Lasik - Please share experience


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Hi all, tried searching for relevant info on lasik here but seems like there's none except for a few scattered comments abt it :p

I'll be going for pre-lasik consultation & anyone who has gone thru lasik before, would appreciate ur views! Hopefully, this thread will also be useful to fellow forumers interested in lasik..


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The eyes will definitely be drier ... buy a few more boxes of the lubricants that they will subscribe u .....

Effect of the lasik can be felt almost immediate ... than slowly things will get sharper ...

Had mine done in 2004 end ... from 1000/900 to both less than 100 (last i checked ha)


My ops in Jun.... Prepared myself for eye dryness... No choice one.. Any open wounds are prone to alot of issues... Just take good care will do...


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Hi Justina, where did u do yours? I hope my eyes are suitable left is 650, rite is 500. Not sure if i have astigmatism also....The lubricants u were referring to, can they be bot outside? Im having my check at SNEC by Dr Wee Tze Lin...

Ice Baby, where u getting it done & who's ur doc? Wats ur degree like?


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I had mine in lasik sugery clinic in May. Now got clear vision. Painless and very good service. No need to wait for surgery.


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me too... done at Lasik Surgery clinic last month... now barely 2 weeks without glasses or contacts... hehe....


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not sure if anyone is keen on this thread. i just did my lasik yesterday with Dr Lee Hung Ming. opted for the bladeless technology. so far so good. vision is a little hazy but it gets better by the hour. certainly, no pain or giddyness.


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i'm done by Dr Lee @ parkway eye ctr (glenealges hospital) on this April!

very gd, no dryness... so i pass the lubricants to my contact-lenses-wearer-sister instead cos it's those typical kinda artifical tears that contact lenses wearers use.


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I did my lasik at Shinagawa clinic last Nov, the procedure was a pleasant one and I achieve perfect vision after the surgery, I would recommend those who are interested to go for Shinagawa.

By the way, I have a $200 voucher from Shinagawa and would like to sell it for $50, those interested can email to me at " [email protected]"