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like to ask for some advise,

I bought a resale and like to relocate the light in my MBR. Does the light co. does the wiring for us? How much more do I have to pay?


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hello all,

anyone heard of lightings without balast?

went to nah hwa and bought downlights and was told they are without balast....

will it cause more problems?

advise needed.



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hello all,

anyone heard of lightings without balast?

went to nah hwa and bought downlights and was told they are without balast....

will it cause more problems?

advise needed.



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Got my clear crystal hanging lights at Lighting Hub today along Geylang area. the unit number is 692. The boss was very professional and even though I had asked many questions and had lugged in another light which I'd purchased from another shop, he offered a lot of advice. I walked out of the shop without a purchase but he did not pull a long face and even thanked me.

after walking for another good 45 minutes, i decided to head back to Lighting Hub where he spent another hour or so explaining to me the differences in my initial selections as I deliberated between 2 dining lights.

He had run out of stock and offered to deliver the lights to my place at 10pm today! However, I felt that it would be more convenient for the both of us if he were to deliver it tomorrow instead. I had wanted to pay by Mastercard/Visa but his shop only accepted Nets or cash. Guess what he did next? He went next door to liase with the boss and I swiped my card at that shop! How's that for customer service?


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Hi genesisgalaxy,

Wow...great service you have receive from them!!! What is the exact address and their tel number? Who is the person who served you?


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Hi focus!

The unit number of the shop is 692. It's along the road where Eurolux is at Geylang. You can't miss Eurolux if you are driving. It's the first shop along the road straight ahead from City Plaza.

The boss' name is Jackson. His contact is 67496365.

I've not seen the lights at my house today but my mum was there. She said the lights were lovely and the boss was a "pleasant & very nice man" as he'd explained the details to her. He assembled everything together & wired it up for the electrician. Great service for now, I guess.


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Hi all

I think buying lights is a big headache for ppl like us doing reno.

I saw lots of good comment abt L. Arcade (LA). Unfortunately my experience was a terible one with them

I saw this light which I like a lot so I wanted to buy for my kitchen cos the design was quite similar to my dining light. But LA boss say tt is 38watt too bright for kitchen as kitchen is small and got 2 lights, and suggest I put in my bed room instead.
I had actually order my 3 bedroom lights fm another shop so I called to cancel one. The shop agreed and we went dn to re select cos the original design was not suitable for kitchen and actually hand carry the light back cos I feel so pai say to ask them dlvy 2 lights.

Then when LA delivered my lights, I realise the round tube become 32 watt!! I call and the boss told me becos the original 38watt roung tube is fm Taiwan, not avail in Singapore so he change it to 32 watt super bright for me... I was so mad cos when I wanted for kitchen, he say too bright cos is 38 watt.. which I presume is the 2D energy saving tube.. then when I go thru all the hassle.. then he told me tt. Felt so cheated leh!!!

Also for my loose fittings lights, they forgot to include the starters and sent the wrong blub which cannot fit into my toilet lights!!

He did say if I dun want, he will ask his man to pick it up and refund me... I scolded him cos that will leave me in a lurch as my electrician need the light on the nx day to install (which is Sunday!!)

We even went dn the shop (LA) the nx day to see if we can change but can't find any we like. So we decided to keep it..And after we install, we realise is too dim! Call him to chk if can install additional tube then he say cannot cos the design too small. But we cannot change liao as we had drill hole to install alrdy. He offer to change the frosted glass panel to semi-transparent arylic. Okie for this I must gv him credit.

As my MBR is longish. the light was really too dim, so we decided to spent some $ to do a false ceiling last minute.

Then we went to LA again jus to chk if he can tk back the MBR light and offer us a better price for dn lite... but he not ard. His gal ask him to return call the nx day, he din bother, jus ask his gal to tell me cannot return since I drill hole. That is fine with me cos I can get dn lites at at much cheaper price from another shop.

