Letting go La Belle package


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Letting go Labelle package.

What you'd get
1) 1 Gown (all range)
2) 30 stars
3) FREE 1 hour Wedding Anniversary / Pregnancy portrait shoot (worth $288)
4) Choose 1 FREE gift from the following :
A. Bethrotal/Dowry gift set from Le Knot (worth $230)
B. Bespoke Bridal Wedding Shoes from Sinderella (worth $260)
C. Premium hand bouquet from Bloem Singapore bespoke florist (worth $200)
5) FREE Pre-wedding short dress
6) FREE Men's Blazer
7) FREE LaBelle Wedding Planning Book (Usual: $27)

Redemption of stars:
You'll have 30 stars so you may redeem them for more gowns, makeup, flower bouquets etc.
-Prewedding Gown (6 stars)
-Actual Day gowns (16 stars)
- Kua or Tea dress (3 stars)
- Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling (min. 6 stars)
- 1 Fresh flower bridal bouquet and 6 flower corsages (3 stars)
- Bridal car deco and ribbons for accompanying cars (2 stars)

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