Letting go Malena Haute Couture Actual Day Package

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    FYI The package consist of:

    AD wedding:
    - 1 standard wedding gown (if you wish to take the gown out for pre-wed photoshoot, additional $200 cost will be incurred for dry cleaning without alteration)
    - 1 Evening Gown
    - 1 Kua/tea dress
    - 1 trial make up session
    - 1 actual day make up with 2 hairstyles (if there is a dinner banquet, the make up artist will provide light touch up.)
    - complimentary use of standard veils, head pieces and black bow ties
    - 1 fresh flower bridal standard hand bouquet
    - 6 corsages (2 roses ×4 orchids)
    - silkflower bridal car decoration
    -Follow car ribbons × 4 pairs.
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    Hi, can pm me the price?
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    Hi, I pmed alrd. Thanks! :)
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    Please pm too thank you :)
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    Hi there,

    I have pmed you alrd. Thanks!
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    Hi all,

    Just to inform you guys that the Malena Haute bridal couture is having a trunk show this weekend! Whereby they let you try their dresses.

    If you are interested, do drop me a text at telegram @ellyrach or email erljiamjn@gmail.com whereby i can send you the link to RSVP. As I can't paste the link here. Thanks!
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    Hi! Can PM me the price ?
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    Hi there!

    I have replied!
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    Hi all,

    My fiance and I have decided to let it go at a cheaper rate of $2300. The package is available till 2021 :)

    Please do drop a note you are interested. Thank you!

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