Laneige Skin Care


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which eye cream you using? i using starwhite, can see got diff leh...
last nite use my strawberry yogurt again... today my skin looks nice leh...hehee


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i apply sunblock after the emulsion. The emulsion no spf


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any 1 tried their latest range of moisturiser? 4got wat it's called... juz launched last mth or so.. i'm using their new sunblk.. not bad..


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i tink got 3 types rite? 1 is the essence, then 2 type of moisturiser (1 for normal to combi, the other for oily)?


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hi all, i just got the WSP, SYP and water bank essence from Korea directly. However, i'm not sure how to use them. WSP is meant to apply overnight rite? What about SYP (strawberry yogurt pack)? and what is water bank essence? I'm confused with all these... someone help me pls?


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ok, WSP is meant to be applied overnite, but can only do it once a wk. it's like an intense moisturizing mask.. nvr tried the other other, but my guess is that for SYP, it's another type of mask (heard gd reviews abt it but nvr tried it personally). tink u apply for 10-15 mins then wash off. as for the essence, maybe after toner but before moisturiser.. any corrections frm any 1??


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actually...the counter salesgal told me that WSP can apply twice a week
kekeke.... what is the water bank essence good for? Tempted to buy leh...and is the lavender makeup base that great?? coz my face, no matter how much moisturiser I put before my makeup, end of the day, I'll see my makeup cracking up at my laugh lines


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Hi all,

I would like to sell off brand new laneige foundation with boxes and price tag intact.

1. Clear Lightening Foundation - Colour 21 Natural Beige.

2. Star White Base - Colour 10 White Pink.

The retail price for both is $43.00. I would like to sell them off at 20% off. For those interested, pls email me at [email protected]

Price is negotiable. Reasons to let go: I have identical items due to birthday month.


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I apply WSP every nite and I have checked with the salesperson and she said it is ok. For the Strawberry Yoghurt, will have to apply only twice a week and not everyday.


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i have been using WSP for the past 4 nites..
side of my cheeks were dry and peeling before but now its not anymore.. skin feels supple n smooth in the morning.. i oso applied it on my neck and lips since I sleep in the aircon room.

anyone knows whether we can leave the WSP around eye area?

anyone tried the laneign face wash ?


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i tried the WSP for a few weeks but dun feel it does much for me. I think neutrogena's mask works better....


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is laneige suitable for oily skin? i have large pores too. anyone with similar condition as me using their products? does it improve your skin?


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hei ziggy,

i will recommend that u use cellnique gel for large pores. me been using for a mth liao.. pores become much smaller and skin becomes much softer.. amazing pdt. refer to the thread on cellnique gel.


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ziggy u can try laneign's water bank essence. it helps to provide lotsa moisture for your skin which would help to reduce sebum production. my pores are much smaller since I started using this item few mths back.


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hi there, just wondering what is the the strawberry yoghurt mask like? saw in HK selling at Bonjour for HKD120 - looks pretty cheap as the tube is quite big. colleague going in Nov...maybe i will ask her to get for me. can you gals tell me what you think of the mask?


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have tried the old water sleeping pack.. works ok for me.. my sis going to korea tis wk, so thinking of asking her to help me buy the Clear C effector and strawberry peeling gel.. is the Clear C good? suitable for all skin types? what abt the strawberry gel? will my skin get irritated after use?
(last qn - where can she find laneige pdts in korea? major departmental stores? pharmacies?) thks!


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<font color="ff6000">I have some Brand New Laneige items to clear desperately..
Interested, pls PM/ email me.

1) Laneige STAR WHITE SPOT ESSENCE (25 ml) (UP: $85)
2) Laneige STAR White Eye Spot (15 ml) (UP: $70)
3) Laneige STAR White Essence (50 ml) (UP: $73)
4) Laneige Turn &amp; Turn Essence (60ml) (UP: $65)
5) Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (150ml) (UP: $42) 6) Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack (80ml) (UP: $39)
7) Laneige Aqualish Gloss-Star (Color: 271)
8) Laneige Shining Pearl Gloss (Color: 243) (UP: $27)

You can view them here>>


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Hi I considering the following eye creams:

1. Eye designer cream
2. Star White eye spot
3 Prefect renewal dual touch eyes

Anyone use it b4? can share the experience?
my friend gng to korea soon, it is cheaper to buy there instead of here?


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I would like to sell away my Laniege product.

These are the items then will be brand new :

1. Pore Clear Wash-off Pack UP:$44 Selling @ $38
2. Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel UP: $40 Selling @$34
3. Water Sleeping Pack Plus UP:$45 Selling @ $39
4. Waterful Wash-off UP:$40 Selling @ $34

These are the items that already been use :

1. Balancing Emulsion 2 Use up to 2/4 Selling @ $20
2. Eye Designer Cream Use up to 2/4 Selling @ $20
3. STAR Pure Water Foam Use up to 2/4 Selling @ $20
4. Snow Crystal Dual Foundation 21 Natural Beige up to 2/4 Selling @ $20
5. Star White Base SPF 32 Use up to 2/4 Selling @ $20

All price did not include postage fee.
Pls email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thank a lot !!


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Dear All,

**items bought in dec 2008. Expired in 2 years time** Rest Assured all handled and kept in good conditions, I will give you the box also &amp; instructions too!

