Letting go: AD and Pre-wedding Bridal Package

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    Hi all BTB,

    I am letting go of my package for 2018 due to some changes on our plan.

    The package includes the following:

    Actual Day
    1 x Wedding Gown (New Arrival & Off the rack)
    1 x Evenin Gown (New Arrival & Off the rack)
    1 x Kua or Tea dress (New Arrival & Off the rack)
    1 x groom suit (exclude pants)
    1 x father's suit
    1 x mother's evening dress (Off the rack selection)
    2 x make up & hairdo (Morning & Evening)
    all accessories is included
    6 x corsages for bridesmaids
    1 x handheld fresh bouquet
    2 x flower design for car decoration

    Pre Wedding
    (Indoor & Outdoor Shoot)
    3 x gown selection (New Arrivals & Off the rack)
    2 x groom suit (New Arrivals & Off the rack)
    1 x Casual clothing (Personal)
    Outdoor location up to max 4 locations to choose
    1 x make up & hairdo trial (flexible can apply to mom make up)
    1 x large portait album display for wedding reception
    1 x table top wedding album display
    1 x set couple teddy bear
    1 x customized wedding signature book for guest
    Up to 36 poses (All Raw & Edited return)

    BEST DEAL!!!!

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    Hi dear, possible to share details of the price and studio please! Thank you! Aswdawn@gmail.com
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    hi dear, i have emailed you :)
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    Hi Dear, Emailed you :)
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    Hi Dear i have emailed you :)
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    hi ... pls pm details

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