When I went to pick up my MBR light the nx day evening(which I left there for him to chk if possible to tk back and offer better price for dn lite), I bought 1 loose fitting tube from him as the other shop dun hv 1 ft tube.... it turn out tt the ballast he gv me and the tube was faulty... it caused a short circuit 2 my spot light and my living room false ceiling light!!

Called him and tell him abt the faultly parts, he want me to produce receipt which I dun hv as the nite I was rushing and I thot only $10 no big deal! Explained to him his gal din gv me so he ask me to bring the things for him to test.

Luckily my electrician had offer to change the faulty ballast and tube for me FOC. If not, he had to come dn to tk out the faulty parts for me to return to LA for a good one then electrician come again to install... this is wasting too much of our time and $$$.

They still hv the cheek to say their ballast from Australia!! According tomany source, ballast are now all fm PRC, pls dun be taken in by ppl whose say theirs are fm Spain , australia etc... they are just out to earn our $$.

Jus my luck la... to think tt I still recommend friend to buy from him cos when I went the first time he was very nice to explain everything to us (we din buy fm him as we were still sourcing ard then).


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hey i bought my whole house lightings from designers lighting pte ltd in balestier...i especially love one crystal cube lighting..this is to be placed at the foyer..


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I got all my lights from Lights Arcade and the whole experience was great. Before sales service was great and after sales was also good. They were responsive to queries after the sale and delivery was prompt. However, the delivery guy is quite shui bian and i was not able to check all my lights upon delivery. But thankfully, i informed LA of the situation and they say that if there are any problems, can let them know.

Goods arrived in order with just 1 downlight missing its clips. But that was promptly provided by LA.

Had read this thread when i was searching for lights and thought it be good to pass on my review of LA to others looking for lights.


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After going through lighting at several shops at Geylang and Balestier this past week, I have to say I like the variety at Lights Arcade. I went to Chan Huat at 343 too after hearing good reviews, but was disappointed as the designs weren't very modern despite the shop being very big. We haven't confirmed our order with Lights Arcade as we wanted to look around somemore, but we should be going down these few days to confirm it. Andrew is very friendly and provides very good suggestions.


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Dear all.... DO NOT buy anything from Choong Ying Trading. They are located at Eunos Warehouse at Kaki Bukit Rd. They always advertise as having a super duper sales with things from $1 onwards. Their cheap things e.g. downlights are very inferior and the designs of their hanging lites are simply old.

When you ask for better quality ones, they will start their nonsense by saying things like the whole market does not have what you are looking for. If you want they can special order for you and then they will charge skyhigh prices. Any shop along Geylang will have better quality things and will even start their calling prices at a much lower rate than Choong Ying.



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Anyone bot from Lights+Form? Any feedback? Plan to buy a few lights there.
What about Elite at geylang? Some interesting lights and so far quote me the cheapest for downlights (the better one where the holder can be turned downwards to change bulb)
$18 for 13w, $22 for 2 x 13w, $28 for 2 x 18W
is this reasonable? some shops quoted me $32-38 for 2 x 13w....


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Hi BooBoo,wanted to PM you but couldn't. did you get any lights from Lights Zone? I went there to get quotation earlier. Tot the salesperson i spoke to (Joevin) was pretty candid.

Anyone out there bought from this shop in balestier?


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Anyone have comments on Palace of Lights and Furnishing at Balestier?

Also, please advice which PLC is better? With Ballast or without Ballast?


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I went to lights zone earlier on too. I spoke to Joevin too! He is damn funny and yet...offers pretty good advice for different kind of lightings.

Their lights are definitely cheaper than those (same design) I saw in Jln Besar area. I was quoted ard $150 for that particular design in Jln Besar area...LZ quoted me $95!!!! another one i was quoted $150 in Jln Besar...LZ quoted $110!

I think I am going back to get from them next weekend!


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Hi anyone been to Fusion Lighting at Upper Serangoon Road? Went down to take a look...not sure whether their prices is the cheaper...


