LASIK anyone?


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hey ppl, i did my lasik with Dr. Jon Goh too in mid-Nov. When I went back for the 2nd review one week after my surgery, my left eye became perfect but right eye still got about 150degrees ( i used to be 800+ per eye).

Will probably go back for the last free review after CNY and may need to do enhancement for my right eye i guess.

Still seeing halos and starbursts now..don't know how long it will take to go away...

I also started taking some Luthein and Bilberry haha...both are supposed to be good for eyes.

But agree that LSC is quite factory like...lotsa waiting time.


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Hi aspiring,

Night vision problems like seeing halos and starbursts will go away in 6mths time. This is due to the laser burning away our tear film during Lasik. When the tear film has grow back, the night vision problem should go away.
Don't worry.

It has been a month since my surgery. I can see clearly with my left eye, but right eye still blur. I think they are still some "residing" degree in my right eye.

But our eyes are still adjusting to the new eyesight and the eyes need 3-6 mths to stabilize. Those that wear contact lens for a long time may already have damages to the eyes so will need longer time in order to regain perfect eyesight. I have been wearing contacts for 10yrs. Hopefully, my eyes will slowly recover to perfect for both eyes :D

Luthein and Bilberry? Where can we get them? Is it in the form of pills like Vitamin C pills??


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Hi Sharon

Can I check if I do a epi Lasik how much is the cost wth Julian Theng? Almost same price as yours?

Eagle Eye Centre is located at Mt Alvernia right?


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Hi gals, I also did my lasik with Dr Julian Theng of Eagle Eye Centre. Their service really very good and they are all very nice and warm ppl
Did my lasik in May 2006 and till date, everything is good hehe..


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Dear All,

I'm thinking of doing Lasik in S'pore and my fren (just done 2 months back) recommdanded Lasik Surgery Clinic, when i called this morning they very kan-jiong ask me today onwards dun wear contact lens for 3 days then come this friday for check. Few hours later call me again ask me come Thurs, V-day got mystery gift... but i say cannot cos my eyes need to rest 3 days ma...

The lady who answered the phone recommdanded Dr Yap, say he's specialist in my degree abt L375 / R350 de. Anyone use him before? My fren de also Dr Goh.

Here's the 3 doctors rite?

How much did u all spent? I was told before end Feb got promotion from $2780 to $2400 with POSB/UOB credit cards.

Appreciate greatly any advice..


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Just had my LASIK done by Dr Julian Theng at Eagle Eye. Extremely professional and very good service. They are having a promotion now - $2,800 for LASIK and $3,000 for Epi-LASIK, including assessment.

First assessment and LASIK for both eyes done on the same day. Dr Theng does LASIK on Thursday only.

3 days now and wision still blurry. Improves with eyedrops. Hope vision recovers after 1 week.


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Hi wawa, sorry missed your post. My vision is still blurry. The dr said I still have residing degrees about 75 degrees on my right and 50 on my left. Said to give it some time, will see how in 6 months time. How's your vision? Hopefully it is better now


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Had Epilasik done.
Quite dramatic recovery since yesterday. No where near perfect vision, but definitely clear skies ahead.
hi, i know someone who did lasik ten yrs ago she got retinal detachment recently.. left eye partially blind.. her relative also did lasik 2 yrs ago also got retinal detachment..
according to her, her eye doc ask whether did she do lasik before, told her its common for pp to get retinal detachment after lasik..
pls check with ur doctors before doing lasik..
its only cosmetic surgery and u won recover from ur short-sighted.. it only make u appear to be no shrt-sighted.. if u had short-sighted, usu ur retinal might be thin down too..
hope those who haven do yet pls do a research thru internet since u r already using internet now.. read carefully.. ur eyes are precious..


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Just checking if anyone's using OXYSEPT 1-step disinfecting solution for their contact lenses? I am going for my lasik and would like to get rid of the remaining sealed bottles. They expire in 2009/2010. Let me know if u're keen to buy them at lower-than-market-price ;)



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Hi Summer,

Did your friend and her relative have very high myopia? Maybe the retinal detachement happened because of the myopia and not because of the Lasik. That is, Lasik does not prevent retinal detachement.

