Letting go of PWS and cocktail dresses


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Letting go of the following PWS and cocktail dresses.

1. Red Zuza cocktail dress - $100
XS. Bought for $180 from Tangs, only worn once. Dress has 3D flowers and is very flattering. I received many compliments on the day.

2. Pastel Pink The Closet Lover Dress - $25
S. Only worn once, suitable for PWS or bridesmaid dress. Comes with beautiful lace detail

3. Powder blue Zara Trafaluc Maxi Dress - $50
XS. Brand new and never worn before. Perfect for PWS shoots as the colour is very romantic. Comes with beautiful lace detail at the back.

4. White dress - $10
S. Suitable for PWS, not for fussy buyers

Take all for $150