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I recommend Vincent from Lights and Lights in Balestiar. Only Vincent though. That's cos he sold us lights at a price that his boss refused to. When we went back to buy more lights from them, his boss was shocked at the price we bought the earlier ones for and called vincent up privately to verify.

Vincent also has very good after sales service, changing our spoilt bulbs FOC. He's a bit talkative, but at least he knows his stuff and offers a good deal.
Let him know I recommended him. may get a better price.


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aiyah... it's just eugene's recommendation. i'm sure u'll do ur due diligence and check out other shops right? if this guy vincent can't give u a gd deal which u want, i'm sure there'll be other shops ard who can fit the bill. dun fret.


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haha.. ya I noe, can go in if I happen to see this shop, provided I see Vincent lah :D Oh, maybe u can share your price with me?? If not convenient to post out, then pm me


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but i would like to share our bad experience with vincent of lights & lights.

we confirmed a hanging ceiling light at $188, but it was a sunday and their warehouse was closed. so we paid a deposit of $108 that day. when my husband went back the next day to collect and to his dismay he discovered the display piece which we saw was no longer there.

so he confronted the saleman, cos vincent was out, asking him if that's the display set as it looked exactly what we saw due to some defects which we noted.

after couple of hours and my husband "loitered" around balestier road to wait for vincent to return to the shop. and he finally turned up and owned up that it was the display set because there was no stock.

so my husband refused to pay the balance and took the set back and had it installed. vincent promised to call us when the stock arrive and exchange.

It has been 3 weeks and have not hear from him. So never pay full upfront first.

We also got some nicer lightings from Lite Vault. Look for Patrick Ang. They sell chandeliers, which we bought 1 from him, and some lookalike designer lights.


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I bought some downlights from Dreams Lights in Balestier.Not sure if its cheap, hopefully i have not been a carrot.

All comes with Osram bulbs, Philps/ATCO ballast, Casing local made.All covered.

2X13W -Round - $18 each
1X13W -$15each
1x18W 3U - $31 each
1x13w - Sq -$20 each

The boss is pretty honest and knowledgeable on the lights. Lights are not delivered yet, cant comment much on the delivery.


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hi endaz, has ur lights been delivered? i was @ dreams lights yday n spoke to jeffrey (whom i presume is d boss). indeed i muz say he has offered much valuable advice.


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hi gals, i would like to share some nice experince with the lighting shop LIGHTS N LIGHTS @ BALESTIER.last week i went there to buy a chandelier light(known as candle lights) all the sales there are helpful and nice. cos i went there twice, at the very 1st time i just go "see see look look" but then i still prefer to go back there and take a closer look at all the lightings. the boss call eugene is a quite friendly person,he ask the salesperson bring me to see all the chandelier lights they have, and explain to me the origin of the crystal and the valuable advice. and they even give me a very good price for the candle light, bcos of that i bought the light.


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Dear all,

I had a very bad experience with Elite Illuminiations @ 1 Jalan Besar. Just here to warn everyone of you to beware of this lighting shop.


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However, I'd to share good comments on Light Zone at balestier. I'd share the good ones on Light Zone and bad ones on Elite Illumination after they deliver my pdts in a few days time k....


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On 22 apr, my fh & I by passed a lighting shop. We went in cos saw a promo for 11 lightings at $599, so we went in to see and ask for quotes to see agar agar what is the price range for lightings. This is the first shop we visited for lightings.
I chose those items that is ok to us but still in doubt cos we have not seen others yet, so hope to compare with other shop first before deciding.

A sales guy call collin serve us, he is a junior staff, he first quote was $1600 for 17 lightings which made me drop my jaws, after rejected him, he then drop to $1300, then to $1200, then we told them our budget is only $800, by right shd not have told them our actual budget.

