us was great. Not only he knows about lightings but also ceiling fans and furnitures too. He can help you out in many ways. Eventually i bought my whole house lighting and fans from him at a good quality and a affordable price. 101% Satisfied Customer.

I can only give you guys this lighting shop add: Lights Boutique. 686 Geylang Road. The rest is for you to find out and experience for yourself.


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Hi all member,

Did anybody of you know about a "lighting warehouse" at - Eunos Warehouse Complex?? Their lights is crazy cheap.. But i'm not sure on their quality.. Example : a square type of downlight (2 bulk) cost less than $20.. Pls. share with us if you have the experience with this company, thanks..

The salesman give me his business card "Choong Ying Pte. Ltd.". Their web-site is unable to access.. Make me more worry about it..


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Hi Bryce,

Let me know your e-mail add.. I'll send to you.. Or you can check with Cheri..

Hi Cheri, how to on the "PM"?? Pls.. advise.. Sorry cause new user at here...hehe...


hi New_comer,

Just go to your Profile, scroll down till you see Preferences, then "Do not send me "Private Message" e-mails from other board users"


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Just to share too. just bought my master room pendent light and dining chandelier lights boutique @geylang and was installed by their guys a week ago. their selection was the finest and affordable. aftersale service was there too. no doubt the finest lighting shop to recommend. look for Galvin the salesman. their add: 686 geylang road


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yeah i went there too. service is gd too but i still prefer the range at lights boutique. you should see to believe.


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lights boutique is at geylang road between lor 42 and 44.
the signboard is pink in color. very prominent one. u can find it surely


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after seeing all the comments i personally went down with my husband to have a look at lights boutique.
well we were surprise by the service by the professionalism.
eventually we decided to get from them as they provide 90days warranty for their products.
true indeed service and quality is important.
well people out there, if you need lights i insist you to go there at least seek these guys professional advise. they are very sincere and knowlegable in their products. designs will definitely suits you. price are down right affordable + quality 101% assured. im definitely one of their satisfied customer.