Letting go taiwan package + 4d3n tour. valid till 2019


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Hi BTBs!

Letting go a Taiwan package with Asia Star.
Did tons of haggling and was upgraded to the best package (package valued at $4380) at $2988, which includes VIP gowns/suits, and 4d3n tour/accomodation/food.

We paid a down payment of $1,500, willing to let go at $1,200 (negotiable). The balance of $1,488 to be paid in Taiwan. Package valid till 2019.

The package includes the following:

24" UV waterproof album + limited addition swarovski hardcover
36 photos + soft copies
Outdoor/Indoor shooting for one day
24" photo frame (Bedroom photo)
400pcs thank you cards
Scroll with your photo x1 (For actual wedding -guest signing)
5 gowns and 5 suits
Makeup artist which follows you the whole day
Mini album with your photos : Choose from 5" or 7" (20 photos to be printed)
Displays for home or actual day: out of 5 choose 2. (e.g. ferriswheel,music box,etc)

4d3n - free accomodation at a Mingshu, food and tours included as well. The photoshoot would take 2days. 1st day to select gown and suits, and alteration to your measurements. 2nd day photo shoot. 3rd and 4th day tour.
Includes night shooting with sparklers

Includes 1 whole day transport for the photoshoot
Additional photos cost SGD$30 instead of SGD$60 each

If you're interested to take over, do drop me an email at [email protected]

Their official website: http://www.mystar.com.tw/
Facebook: 台灣 亞太之星國際婚紗 台中婚紗