I am selling away a few items: (all free gifts are laneige brand, available only upon availability)
(used less than 1/4 or less)
1. Laneige Pore Trouble Refiner, 160ml @ $20 (+ Free 20ml of water sleeping pack plus small bottle form)
2. Power Essential Skin Refiner Light, 160 ml @ $20 (+ free Balancing Emulsion 1, 25ml bottle)
3. Water Bank Hydro Gel, 50 ml, @ $20. (+ Free 20ml of quick massage gel, 30ml)
4. Pore trouble hydro gel. 50ml, @ $20 (+Free refreshing cleasing oil, 5ml and mutli cleanser, 10ml + water essence sample size )

(used less than 1/8)
1. Water Bank Essence, 60ml, @ $40
2. Balancing Emulsion 2 (combi skin to oily) @25
3. Water sleeping pack plus normal size @ $30. (using a spatula to take) + Free 20ml of water sleeping pack plus
4. Snow Air Light Powder for oil control (light green in color), 20g @ $20

Other products:
1. Deep hydration and soothing serum (by Joycet brand sold in Modern beauty) at $20. (used 5 pumps)
2. Bio-essence Face lifting cream (face lift effect) @$15. (used 2 times)

**For purchase more than 3 items for the ABOVE, you will get to choose one of the further free items from below (if still available)..For 5 items choose 2 of the further free items..for 8 items choose 3 of the further free items..for 10 orders and above, I will give you all my free items + a piece of SK2 hydrating mask.

1. Laneige Star white skin refiner toner, 25ml
2. Star White cream, 8ml
3. Star White essence x2 (sample size) + Star White Emulsion x2 (sample Size) + pore hydro gel (sample Size) + Star White multi protector (sample size)
4. Strawberry yoghurt pack x2 (sample size)
5. Laneige UV total base (make up and sun block), 10ml
6. Laneige snow crystal dual foundation + concealer sample size (sample size)
7. Perfect Renew dual touch eyes (night and day) sample size
8. Laneige Water bank essence sample size x2
9. Laneige Star Multi-protector X3

New and bought last year.
1. Biore cleansing oil cotton sheets 48 pieces @$5
2. Biore Body Powder Sheet with zesty citrus fragrance at $2
3. Biore Extra Moist cleanser $4
4. H20 Advaned renewal cream, 50ml, at $12
5. 9 sheets of SK2 facial treatment masks for hydrating (bought in jan 2009) @ $65.

All free items is only upon availability. First come first served basis. Interested feel free to email me at [email protected] (exclude postages or meet up at Boonlay to Aljunied MRT line on certain days to be discuss)


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Hi Ladies,

I?ll be in Korea from March 2010 to May 2010 for a short term course before coming back in Nov this year to have my ROM..

So if anyone of you are interested in buying the Korea Products, e.g Skin Food/ Faceshop/ Laneige ..

Please feel free to contact me at

[email protected]

Karen (^^)


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Hi there all, for the best kind of eyecream and skin aging products, check out ... my favorite is BASQNYC Cucumber Tea Eye GEl and LifeCell cream... works excellent!


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Organizing spree but ending 21st Oct 23:59hr. All genuine items from korea. Bringing in Laneige, Face Shop, Skinfood and Etude house(some Holika Holika items due to request).

if interested, pls contact me 94888069. tks


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'm currently using Laneige and I'm loving it.
Products I'm currently using:
Laneige Multi Cleanser
Pore Trouble Skin Refiner
Pore Trouble Emulsion
Eye Designer Cream
Snow Crystal Dual Foundation

I like all of these prouducts except for the emulsion because it dries my skin. Otherwise, I love all the other products I'm currently using. However, you shouldn't take my words or other people's words. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. So you just need to experiment yourself.
As for where you can purchase Laneige, I wouldn't recommend sasa since, like you said, the selection is very very limited. You can try or I prefer evecare since I find the prices to be just a tad bit cheaper, and it's free shipping if you spend over $45.

Anyway, I hope this helps you


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I will be going on a sourcing trip to Japan &amp; HK in Feb 2011.

Will be bringing in products for customers.

Interested parties, can email me for more details.


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I am currently using the whole line of Laneige Perfect Renew series... including perfect renew skin refiner, perfect renew essence...etc..

yes, you can try yesstyle and evecare, but i just found one new site called if your order reached around HK$1,000, you may request them to ship via speedpost (arrive in 2 days).. (I ordered to them on Monday and they shipped on Wednesday, it arrived at my place on Friday)...

Even if your order is smaller, they can also ship using Air Mail (it takes around 8 days for my first order with them arrive at my place)...

i am sure these 3 websites will be good to buy from...

The Link:;cPath=40


Yau Cheung,

Is this laneige Perfect Renew Series good? I'm thinking of switching my current Artistry products to the above series.


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Disappointed, I think laneige perfect renew series is good, full range of products from emulsion to skin refiner and finally essence,.... If you specially want some eye care, the also have dual touch eyes item... Just to mention, my order from above included perfect renew dual touch eyes and perfect renew sleeping treatment... I use it before Gotta sleep soon... Hope the above can help...


Yau Cheung,

Wow I so tempted to try out the products. BTW, have you tried their multi-cleanser too? Is it good?

My friend just bought laneige sleeping pack for me from Korean &amp; I haven't tried it. Any different between this sleeping pack &amp; sleeping treatment that you mentioned?