LG washing machines


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hi all,

i am contemplating between a electrolux washing machine EW880F, 6.5kg and a simple LG/Samsung brand one which gives me a higher load of 7.5kg yet cheaper price by easily > $400.

any comments? should i buy a branded machine or a not so branded machine will suffice?


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I use LG front load for 1yr, no problems yet... and its good and cheap


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Hi all,
not sure if this thread is alive? But was introduced by the sales personnel at HN the Model : WD-10160TP, Intellowasher Capacity 6.5kg White colour, ... Seems like it's pretty cheap for a washer and dryer... Costing around 1.5k....

Not sure if it's worth the buy? Anyone can advise on the noise level? If the clothes wash was clean? What kind of washing powder should we use only? Was it electric saving?


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Hi all,
not sure if this thread is alive? But was introduced by the sales personnel at HN the Model : WD-10160TP, Intellowasher Capacity 6.5kg White colour, ... Seems like it's pretty cheap for a washer and dryer... Costing around 1.5k....

Not sure if it's worth the buy? Anyone can advise on the noise level? If the clothes wash was clean? What kind of washing powder should we use only? Was it electric saving?


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ah BLUR,

Hi there, as i know about LG front loading, they takes very long time to wash one cycle...2 hours for cotton cycle...i had compare BOSCH and LG by asking them to on and show me...indeed bosch comes with faster washing time which is only 1 hour nia...so LG dun consider energy savings and wd10160 MIC ler...definetely LG still wash clean but takes longer time nia ma...noisel level sure a bit lor..and if u knock on the inside drum, the materials are quite thin compare electrolux and bosch...but indeed LG is cheaper for the package deal...coz BOsch at least need 2k for condenser dryer n washer


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i will consider lar.. cos now also early mar... now looking around.. collecting informations bout washing machines and dryer.. hee..


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looking at LG WFT75A35ED. Anyone bought it? Saw it at $599 n it seems quite pricey for a korean washer but hope to get some feedback on whether its worth the $$..


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Emmm... for LG front loading washing machines wat i know the POWER CONSUMPTION and WATER CONSUMPTION very high... Although u r buying a cheap washer but in the end u r paying more $$$ to the PUB! It's better to look for European brands liked Bosch, Electrolux etc...


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Hi linditt

i also interested in this LG washer WD-14361TD. I dun think the power n water consumption is high coz it has AAA status. How's the washer since you bought it for a few months? Any problem?


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i have shortlisted LG and hitachi top load WM...any advice on which to get?? cos not much comments on hitachi so far


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We have got 01 LG Washing Machine for sales at attractive price.

- LG washing machine model WFT65A31EC (*)
- Purchasing date: 29 Mar 2007, with 01 year warranty
- Look new, very good working condition
- Offer at price: 175 SGD without delivery ( 200 SGD with delivery)

If you are interested in, please contact with me at: Tran, 9199 5931.

Much thanks to all.


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Hi lindit, do you mind posting the performance of your LG direct drive washer? WD-14361 is one of my shortlisted washer.

I have read very bad reviews on LG washer from below web site. Most complaints is about noise and mold growing inside the machine (caused by excessive detergent??)




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Hi Jchee... LG washer oni got HOT Wash no Cold Wash that means yr Power comsumption will be higher, somemore the Model u looking for using high consumption of water which is 112litres compare to European brand liked Electrolux they using oni 49litres of water. LG stated they got 10yrs warranty on motor but it's BULLSHIT! They r cheating the consumer. Coz it only applies for one time changing of the motor. If yr motor spoilt the 2nd time which unable to repair they won't change for u anymore. Btw European country they don't believe in Washer Dryer 2 in 1 coz washer or dryer one of them spoilt all spoilt. Lastly Washer dryer not 100% dry, u still need to hang! In that case why i buy washer dryer??? Wasting our time and $$$. This is comman sense which i ever encounted staff form electrical store that if washer spoilt dryer still can use. They think we consumers r stupid. Frankly speaking this model alot of problem... Can't say too much... haiii....


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yeap, using an LG washer too, must say that im satisfied with it. good value for money. Audio House is advertising LG Washers from $149 only for their moving out sale, but its display set. but display set for a washer should be alright la.


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I've an LG washer and it just died on me after exactly 5 years. It vibrates like mad and there's even sparks in the washer.


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oh my. sparks in the washer is dangerous!
just as well to get a new one.

is audio house still have a sale? i heard that theres a trade in promo going on.. old washers are worth $70.

will they come my house and collect i wonder? $70 off is good, rather than just throwing away.


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Actually the LG Direct Drive Washer seems not bad. Any comments on this? The price for the 8kg is about 1K plus at HN. Find it ex. Among brands like Bosch, Brandt and LG Direct Drive (Super quiet leh), which one would you choose? Any comments?


