Letting Go: Mandarin Orchard Lunch Package (now till End Dec 2014)


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Hi all,

This is a re-post for sale of a Mandarin Orchard Wedding Lunch Package at the Imperial Ballroom.

Details of Package

Date: Originally on 9 March 2014, but have managed to negotiate with coordinator, it is now an open date till End Dec 2014. However, dates are still subject to availability. If you are genuinely keen, please email me and I will help you to check with the coordinator.

Venue: Mandarin Orchard Imperial Ballroom Level 35 (This ballroom holds Min. 15 - Max. 22 tables, ideal for a lunch setting)

It is $898++ per table, and the normal perks are included. However, as this package was purchased during their in-house Wedding Show, there are many OTHER perks including cash rebates, a complimentary EXTRA 30 Litre Barrel of Beer, complimentary printing of inserts for wedding cards, etc) It's really a good deal!

Initial Deposit - $5K already paid to hotel.

Do PM me or email me at [email protected] for more information! Thank you.