Letting go The Aisle Bridal Wedding Deluxe Package at a Good Price, open for 5 years!


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Hi babes,

Due to a change of plans, I have to let go of my bridal package by The Aisle Bridal. They have really good photographers (mainly what attracted me to them) and beautiful gowns too!

Wedding Showcase Deluxe Package:

Pre-wedding photography
1 x Wedding gown (Designer Rack)
1 x Evening gown
1 x Outdoor gown
1 x Cocktail dress
2 x Groom's full sets
1 x 12x15" Album
Album design open choice
33 x Poses
1 x Portrait 20"x24" or 12"x30" 3 in 1 Design (with frame)
1 x 8"x10" or 6"x15" 3 in 1 Design Table Top
CD Rom Softcopies (selected poses)

1 x indoor
3 x outdoor locations
1 x Trial make up session
1 x Studio make up session

Actual Day
10 hour photography service
Softcopy all given in DVD
1 x Wedding gown (Designer rack)
1 x Evening gown (Designer rack)
1 x Tea dress or Kua or Cheongsam
Actual day make up and hair do - Day and Dinner
Accessories and Hair Veil provided
2 x Groom's suit
1 x Bridesmaid dress
1 x Groomsman suit
1 x Bouquet
6 x Corsages
Car decor for up to 4 cars

Price S$3,588
Paid $2,000
Letting go at $1,900
Balance pay to bridal shop
Packaged signed on 04 Jan 2014, open for 5 years

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested! :)