Well i would say that LG is alright, in its normal sense but i wouldnt try to bet on the quality of wash as well as reliability.

Its just not proven yet. Anywhow i must say that for 8kg 1k is not ex. in fact in continental terms it would be dirt cheap. with bosch brandt or electrolux you would be probably looking at 1.3k and above.

Do take note of the actual load of washing yeah cos the drum sizes are different for different manufacturer and they can differ quite a bit. So an 8kg LG may be the equivalent of say a 6.5kg continental brand like bosch or electrolux.

Its a tough choice. in the end i would go for the washing needs e.g the washing cycle that each offers yeah.

just my two cents worth.


may not be necessarily true. And must look at features as well drum size. Brandt ones are a tad smaller than bosch for the same rating too.

take note okie. Good luck. Maybe what are your requirements as in wash cycle as well as budget. other forumers may be able to help in terms of the pricing they were quoted and where ..


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Hi Ridz,

Been reading your past advices in some old threads and I'm hoping if you could share with me some advice on some electrolux washing machine

We're a young couple, working adults so i suppose what we need is something simple, nothing too fancy.

I'm actually quite keen in electrolux's Eco Range, but drawing a blank as to which is more 'suited' for our needs.

Understand from your old posts that continental w/m like electrolux tends to take a longer time for the wash (but better energy and water saving), which we're pretty open to... plus theres e delay start wash function which most of their models come with.. prob preset before we head off to work

Something that's durable, spare parts easy to come by should anything happen, energy/water saving ...

Like the EWN14991W Icon, EWF1082 Time Manager, EWF1074 Time Manager, and the EWF1073 Time Manager

14991 - big drum opening n inclined drum axis (don't really need that, it's not that big a factor is it? Otherwise i'll just be paying extra for something that's just...fancy, unless it costs the same hehe)

1074 - Magic ball (basically to retain the detergent... is it a big plus over the other models that doesn't have this?)

Leaves me with just 1082 and 1073 - except 1 is 8kg, and the other 7kg... which both seems a little too much for 3 adults? or not?

We're still exploring the other brands n models around, but would love to tap on your experience so far to shortlist the other models/brands that will suit us better... ^^

Oh, and there's this part which I still cant seem to figure it out what it means... 90Deg cold? Hygiene with Hot wash?... while other brands reflect as 30 60 90...

Appreciate it Ridz! If you have some other models / brands which comes to mind would be grateful if you would share with us


hi iceberg,

my my, you have a long long post. But its okie. Its anxiety, don't worry yeah.

It would help if you could provide the following answers yeah?

1) What is your budget. This is important as it will set off a lot straight yeah. A rough one as in the max that you would throw in.

2) What wash features do you really require?
This will help to shortlist some of the machines out.

E.g. cotton and synthetic are common but specialties like shirts, minimum iron, denims, silk, wool, etc.

State as many as you would foresee that you need.

3) Comfort features
Is time delay a must? or just an option.
Angled drum - this would be good to have but not necessary, Its just more ergonomics yeah.

4) are you intending to pair it with a dryer? This can affect the spin speed that you might want to have?

5) What would be the single biggest item that you foresee to wash, e,g, quilt? size? curtain? this could help you narrow down the need for 8kg or 7kg or even a 6kg? prices for 1kg more costs a fair but as you would have known.

6) With regards to Oh, and there's this part which I still cant seem to figure it out what it means... 90Deg cold? Hygiene with Hot wash?... while other brands reflect as 30 60 90...

Some of the washers are not configured with full electronics so they are limited to the number of notches on the knob, hence they limit the number of notches to correspond with temperature and feature.

Fully electronically control you can select say
Cotton and also temperature of say cold, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 90.

Because its fully electronic, But if there were to do that for synthetic and all the wash feature like silk and all. That would mean that they would need to have a lot of notches on just one button. Hence to compensate this,. they try to give you as many CRUCIAL function

Like they say cotton 30, 60, 90. It means that under the cotton feature you can select 3 temperature options. thats it. Where as under the full electronically controlled one, you can select the range of temperate from cold to 90.
Although sometimes the catalogues do not really tell the full picture. MAynbe when we shortlist the machines, i will let you know what options and temperatures selections you can make yeah?

This is one of the biggest advantage of fully electronically controlled machines, Full range of wash features and you can select a range of temperature. Drawback. If electronic chipboard dies, it will cost you. but usually not so.

A piece of advice if you are keen that is.

I would go for Miele. Having used several machines, Miele is by far the best. They are the rolls royce of washing machine if you might call it.

