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hi all,

this thread seem to be quite quiet. anyway, just wanna share..i used to be a passion member but then i stopped going for a yr as I was studying.

today, i just went back for a facial at plaza singapura. i bought a 3+3+3 mini package. basically, it is made up of 3 ultrasensitive facials, 3neck treatment and 3 eye treatments for $450. very worth it cause the 3 neck and eye treatments are worth 350+..

there seem to be quite a no. of new treatments and new technology..i love Leonard Drakes facials and it feels good to be back! ;)


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hi jasmine, may i know how much did u pay for your package? my face is very sensitive and have ezcema so im very careful with facial salons. is leonard drake really good?

can i have someone's membership for 50% trial? and any good facial therapist at tampines to recommend??



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You can try this salon.

They having promotion now.
Buy 1 free 1 facial.
Their contact no 6782 0846.Kalo beauty
Blk 503 tampines central 1

Their service & facial very good.
Can see instant result.


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Hi Starjoy,

For myself, i have very sensitive skin too. Would have instant breakouts if used the wrong products and skin would be very red if wrong extraction technique or force is used. Since the 4 years with LD at compasspoint, my skin have been very stable and of cuz with dermalogica products, i seldom have breakouts.

So i would strongly recommend LD.

Do pm me if you need the membership no.


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hey girls, i'm tinking of Leonard Drake too coz my friend recommended it!

i havent gone for a facial in my life...hahha..yes it's true, so im currently trying to start a regime for my big day in Oct.

is the 3+3+3 package really good? was tinking of that or just gg for the normal facials.

diamond42, would u be able to pm me ur membership no.? thanks!


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Hi everybody, i'm new here. Have read thru all your posts and pretty interested in trying out LD @Causeway Point. Hence would appreciate greatly if you could pm me your membership details. Hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi all,

I have received a stack of love cheques from Leonard Drake Skin Care Health Spa.

Like to give them away. Have a total of 5 pieces.

The love cheque consists of a complimentary "sweet treat" from Leonard Drake.
Choice of either:
a. Neck Toning treatment and Scalp Massage (Worth SGD 75)
b. Special Eye Care treatment and Scalp Massage (Worth SGD 85)

Terms and Conditions:
* Only new customers (Age: 21 and above) to Leonard Drake are authorised to use this cheque.
* NRIC must be presented for verification purpose.
* Original Cheque must be presented to enjoy the "Sweet Treat". Cheque is strictly non-exchangeable, refundable or convertible to cash.
* Prior booking of appointment is a must. You must quote "sweet treat"when making appointment.
* Cheque issued is valid for 3 months from date of issue, cheque will bounce after 30 november 2009.
* This cheque is valid at all Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa Centres in Singapore.

Anyone interested, pls email me with your full name and address so that i can write yr full name on the cheque and mail to you.

[email protected]


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Hi all,

For those who need my membership number, it is 96-19204LL.

Do take note that certain branches of Leonard Drake required you to put down the member's name and mobile number too.


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Hi I have up to $390 worth of leonard drake vouchers that allows redemption of dermatological and other products. I'm willing to let go between 10-15% discount (depending on how much you buy). Vouchers expire on end Jan 2010. Please reply if interested. Thank you.


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Hi All,

I am looking for a good place for facial and not pushy.. and saw that leonard drake was good.

May i know what is the fee for per session facial? and any first trial fee or complimentary if member refer?


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hi, would any kind lady mind sharing her full name & contact number for the membership referral discount? pls pm me, thank you so much!


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I just went for a trial facial at Aster Springs @ Clementi Mall today. Oh btw, LD is being rebranded as Aster Springs now. Ended up getting the Passion membership as I find the facials very relaxing and there is a glow to my usual problematic, sensitive and acne-prone skin. For 1st timers, get a 50% off 1st trial as opening special! If you sign up for a package, $250 will be deducted from that facial instead..I ended up paying only $70 for a chromawhite facial! Not sure when this promo ends but they only opened shop ydae. Look for Celeste and Natalie..they're super nice!


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Oh, in case anyone is interested in a 1st time trial at LD at other locations, do PM me and I'll be happy to provide you with my membership details. 50% off!


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Hi! I'm thinking of going for the trial before finally deciding between LD and Kalo Beauty (in terms of financial worthiness and effectiveness).

Would appreciate if someone could email me the details i would require to qualify for the trial discount at [email protected].

Hoping to be able to arrange sth for this weekend to save my face!



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I've been a regular customer of Leonard Drake for many years in Msia and Singapore. I visited LD in Singapore every fortnightly for maintenance when I was working there for 2 years.
I came back to KL since last year April. I was pregnant at that time, and due to my pregnancy, my face broken out terribly....So, I go to get facial treatment from Aster Spring in MidValley branch. After my 1st treatment, I met the branch manager there. She wanted to hard sell me a course of treatment package, but I didnt sign up, her face immediately turned black.
2 weeks after, I went back to get facial treatment at the same salon. The manager handled my facial. During the facial, she promoted the course to me again and quite pushy to get me sign up. But I told her I'm not interested and right after that, she said something very sarcastic on me. I'm a bit piss off at that instant. Then when it's time to do extraction, it was a painful session!!! I've been regular for facial so I know she has did a bad n painful extraction on me. I asked her to stop, again she said something sarcastically! Whay a b**ch! Can u all imagine I was PREGNANT n she did a really harsh extraction on me?! She really made me feel that she did that purposely!
I used to like LD but not AsterSpring! Not going to visit them again especially MidValley branch.