No reason why Lasik should affect the retina.
hi emma.. the 2 pp one is low myope 1 is moderate myope..
they are not my friends, jus some1 i know thru work..
lasik really wont cause RD but most who did lasik are high myopes with high risk of RD..
the only surprise is the question from her eye doctor that monitor her RD... "did you ever had lasik before?" and " its common for pp to get RD after that"
and another is she had had her lasik done many yrs ago.. so no obvious relation with lasik on her RD..
but anyway jus hope that those who went for or intended to went for lasik would understand that if they are high myopes.. lasik wont "remove" them from risk of RD.. any degree above 500 to 600 would already hav risk of RD.. lasik is only a cosmetic surgery that u don hav to wear cosmetic correction in front of ur eyes or face..


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Hi, my hubby went to LSC today. After assessment, he decided on Wavefront Guided Intralase. It cost $4100 for both eyes. Abit expensive. But since its the best, we decided to go ahead. Anyone did the same treatment? Is it the same price?


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I just did my lasik 1 week ago..
and i bought too many REFRESH PLUS boxes..bought 6 of them and my eyes dont experience dryness or irritation. So i m letting go some boxes..
As i bought from the clinic, its cheaper than outside retail price.
(Watson selling at $18++, Guardian at $17++)

So if anyone interested, drop me an sms :98233753
Each box @ $16. Expires: 2009



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Hi Emma
I'm considering doing epi-lasik with Julian Theng. Can you share more of your experience please, like how long it takes for full recovery, any dry eyes or pain after the surgery? TIA.


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Epi-lasik recovery takes a bit longer - takes about 2 before I was seeing comfortably (6/20) vision, and about a month before I reached 6/6 vision.

There was some dryness of the eyes, sort of a gritty sensation every few hours in the initial weeks, but was easily resolved with eyedrops. Didn't experience any pain at all, but I suppose that depends on the individual.

BTW,Julian Theng had an advertisment in today's newspaper. He just got two new LASIK machines.


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Emma: One more question pls. How soon did you go back to work? My work requires me to use the computer throughout the office hours, so I'm wondering if I do my epi-lasik on Thurs, will I be able to go back to work on Mon.


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Need to bear in mind that different people can have very different experiences.
Epi-lasik has a longer recovery time, but there is no flap to worry about.

Have mine done on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I was sending e-mails, but vision very blur, eyes were 10 cm from the screen to be able to see. Monday ((4 days later) I was back at work. But couldn't see the computer screen very well - had to enlarge the font size, and look at the screen very closely. It was after 2 weeks that I was seeing comfortably.


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I finally did epilasik under Dr Julian Theng of eagle eye centre last Thurs. Very happy with the whole procedure, painless and only slight discomfort due to the protective lens that I have to wear for 5 days. Today back to work but vision still blur because of the lens.


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Hi all...

I hv just did my lasik 10 days LSC...
veri happy wif the result...the doc is very experience and the whole experience there is very good and comfortable.


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Hi everyone!

Can I just check how old were you (or your friends) when you did the lasik surgery? (if age is not too much of a secret keke)

My hubby is considering lasik, but he's going to be 34 yrs old soon, so he's worried that it may be a bit pointless, cos he'll prob get "lau hua yan" in a few yrs time. Like spend so much money then don't get to enjoy the perfect eyesight for long.....


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Hi Magico,

At 34 years old, shouldn't have to worry about lau hua yian. It only sets in from 40 years onwards. Which means your hubby has at least 6 more years to enjoy his perfect vision.


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Hi mommies

Hi Emma sorry dun mean to offend u but my hb went lasik last yr, he was 36 yo n the doc told him got slight lau hua yian already. He da ji alot cos to him tat mean he old liao.


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Hi tittieal, I'm not sure if you're the same lady who have posted a question on my blog. It's not within my knowledge to answer your question so I've forwarded your question to Dr Theng and he's replied to your question on the same post in my blog.


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this is Dr Theng's reply to your question:

"I have treated even up to 1600 degrees of myopia with LASIk but I'll need to have a thorough assessment and very thick corneas and if LASIK can't be done, I can insert an implantable contact lens (ICL) which can even offer better results for high myopia than LASIK but with also added small risks."