Then he go ask his supervisor, called Wu. Wu further dropped the price to $900 (include $5 per installation). So all of you can see how much did they marked up!
Wu said that if we dun want installation can reduce price to $815 which is already around of budget. So we thought & thought & thought, and rejected a few times even though the quote was $900.

Then he ask what was our problem. We told him this was the first shop we went and we cant decide lights yet, want to see more designs before deciding, who knows we may see more of those we like. Especially the living & dining which we can’t make decision at all.

So he say ok, then he dun include these two lightings first but will give us an option to purchase at the same price he offered if we were to purchase from them later.
Eventually the price quote was 660 (include $75 installation), then we also say dun wan and rejected them again cos we not really comfortable.
Then he asked what other problems we have, we cant say much, we just say we want to go around compare, then he say no use comparing one, everywhere is the same, more compare more headache and pressured us saying that give collin a chance cos he very sincere liao, also spend so much time on us. That time already about 10+ le. But we still shake head, we were so stupid then, should have walked away. He said one thing i hated most. He saied, "like that you are playing us lah"...
I’m so shocked then… like so ah beng like that. We just want to see more designs only wat… got wrong meh?
He added, before we ask for delivery, we can come down and see if got new designs, so no worry, can exchange then also. So eventually after much pressure from them, stupidly me & bf paid a deposit of $200.

We also really thick skin la, still go around see other places. And after seeing more, we had better ideas of what we want which elite dun have.
So never mind... we thought since we had already placed $200 with elite, we should go back and see if they have what we wanted.

Before we went back, we called and asked for the detailed breakdown on the items in the invoice and confirm the the installation charges can be taken out and reduce the price accordingly.
Collin gave me the breakdown and say the installation cannot be taken out. I was rather agitated and ask him to go confirm with Wu. Collin said ok and will call me back in 15 min time. However after 15 min is 9 o'clock le, he did not call back, so i called him, nobody ans call, so i guess shop closed at 9 on public holidy then.
Next day, we waited for his call, he did not call back, we called the shop again, we was told collin on off, so we ask Wu. Wu also confirm can reduce, so we said ok lor.

We went back to choose design on 6 may, but there are no new design, all so lao tu, then we abit disappointed liao, but collin told us new stock will be coming in on 20 May, but we said abit too late for us liao cos our installation by contractor on 22 may but we still give them chance again and say ok, we'll come back on 20 may.

We went back on 20 may, they have new designs but mostly for dining one which we are not interested. We dun wan hanging lights but they have alot hanging lights, then eventually we told collin what we want.. But who knows in the end, we can only find downlights, kitchen lights, study room lights & mian qiang take the passage way light
So we ask collin to re-quote the items, cancelling the previous invoice and issue a new invoice based on the new quotes la.
Then he like very reluctant, say very difficult to do, very difficult to quote the new items
With no choice, he quoted the items, so damn ex lor... saying should not have package price liao, since we did not take their package in the first place

Big lights in first quote is $45, now i choose a smaller one, charge me at $75, damn pissed off.
I confronted him, but in a nice way la, eventually he gave me $30.
All in all, the 4 items (5 downlights, 1 studyroom, 2 kitchen & 1 passageway) he quoted $340. which i think quite reasonable, so we say agreed.

But he said he go ask Wu. Come back, again, giving that "difficult to do" face and say very difficult leh... cannot give package price liao, i quite angry by that time le.
So i say, ok lor... if difficult to do, then we just take 200 worth items and go lor

He then say must still fulfilled the 660, can only exchange, cannot reduce, i even angrier by the time, said we very sincere wanted to give them business by waiting for so long and come back again but just that they dun have what we want which we saw from other shops, cannot possibly force us to take things we dun like ma, so unfair.

Then all the ding ding dong dong... he come back say his managers in the shop cannot make decision, so have to escalate the matter up to his boss and give us answer by Monday, 22 May.

