Letting go awesome package with Regent Hotel


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The wedding dinner will be at The Regent Hotel on Cuscaden Road.

It's booked for 40 tables (non neg0tiable) on the night of 22 Feb 2014. DATES ARE NEGOTIABLE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. WEEKEND 2013 OR 2014.
Food is prepared by the award winning Summer Palace Restaurant.
The price is $1238++ per table cos of some special promo.

Package comes with free wedding invites for 75% of guests and free parking for 30% of guests.
Two nights stay for the couple in a suite with buffet breakfast at Basilico. This suite is the highest end of the bridal suite.
Additional helpers room for one night.
Unlimited beer from 7pm to 11pm.

No wine provided but ALL corkage is free.

One of the below FREE for reception:
Peking Duck Station (10 ducks)
Dessert Bar from Dolcetto
Martini Bar (martini poured thru ice sculpture)
Please email me at [email protected] to find out more. We are happy to give up our deposit so you can have a much cheaper wedding. I just do not wish to incur further damages.