Letting Go Malena Bridal AD Package


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Sadly, due to my fiancé's grandmother passed on 2weeks ago, we decided have our wedding later on as both side of our parents prefer to follow the tradition pantang. Hence we are hoping if any bride's able to take over our Actual Day package.

Malena Bridal Haute Couture Actual Day Package
⭐ Worth $5688, Letting go at $3888
⭐ We will be paying the transfer fee

We went to the Bridal Studio, coordinator Janice is very nice, friendly and helpful

There is wide range of wedding gown and evening gown suits perfectly for petite bride

There is new collections of gown coming in December

➡ Any date in 2020

✅ Wedding gown x 1 off the rack
✅ Evening gown x 1
✅ Groom's suit x 2 (Can change 1 to men's Kua)
✅ Car decoration x 1 set
✅ Hand bouquet x 1 set
✔ 10hours Actual Day Photographer (Return all soft copies)
✔ Actual Day Morning + Afternoon or Evening Makeup and Hairdo

✨ Kua or Cheongsam x 1
✨ Father Jacket x 2
✨ ROM short gown x 1
✨ Corsage x 6
✨ Trial Makeup x 1