So we told collin if difficult for him, we can talk to his managers personally, but no managers wanted to talk to us. WU is in the shop at that time but dun want to talk to us.
Who knows yesterday, no one called us on Monday, so we called in noon, was told collin was off again and their boss not was at overseas.

We then we told them we cant wait anymore, must give us answer and ask them to contact boss la... call overseas lor, what so difficult.

Then we give them 3 choices... 1) to let us have the pdts at 340, 2) to let us have our pdts at 200, 3) we go down to their shop today, Wu haven finish listening what we are saying then interrupted and say "no need to say until like that one lor, u come down also nothing can collect one". Heis attitude is like we going down to his shop to ZHA CHANG. Wu is so beng lor, thought we wanna go down fight with him. We where got time to fight or quarrel, we just want to settle the matter amicably, we civilised pple leh...
Hate his attitude mann…
Then wu say he will call his boss, if can get, then can get, if cannot get his boss, then cannot get... What kind of attitude is that mann
Eventually a guy call himself manager TEO called us say they have all the lightings, just that they did not display only and he will serve us personally tonight. So we went down lor...

Who knows that TEO is also one of the manager in the shop on the days we were there... then how come he dun want to attend to this matter that time, waste our time. We already ask to speak to mgrs liao ma... yet no one attended to us

So he started off saying must still fulfilled the $660, we told them its unfair and after all the explanation from us, he then say ok, he compromise and ask us to fulfilled $585
What bullshit mann... its a fact that it is only 585 wat.. What compromising is he giving???

He just he will cancelled the invoice and re-quote cos collin had quoted below cost. We are reasonable people, so we say ok, by all means, requite which is what we intended in the first place, but must also be price must also be competitive lor.
He recommend those ex ex lights, i think he just want to make it to 585, then i say, we got budget to meet, i'll tell him what we want, and see if he can find...
After all, he still cant find the lightings we want.
Then we say, u see.... its not that we dun want to buy, its u all dun have the lightings, how can force pple wan.. give us the option to take 200 worth of pdts or give us the 340 la

You know what he say?
He says he wanted to help us get what we want and had ask 4 or 5 suppliers, but they dun have...
still cant get, we also dun want to compromise, dun take the lights he recommended, then he say, he also no choice, say we breach of contract.
We told him goods not delivered not considered a sales lor... who say breach of contract, also we are hoping to get lights from them in the first place. Moreover we already reiterate to them that this is the first lighting shop, we knew nothing until we went out and see more….

He then asked us to go CASE and claim the $200 back from them
We asked to see the boss, he say boss dun meet customers... boss only meet customers in court.
I very fedup and said we very sincere liao, yet then treated us like that.. I wanted to go off...
But fh dun wan to waste our hard earned $200, so eventually, we compromise & took 1 living, 1 dining, 1 passageway, 2 kitchen, 1 study at $485
He wanted to quote us $150 for living & dining.
We say its really unfair to us, the first invoice they quote 130 for 5 heads, now we take 3 heads one, chg us 150?? Unreasonable right? He then said the previous invoice was below cost one, it’s a lose business. But but but… what has this got to do with us? The price was quoted by WU!!! Not us.

Then he reduce to $120, then to $110 each but outside we can purchase at $95.
He then added on say we no need to decide now, but he will not reduce the price further, we can go case if we want, they will win in such case one.

As consumers, we dun have a choice, and dun want to waste more time on these babarians.... so we settle with $485, the rest, we buy from other shops.

We ask for early delivery, then TEO said he also want to get rid of this matter asap. You think we dun wan to get rid of you asap too? Dun ya ya hor….

Today noon was the delivery, was told the delivery is 12.30pm to 1.30pm. I waited until 1.30pm. The delivery guy not here yet, I’ve to rush back to work, ask my fh to wait. He then called elite, elite ask him to contact the delivery person directly. What service is this mann????

I take this as a lesson learnt not to placed deposit due to pressure and walk of immediately if you dun feel comfortable. For newbie in renovation out there, be careful of this bad service shop!


