LASIK, where?


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I'm thinking of going for Lasik. Need some advise on which one provides this services. Ex-Lasik mind to share your experiene and cost?


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did my lasik last yr Oct.. now perfect! heh..

did at SNEC.. total cost including consultation and all is ard $3k..

very fast one... 1 eye per day.. 5 to 10 mins per eye and finish.. can see after surgery.. but not clear yet..

After surgery, it's very dry and itchy.. but every 15 mins put eyedrops to lessen the dryness and itchiness.. Usually the next day, can see clearly le.. ard 80% to 90%.. but not 100% perfect yet..

It's worth the money.. =)


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I'm thinking abt it oso..
But recent news, quite scared leh.
my eyesight is 150 corrective degree right eye, left eye 175..
don't noe if it's wise to undergo LASIK or jus stick to my contacts


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Thanks for the precious advice. Can I check whether is it pain to undergo this surgery? What's the proceduce like? Perviously what was your degree? Than now?


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previous my degree was 275 each eye.. then now perfect.. but somehow i dunno why still got abit of "shang guan" left (abt 50 degree). Anyway it doesn't really affect much.

There's no pain actually. The procedure is they will apply some lotion around ur eye, then drip some anesthetic into your eyes. Wait a few min. Nurse or doctor will call u in. They place a tool to open up ur eye and prevent blinking. Another tool onto your eye to cut open the top layer (cant remember wat's the term.. cornea?). It's only this part that's a little uncomfortable..

After that, the doc will flip open the cornea and do laser. This part no feeling, no pain.. after laser, the corner will be flip back.

And it's done!

Through out the whole process, the doc will put eye drops every now and then, so it's very cool and comfortable.

After surgery, gotta put eyedrop every 15 mins, then after 1 day, put eye drop every hour for a week. If anytime u wanna put also can..

Then u have to go back for checkup on (Day 0 is the day of surgery) Day 1, Week 1, Month 1, Month 6.. and finish..

Disclaimer: I'm not a doc.. the above is just personal experience.. For any matters, pls consult a professional.


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I'm abit worried cause my degree was 800 on each eye. So if after completion still have to wear glasses than quite silly right? Of cause I don't expect 100% vision but at least 90% lah!

Anyway thanks for your help, i will fix a appt to consult a doc


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800 still can correct to perfect eyesight.. if after treatment, u still cant get 100%, u can request for lasik again.. dun have to pay extra for surgery (other than the follow up consultations).

Btw my doc in snec is Dr Chan. You can request for him if u wan.


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You will get MC for the (actual day of surgery + the next day for consultation) X 2 eyes.

For my case,
- Thurs operate on Left eye
- Friday go back for consultation for Left eye & operate on Right eye
- Saturday go back for consultation for Right eye

Total: 2 days of MCs.

If u having op on tues for 1 eye, and thurs for the other, then total days of MC will be 4 days.

It depends on how you arrange your surgery days and when the doctor is available for surgery.


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I'm trying to arrange an appt to go down soon, so normally for first consultation how long will it takes?


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Hi richelle,

First consultation for me took quite long.. more than 2 hour.. coz that time for me, quite alot of pple..


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Just to share my experience. I just did my lasik in Feb before CNY. I went to an eye specialist in Hougang and she has a clinic in Mount E too. She is very friendly, patient and nice. Total I spend near to 4K for both eyes inclusive of all subsequent consultation.

Hmm, for those who are interested, you will need to go for pre assessment test too before the doc can ascertain whether you are suitable to do lasik.


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During the assessment they will do a detailed check to see if you are suitable. It takes about 2-3 hours.

The operation itself is fast and painless. My doc talked me thru the procedure which was very reassuring. It was over within 5 mins per eye.

I'm so happy with my results. Best investment I've made. No glasses or contact lenses now.


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Hi richelle

Btw... I chose Dr Leonard Ang at SNEC to do my surgery. My friends recommended him because he went to US to learn latest lasik techniques. Paid about $1300 per eye…My friends are also very happy with him.

I used to be pretty blind without my contacts- perfect vision now.


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I just saw some news on line that SNEC had stop all lasik surgery due to serious eye infection after surgery. Is it still safe to go ahead? I had make my appointment already, how?


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Hi Richelle

Apparently the newspaper report was inaccurate. There was actually no infection cases. Some patients had inflammation (it’s called diffuse lameller keratitis), which generally responds with meds. The newspaper issued an apology the next day for the inaccurate report- it came out in a small section which I’m sure most people missed…

I think the fact that SNEC stopped surgery shows their commitment to patient safety. I hear that they are making changes to ensure things are even safer. My doc was not affected, so my friends are not worried and are still carrying on with their appointments with him.


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anyone done their lasik with doc Julian Thng? He used to work at SNEC but now opened his own private clinic.


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just a thot,

would you recommend to do Lasik on one eye at a time or both eyes at the same time? wats the pros n cons? reading thro the thread, it seems that one eye at a time is a more common option. pls share ur experience. thanks


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Nowadays, a lot of the eye centres offering 2 eyes at a time service. U can even do the pre-check assessment on the same day!


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Anyone can advise how come the prices are so much different for eye lasik surgery between SNEC & The Lasik Surgery Centre?

SNEC - is charging $1850/eye (Senior Consultant rate), eye drops $38 & have to pay for each review.

The Lasik Surgery Centre - is charging $2400 for both eyes (Senior Consultant) inclusive of eye drops & all reviews.

I need to go for lasik surgery, can anyone advise whether to go to SNEC or Lasik Surgery Centre? Did anyone know this Senior Consultant Dr Wee Tze Lin from SNEC, is he good??

Is Dr Leonard Ang really so good, he is just a Consultant in SNEC.