Their product are tested for endurance use to last for 20 years. The machines are tested using full load with detergent and all. Cotton 60 degrees cycle test of 5000 wash cycles non- stop.e.g when the first cycle ends, they fill detergent and start the cotton 60 full load again and again until they have met 5000 times. And it should not break down, before their washers are sent to the production line for mass production.
Spare parts wise although can only get miele to do the repairs,Miele have a policy of assuring availability of spare parts and service for all Miele appliance products for a period
of not less than ten (10) years after production of the applicable product has ceased. Which means that even if you have machine that is 9 years old you are assured that they have the spare parts for it. Unlike other manufacturer where the general product spare availability falls short by even half say 4-5 years then no more parts.
Miele parts are fully made by miele themselves and fully made and assembled in germany no less.
Their products are up to mark and years in advance in terms of technology, consumption and durability as compared to other but it sure does come with a little hefty price tag.

Cos nowadays electrolux are made in thailand, bosch only high end model in germany but not fully, thomson top loads and brandt toploads are from france, so yeah. give it a thought yeah.


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Hi Ridz,

Tks for the reply.

(1) Hoping to keep it within 1k

(2) Not out of the ordinary, wool cotton denims, not a whole lot of silk, working shirts pants skirts, sports attires. Pretty fuss free actually

(3) Not too particular about the comfort features, focusing more on the basics but delay feature and electronic controls are much preferred, added bonus are the steam settings and auto-temp controls (wants, not needs)

(4) Not looking to have a dryer; hang dry

(5) Biggest item; King size bedsheet / quilt. Curtains likely, though don't have the full measurement as we're still working on it with our reno ID.

Much appreciated!~


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I got problem with my LG WM.. it's puking out black black stuff from in between the two drums I believe. I did some research and apparently it's a design problem with the older models when softeners are used. Kind of get stuck in the machine and then over time will solidify. Did Tub clean 3x with one overnight soaking. Situation way better now.. although there are still some black things coming out. Are the new models ok?? Will it cause the same problem?? I think mine is about 5 years old. Top load type. can't remember model number already.


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Need urgent advice! I am looking for washing machine tat basically for washing my queen size comforter & protector. Recommended by the stores to get Bosch WAS 28441ME or Brandt WFK1248A. At present, I hand wash my clothings so wonder if it is a waste to get a 8kg washer for just comforter & protector.


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Our Panasonic Aquabeat washer (made in Thailand) fully died on me, just after only 2 years of use.

In early December 2009, my spouse and I went to shop for washing machines, since Christmas sale was already on. We browsed through and queried Best Denki, Courts and Harvey Norman stores.

Only Harvey Norman happened to offer trade-in promo price for certain LG washer models at the moment. But only for 3 specific models. There were not many to choose from.

So we bought an LG F-1422-TD 8KG "direct-drive" front-loading washing machine, after much thought and consideration. It was made in Korea.

At first, we had wanted to buy a Bosch or Electrolux. But the salesman was kind enough to tell us that most such European brands of washers were now made in Thailand, instead.

And he said that if we still preferred to buy a European brand, it would be much wiser to select its VERY high-end model. Because only then, would that particular model likely be NOT made in or assembled in Thailand.

In fact, Miele (fully made in Germany) is the best brand of all. However, the issue is: In UK, Miele is offered at least 7 years warranty, whereas in Singapore a Miele washer was only offered a miserable 1 year warranty.

But then, Miele is built to last for at least 20 years. I have also read of someone's review on the internet that his Miele washer has lasted him for 40 years! And it was still in great working condition!!

My, ...talk about quality. Each Miele washer undergoes numerous strict quality control test runs in their Germany factory. Miele was also a family-run business. Singapore is the Asian HQ for Miele... http://www.miele.sg/

However, I reckon that if a Miele were to display some minor parts problems (well, you never know) after the Singapore 1-year warranty period is over, then the repair and service cost may be rather high. Say, starting from a few hundred dollars and above? For this is a prestige brand, after all.

Anyway, we bought our LG machine at $999, after agreeing to trade-in with our spoilt Panasonic washer. Otherwise, the usual price is at least $1200~1300++, WITHOUT the trade-in. Your trade-in washer can be of any brand, of any model and of any condition.

The delivery men will send the new LG washer to your house, and carry away your trade-in washer for you. Good for us, since my spouse and I were worried about carrying our heavy spoilt washer to dispose it ourselves. $999, WITH trade-in.

Perhaps, the trade-in is for their recycling or environment-friendly disposal purposes. I am not too sure.

I don't know how long this promotion will last, but you can go down to any Harvey Norman store to check out yourself. They "claimed" that the washing machine 'motor' was "10 years warranty", while the washing machine itself was 2 years warranty. I do not know how true it is.

Hopefully, this new washer will last longer than my old one this time.


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Hi Ridz (ridhwan82)

How much wash-load capacity is your Miele?

How much did yours cost?



mine i tink its 5kg. model quite some time ago. about 3k?

now they have those models bundled with dryer about 4k for both.