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Hello all,
just bought all my lights from Lite House. Our very first shop was actually L*ght Arc*d* which everyone said was good.
Erm, well, because there is staff in the shop, it means that they have to earn commission.
They didn't explain about lights stuff to me in detail, and the prices of exact models of lights were higher than Lite House's.

Lite House: The boss, Albert patiently explained stuff thoroughly to us blur sotongs, and because he's moving shop, there's a REMOVAL SALE going on.

Since there's no sales person, there's no requirement to super mark up prices to earn commision, and he can give you discounts without consulting anyone else.

You might want to consider dropping by to see if there's a design that you are like going cheap.


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Hi all,

Just to check with you guys... anyone using fluorescent tubes? If so, what type of ballast are you using?

How about those normal high-grade 22W (fluorescent) ceiling lights? Can they be used with Atco ballast?

And have you guys heard of Vitalite ballast from Taiwan?



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any 1 noe if there is any good lights shop in gelyang?
how much do we need to pay for them to install the lights for us also?thanks a zillion


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Just to share my experience with Lite Hous.

Last week my FW went to change the tube. Albert didn't even bother to check the invoice and straight away give her the new tube....


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We have gone to LiteHouse this afternoon. Albert is the OIC at the shop. My Mum and FW and I are "nuts" "know nothing at all" about lights. We gone thru 2 hours with Albert explaining to us in details and he told us the pros and cons of different covers/casings/bulbs. He is a easy going person; offer practical choices. BTW, the removal sale will end sometime on this 30 June.


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Hi all,

Me just wan to recommend a good lights shop tat has very good service. But me wan to clarify that i m not related to the shop in any way.. and we jus bought $700 worth of lights from lights arcad*..

Lights arcad* in balestier road is a shop that i would like to recommend..

Me n hubby just bought a flat in bukit panjang/senja and we need the lights so we went to the various shops that ppl have recommeneded on the forum. So we went balestier and jalan besar to shop shop..

We went to alot of lights shop and none of them has a sincere or excellent cust svc.. and there all so many lights to choose from and yet we couldnt find a series of lights for the house.. (same series for living room n bedrooms) until we went to lights arcad*.

Initially we went in, we saw nothing special too but when uncle started to recommend this n that.. and he showed us all the fanciful things we can do to the light bulbs.. we can actually control each light bulb separately.. after seeing the effects, we were thinking actually the lights quite nice..

and Uncle was very patient and sincere in explaining to us all the diff lightings.. and how to have diff lightings for diff ambience..

So we bought lights for the whole house from them as uncle was reali good n friendly and he def didnt pressure us to buy anything.. even when we told him that we are going to walk ard somemore to see see.. he still very nice to us..
but in the end we still went back to him la..

talking about delivery service.. the man was promot in his delivery service. and all the items i want were devlivered.. there was nothing extra or missing.. even when i have 2 diff color light bulbs in one light.. all the orders were correct.. amazing..

i def enjoy doing business with them and i would like to recommend this shop to everyone.. ooo.. we oso bargained with the uncle.. and he did cut the price for us.. heehee..

my fren oso went there and they oso have no problem with service.. she bought lights for her light box n alot of downlights and the delivery came correctly as well!!


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hi all, just wanna warn everyone to beware of Palace of L****s at balestier! The staffs ther will be super friendly n show tat they r v willing to help. Even say they come to ur house to recommend. But bullshit, did not turn up! My HB n I actually paid the deposit so no choice. Pricing seems reasonable but they delivered wrong lights, reach late and gave all sorts of excuse. Worse, the person cannot even be contacted. Upon installation, one of the lights did not work, another blew the v next day n cause a blackout! Super furious! Really not worth it! Dun waste ur time on this f***ing place. The person we liase with is call S*even Ye*. Be careful!

Lights Arcade is ok, bought our switches ther, no prob! They kept their promise and did gd delivery.