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Hi Marie, Wawa

How is your vision by now after so many mths, do you still have blur blur vision?
I did intralase (blade-free)lasik with DR Jon Goh at LSC 2 weeks ago, as I have LongSighted. R+600 L+650. I do experience blur vision.


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hi maro,

i also just did my lasik w dr jon goh last fri. so far ok. i had 650 long-sightedness on both eyes and astig, 27, 75. today is 3rd day and i felt vision a bit foggy. but still ok! how's ur eyes now?


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Hi all

I'm considering Lasik before my wedding at the end of 2009.

Hope tt those who've done it can help address some of my qns:

1. When & where did u do it, & who was ur dr?
2. How mch was it?
3. How was ur recovery process like - fast, slow, pain, etc?
4. Was there any pain at all - during & after surgery?
5. Did u do both eyes at once? Why or why not?
6. What are some problems/issues u faced tt u did NOT have b4 Lasik? e.g. impaired night vision
7. What degree was ur vision b4 Lasik?
8. Did u go for enhancement? Why?

Personally, I am not sure if I should go thru the "risk" of Lasik. After all, my degrees' only like 250 & 300.

While the glowing results often reported off the forums and Net are tempting, one cannot help but wonder really about the risks:

The above is just an e.g. of the many articles out there.

I know I've many qns, but I just want to make an informed choice too. Hope the "advisors" on this forum share honestly about their experiences. Appreciate it!

P.S. In a way I find it funny tt even pple with affected night vision still do not regret Lasik? Even if now they have to drive more slowly, etc... ???


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Hi Veracity...I just had lasik 3 weeks ago.

I did mine at Parkway eye centre at gleneagles...why I chose that clinic is because they are advertising their prmotion at $995 per eye. SO I grab it! So in total, i paid only $2028 for everything...
I recover quite fast I just need a good 6 hours rest and I'm out at night.... there's some discomfort like a feeling of pressure during the surgery and I won't say pain, its best if you just close your eyes, its uncomfortable.

Dr Lee, did on both eyes at 10mins each. The impaired night vision for me is temp as I achieve 'normal' eyesight after abt one week. Prob, I ve been taking and is still taking this wonderful antioxidant juice that might have helped improve my condition.hope my sharing helps, you can always go down for a consultation and then can decide better! hope this helps.

But one thing you shld know, I have freedom after so many years with specs on!its a really amazing experience!


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Hi All,

I was interested in getting lasik done, and I called up LSC. They told me that they are having
FREE Pre-LASIK Evaluation~~! (normally $100)

So I made an appointment with them and went down for an evaluation. Not bad, now intending to do my procedures there. =D

~~They are now having another promotion on top: IF YOU BRING SOMEONE ALONG, both get $200 discount!~~

Does anyone want to do lasik @ LSC???
I need a partner to "pair up" and enjoy the $200 discount! Please sms/call me @ 93830241 if you are interested, thanks!
Prices @ LSC:

Prices @ SNEC:


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Free evaluation is ongoing, but the $200 off is no longer available..
Did my lasik @ LSC on 4/4/2009, now waiting to recover~!


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my hb also considering lasik. also seeing dr Jon Goh @ LSC.

can pm me details on his skills? or any recommended docs @ parkway grp hospitals?


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Hazuki> i am gn to do my evluation on 18 apr at parkway eye centre. I have booked Br Lee Hung Ming. Reviews mentioned hes a very good doc. Ny sis did intralase by him. Hes a nice doc and he explained every details. Can consider him


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Has anyone done monovision lasik (correcting one eye for far-sight and one for near-sight)? Got both long and short sightedness, wondering if monovision is good or should just correct short sight and wear reading glasses. I work alot on computer lah, afraid monovision may not be perfect. Any advice, comments or experience to share?


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Hazuki> Just did my intralase on 29 apr. The surgery was very fast and safe. Dr Lee is a very good doc. I sincerely recommend him. My left eye is perfect now only right need to take some time but hes good. Do look for Dr lee if u want to do lasik


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anyone did lasik with shingawa lasik centre by dr lee bao sing?any feedback?he is giving a talk so im going down.