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Hi Cutie

I had mine at The Lasik Surgery Clinic. To me, it makes no different whether it from clinic or SNEC. I paid total close to $3000. The cost that they give you of $2400 includes all review and eye drop but the number of eye drop they give is no enough which you have to purchase more like $15 per box. I brought about 5 boxes extra after the surgery. One thing good about clinic is no need to queue for surgery and appointment date. If you go for consultation today you should be able to arrange for surgery within 1 or 2 days. As for SNEC and appointment date was terrible which have to wait for at least 2 weeks. My doctor from LSC was Dr Tay. He's a very nice guy and pro. Maybe you can look for him.

Good Luck for clear vision!


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Hi cutie

I did my lasik with Dr Leonard Ang at SNEC. I read lots of raves abt him in forums and decided to go to him. He’s really experienced + he’s very nice. No pain during surgery and can see clearly day after surgery. At my last visit I can see 6/4.5, which is better than 6/6 vision. He really deserves all the great reviews.

I paid $1320 for each eye. U dun have to wait so long for assessment and op… based on other podders advice, my frenz and I emailed him directly and got assessment and surgery all done within a week.
He’s super nice and helped arranged everything 4 us.

If u also want to contact him, his email is:
[email protected]


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Hi Ladies

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Dear All,

I'm thinking of doing Lasik in S'pore and my fren (just done 2 months back) recommdanded Lasik Surgery Clinic, when i called this morning they very kan-jiong ask me today onwards dun wear contact lens for 3 days then come this friday for check. Few hours later call me again ask me come Thurs, V-day got mystery gift... but i say cannot cos my eyes need to rest 3 days ma...

The lady who answered the phone recommdanded Dr Yap, say he's specialist in my degree abt L375 / R350 de. Anyone use him before? My fren de is Dr Goh.

Here's the 3 doctors rite?

How much did u all spent? I was told before end Feb got promotion from $2780 to $2400 with POSB/UOB credit cards.

Is it also true that after one do Lasik then next time cannot wear contact lens liao, say 10-20 yrs later if cannot see clearly liao?

Appreciate greatly any advice..


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I just did my lasik 1 week ago..
and i bought too many REFRESH PLUS boxes..bought 6 of them and my eyes dont experience dryness or irritation. So i m letting go some boxes..
As i bought from the clinic, its cheaper than outside retail price.
(Watson selling at $18++, Guardian at $17++)

So if anyone interested, drop me an sms :98233753
Each box @ $16. Expires: 2009



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Hi all

I'm considering Lasik before my wedding at the end of 2009.

Hope tt those who've done it can help address some of my qns:

1. When & where did u do it, & who was ur dr?
2. How mch was it?
3. How was ur recovery process like - fast, slow, pain, etc?
4. Was there any pain at all - during & after surgery?
5. Did u do both eyes at once? Why or why not?
6. What are some problems/issues u faced tt u did NOT have b4 Lasik? e.g. impaired night vision
7. What degree was ur vision b4 Lasik?
8. Did u go for enhancement? Why?

Personally, I am not sure if I should go thru the "risk" of Lasik. After all, my degrees' only like 250 & 300.

While the glowing results often reported off the forums and Net are tempting, one cannot help but wonder really about the risks:

The above is just an e.g. of the many articles out there.

I know I've many qns, but I just want to make an informed choice too. Hope the "advisors" on this forum share honestly about their experiences. Appreciate it!

P.S. In a way I find it funny tt even pple with affected night vision still do not regret Lasik? Even if now they have to drive more slowly, etc... ???


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I bought too many REFRESH PLUS boxes for my post-lasik. So i m letting go 2 boxes @ $10 each or $18 for 2 boxes. Brand new, unopened.
(Watson selling at $18++, Guardian at $17++)

So if anyone interested, drop me an email: [email protected]
Expires: May 2009


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Hi veracity

1) i did mine yesterday! with Dr Lee hung Ming, parkway eye centre
2)it was slightly under 4K, all in all. i opted for standard bladeless technology

3) recovery was fast. i walked out of the op room with hazy vision and it gets better by the hour. now i'm able to watch TV and type on computer. i'm still waiting for my vision to get sharper.

4)no pain at all. though my eyelids felt heavy an hour after the surgery- i went to sleep it off and was alright

5) both eyes at one time, for convience. i thought the technology was safe enough. Diligent use of anti-biotics is impt to ensure non infection

6) i didnt have any problem, as it has only been one day, i'm waiting for my vision to become sharper. now i feel as though i have some residual astimatigsm, a little blurry vision especially when i see lights.

7) mine was around 600 degree

8) i went for checkup just now, one eye is 6/6, the other is almost 6/6. waiting for eye to stabilise, hope that both eyes are perfect in a week time!

hope the above helps!


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Hi All,

I was interested in getting lasik done, and I called up LSC. They told me that they are having
FREE Pre-LASIK Evaluation~~! (normally $100)

So I made an appointment with them and went down for an evaluation. Not bad, now intending to do my procedures there. =D

~~They are now having another promotion on top: IF YOU BRING SOMEONE ALONG, both get $200 discount!~~

Does anyone want to do lasik @ LSC???
I need a partner to "pair up" and enjoy the $200 discount! Please sms/call me @ 93830241 if you are interested, thanks!
Prices @ LSC:

Prices @ SNEC:


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Free evaluation is ongoing, but the $200 off is no longer available..
Did my lasik @ LSC on 4/4/2009, now waiting to recover~!


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Hihi, I did my LASIK at Shinagawa in sept 09.
The doctor there is very professional and very detailed in answering my quries.
They have rewarded me with a $200 voucher for recommending friends and relatives.

Am letting go of the voucher at $100. Valid till Jun 2010.

Anyone interested, pls pm me