Lee Petra Grebenau Ariel dress for sale

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    SGD7000 negotiable

    I have here a Lee Petra Grebenau "Ariel" dress that I wore for my wedding on the 8th July 2017. This was wore for the church and group photos, and then I changed into a different dress for the garden and dinner.

    I purchased this beautiful Lee Grebenau gown in January 2017 at Morgan Davis in London. Lee Grebenau's dresses are all semi-custom made.
    The fabric on this dress is extremely forgiving with a good amount of stretch. It's handmade with the finest materials and hand beaded throughout. It's definitely a unique piece that will give a romantic sparkle on your wedding day! The bottom of the dress has some feathers that move beautifully over the floor as you walk. It makes it look as if you are floating. I fell in love with the dress the moment I put it on. Unlike most wedding dresses now, the back has actual buttons and is not actually a zipper covered by the buttons. It's a beautiful detail! The dress also comes with the beaded belt but I didn't wear it on the day.

    Since Lee Grebenau does all of her dresses on semi-custom, there isn't an actual size on the dress. According to her, it should be between her size 2 and 4. I usually take a size UK6, Topshop jeans size 24 - 25. I am 5'1" without heels, and about 5'5" with my wedding heels. I have saved the hem though and tuck away an extra couple of inches that can be let out if you to be happen to be taller than me (you can see in the photos)

    I bought the dress brand new for £8000 /approximately SGD13,900 from Morgan Davis in London. Lee Grebenau's distribution is extremely limited and only sells in a handful of boutiques (9 to be exact!) so this will surely be a unique and one of a kind gown for your wedding. It's currently not listed on any sites for sale and this gown is from the latest 2017 Swan Lake Collection (her best collection yet!). I have the original receipts from Morgan Davis as well. It has been professionally cleaned and kept in acid free paper and box.

    Please let me know if you have any questions! I would be more than happy to answer any about the dress.

    Kind regards

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    Would you consider renting to. Me for a lower amount of money? I already have a dress for my actual day.but need something for my Italian photo shoot
    Would love to discuss best way for both of us .
    Email petpurrs@gmail.com
    Thanks !
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