Legal Wedding in Bali


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Hi guys, my fiancé and I are both Singaporean and we want to have a legal marriage in Bali.

From what I have gathered so far, we know that we have to be of the same religion and get a celebrant to conduct the official ceremony (Protestant). I have also gotten in contact with the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta but have only gotten as far as how to obtain the CNI which is required to be submitted to the Catatan Sipil (civil registry).

I was able to get some information on what other documents/information the Catatan Sipil will require us to submit from googled posts but none of them were able to confirm the procedure I need to follow. Google does not have much information on this in general! I have also tried contacting the Catatan Sipil but haven't received any response for quite a long time.

Unfortunately, our wedding planner does not know the procedure either when we checked with him and even told us that even if we obtain the CNI, it's not guaranteed that the wedding will be recognized by Indonesia's civil registry office. Additionally, I have read several blog posts saying it's harder for Singaporeans to have a legal marriage in Bali (which I'm not sure why) without any details so I'm now left with mixed responses and am unsure of whether it is even possible!

Was wondering if anyone has done this before and is able to share with us your experience?



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Hello! I don't have experience with a legal wedding in Bali, but perhaps you would like to consider doing the ROM in Singapore first (no need anything fancy, can be just you and your fiance along with 2 witnesses) and then having just the celebration in Bali? That way, you can celebrate with all of your loved ones in Bali without worrying about the legalities of the Bali ceremony.


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Navigating the legal requirements for a wedding in a foreign country like Bali can be complex, and the process may vary for different nationalities and regions. It's crucial to work closely with local authorities and follow their guidelines precisely. If your wedding planner and the Singapore Embassy haven't been able to provide clear instructions, you might want to consider seeking legal advice from a local attorney in Bali who specializes in marriage regulations. They can provide you with accurate information and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your marriage is legally recognized. Remember that legal procedures can change, so make sure you're using the most up-to-date information available.