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Yeah, I have heard many positive feedback from people who have undergone LASIK. So tempted to go for the surgery too. Haha. But it will be super painful. omg.. Do you have any doctors to recommend? I'll be going to a public forum next month at camden to find out more though. Can't wait to get back my perfect vision!!! hehe.

how abt these cornea that are thinning? possible to go for lasik? Besides i was once a transplantion for donated cornea patient too. so how?
samantha, the last time i was told to leave if off for about a week .. for soft lenses ie.

blur, its better if u choose to go for a consultation .. its usually free or for a small fee .. better accessment .. its your eyes we are tokking about .. dun play play


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How does lasik works? Cut the cornea and adjust the degree in the eyes? Not supposed to blink during the process, if blink, it will cause blindness? Can someone just share the whole process and any side effects? thanks!


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I can share my exp. I have had lasik done 5 yrs ago and that is the best investment I have made.

My myopia was 800 degrees both eyes with 150 astig... almost like blind cat before. Went to this doc call Dr Jerry Tan. He was the first to do Lasik in Asia. Price a bit on the high side but I think eyes are impt. But I chose him because at that time, the machine he was using was a generation above those used at hospitals or other clinics. Faster, more accurate. Yes, I actually called up the clinics and hospitals and asked what machine they used and then researched on the net to compare the machines.

Anyway, there will be a pre-op tests of few hours. Then on actual day, before d op, they put in some numbing drops to your eye. Then during the op, the doc will open your eye lid with a device to keep it open so that u cant blink. It is not uncomfy cos ur eyes are numb. Then he will put something over your eye to create a flap. no feeling for me cos numb. Then he opens the flap using a device, then ask u to stare at a light. Then seconds later, he said he will close back your flap. then it is done. Very fast one.

Healing process : vision will improve day by day and then it stablises at about 1 to 3 months time.

Now my vision is left eye, better than 6/6 quite pin sharp. The tester says almost eagle vision. Right eye, 20 degree astig.


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forgot to ans your questions on side effects... if u search on the internet, u will find the answers... things like halo, dry eyes, or infections. but i guess part of it depends on luck as well as the doctor's skill. So if u want to minimize it, pick a good doc who is using a good machine. A good machine will do it faster and more accurate. The shorter your flap stays open, the less prone to infection. Btw, when your eyes are recovering, it will be dry and that is normal. U will need to put in drops regularly while it is healing. Once the flap seals itself completely, then the dryness will go away. For me, I have to side effects or anything. good luck!


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I did my lasik at Shinagawa clinic last Nov, the procedure was a pleasant one and I achieve perfect vision after the surgery, I would recommend those who are interested to go for Shinagawa.

By the way, I have a $200 voucher from Shinagawa and would like to sell it for $50, those interested can email to me at " [email protected]"


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Will ur eyes turn red after the op? Some of them said the eye blood vessels will be broken due to the pressure of the machine.

And can we apply make up after the op? If the eyes can't touch the water after the op, how do you all wash your face??


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Eyes will not turn red but cannot stare directing at the sun/ light.

U can still apply make up but try not to apply eye make up la - common sense what

How you wash your face sia? how come water will get into your eyes? If u don't apply eye make up then u don't have to water the area near your eyes. U close your eyes or If still cannot then wear goggles.


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I had done my refractive surgery on 29th April 2010 by Dr Leonard Ang (Premium Lasik Clinic). I am fairly worried because I had symptoms of dizziness, nausea and nervousness. Not sure its this because my eyes need time to get use to the new vision.

When i went back to the clinic the next day for my 1st Op Review, both my eyes were checked by the doctor to be fine, 6/6 on both eyes (only left .25 on my left eye & astig .50 on my right eye - still need time to stabilize)

For my eyes before Lasik, I had farsighted condition on one eye and nearsighted on the other. Doctor had told me that he had done a Full Correction on my eyes (meaning to 0 diopters).

Before Surgery, my eye powers were as below
Left Eye: +1.25/ -3.00 (x55)
Right Eye: -2.25/ -1.00 (x60)

Hope to hear from someone whether they encountered similar problem as me..

Thanks & appreciate. Because i am fairly worried.

i done it.

it was awesome. right now my eye can see through women clothng. i also can tell what color their underpants.



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My sister had Lasik 2 years ago, although she still wear glasses because her eye condition is already severe. She still glad she made that decision because it saved her vision.


I did LASIK about a month ago, and I find that I'm still not having perfect vision... will this continue to improve, or that's it liao? Like it won't keep correcting itself anymore


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@DTa, my eye sight was initially blurry with glares especially at night. Eye sight improved and glares reduced till minimal over time.