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I need something easy to maintain and most importantly, I consider about the vulnerability of laminates since there would be kids around


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I just saw my neighbor's house, he choosen kronotex laminated. very nicely done up. They are using 8mm, but the texture feeling is much more better than supreme 8mm.


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Laminated Flooring

- Synthetic wood flooring with laminated wood like appearance on the tops. Joined by either a 'tongue and groove' system or the uniclic system. The new designs are recyclable, as it will not be adhere to the ground using glue.
- Relatively high in scratch resistance.
- Compared to real wood flooring, it is cheaper in cost.
- Wide variety in brands and colour of grains.
- Easy to install and requires no 'drying' time unlike tiles.
- Easy to remove as there is no glue involved.
- Easy to maintain.
- Ideal for country design homes.
- Ideal for bedrooms or raised platform/flooring.
- Creates a 'warm' feeling.
- No hacking is needed as laminated flooring may be laid over existing tiles. Only the skirting needs to be hacked.

- Sensation under frost is synthetic.
- May only mop with 'dry-mop'. Water residue may leave watermark.
- Not ideal for large surface area as it may look cheap and synthetic.
- Too much monotony in the grain and patterns of the laminated flooring.
- Discoloration may occur in flooring if exposed under extreme sunlight.


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hi anyone can help?
my hse gg to lay the laminated flooring.
anyone kws must the contractor clean the hse first than lay the laminated flooring?
cos my contractor doesn want to do that..he said can just laid over.. but isnt it very dirty to just laid over...cos my hse is covered with dust/cement dust etc...


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hmmm anyone heard of this brand, "Premier" before? my ID said its from Germany also.. But seems like this brand is not famous. would like to hear ur comments or advise ... thanks in advance..


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Hi fiona,

here we go

There are many reasons to choose parquet. Some of the most important are:

Parquet is a natural product, made from wood, man's only naturally; renewable resource, derived from sustainably managed forests;
Parquet is durable and economic. In case of occasional damage, it can be cleaned and renovated without any problem;
Parquet is attractive, appealing, and full of character;
Parquet is hygienic and anti-allergic;
Parquet is versatile and available in a sheer endless number of designs and wood species;
Parquet is the right choice for all living styles;
Parquet is also an ideal choice for shops, schools, offices and sporting arenas;
Parquet brings nature straight into your home.

Types Parquet
Parquet is a wood product especially manufactured for flooring purposes. The following types are supplied by

mosaic parquet, solid strips of smaller dimension assembled together in a particular pattern
solid parquet, solid strips or planks in thicknesses ranging from 6 to 23 mm with or without tongue and groove
multilayer parquet, parquet panels composed of two or more layers of wood (or wood-based material), with a top layer of hardwood (the wear layer)


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What is parquet?

Parquet flooring can range from the very expensive custom-designed patterns to standard classic patterns to the less expensive "finger-block" type of parquet. Parquet is almost universally installed by gluing it to concrete or wood sub-floors. However, since the product is not a balanced one, it is more subject to movement and distortion due to humidity.

one of the disadvantages is

Parquet is very sensitive to humidity and thus has inferior stability.

some common FAQ

My parquet flooring has raised in the centre and has come undone. What should I do?

This may be a result of not allowing enough expansion around the perimeter of the room. We recommend the allowance of a 1/2-inch spacing around the perimeter of the room to allow for expansion of the parquet floor tiles. It may also be a situation whereby the parquet floor tiles were not acclimated to room temperature prior to the application. The absorption of humidity and water from the adhesive may cause the floor to swell too much. It is important to open all packages of the parquet flooring to allow them to acclimate for upwards of three days at room temperature before the adhesive application. The adhesive should also be at room temperature.

What should I do about my concrete floor prior to the installation of the parquet flooring?

Make sure that the concrete floor is free of repellent coatings that could adversely affect the adhesion. Loose paint should be scraped or sanded from the floor. The cement should not have any powdered residue or efflorescence. Sweep or vacuum the floor just before applying the adhesive.


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is timber flooring the same as parquet??

hey sunnyday,
me really headache to choose the laminates colour...thinking of choosing between african black and picasso walnut..but hard time to choose between them sigh..


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Hi joyousonline,

ya...not easy to choose the colours. Depends on what u like....lighter or darker and also consider the colour of your furnitures that u'll be purchasing.


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hello! new here... if you have read the earlier posts by Shiok..i also chose Wiparquet to laminated my whole entire house in the end after many many sleepless nights and neverending comparison and research!!! Provided good before and after sales service! Now I just love how my house looks!


Hi there. We have also decided to do up our entire house in laminate instead of homo
I realised that most IDs use Supreme. The ID firm I am thinking of using included the flooring in their package and and if I wanted to use another brand, they will only deduct some amount off the package which will be definitely lesser than what I would have to pay if I engage the flooring specialist separately. In another words, I would be "losing" out by not engaging their flooring contractor

Is anyone in the same situation as me? Any advice? Thanks!


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Hello goondu lor & tougei,

Sorry but I dun have any photos to show..My advice to you is to get hold of all the laminates brochures from the various brands (kronotex, voringher, supreme, power dekor, excel, pergo, wiparquet) and take your time to choose one that suits your budget, needs and taste. You can also ask them down to your place for a quotation! No obligations and do not feel intimidated or pressured to sign anything! Always tell them you need TIME to think it through! Remember that!
That is what I did; I met up with the entire different laminate brands representative. Each came over (at separate timings of course!) to give a quotation for my home and you will find that the floor coverage measurement do vary from company to company! Also, do not forget to ask about wastage and hacking costs too!
Initially I had engaged an ID firm to do my flooring with a brand I wanted but found that the costs were way above my budget. So what I did was I subcontracted the job myself. I found my own hackers to hack my skirting floor, patch & clear the debris. I dealt directly with the laminate company to do the flooring and cut my doors. In all, the total price was within my budget and 30% cheaper than the ID. The laminate company infact gave me a lower quote than the ID since I dealt with them directly. For example:
ZEN ID FIRM = $4.5 p/sq ft OPA laminate
OPA COMPANY = $3.0 p/sq ft OPA laminate

IMHO, if you have the budget to pay and decide on either homo or laminate, go ahead and do it. Always remember that a fraction of your money goes into "doing" your floor, as this needs to be done before anything else especially for homo.

HOWEVER, if you have not bought a standard flat, are more inclined to laminates and DO NOT have a large budget, I suggest you put up with HDB's ceramic floor temporarily.
I did my laminate floor only 3yrs later after living with HDB's. I concentrated and spent more on the quality and construction of my rooms, kitchen, cupboards, cabinets, appliances, furniture, furnishings, lightings etc....
Why so? Simply because..
1. I do not want to be debt ridden further.
2. I believe in acquiring sturdy and quality (not necessarily branded) household items, to ensure durability and longer lifespan for use.

I understand your anxiety in getting a new home and the excitement to complete everything and everything in your home! However, unless you have a big fat pay each month then it should not be a problem. Nevertheless, like most of us who do not have plentiful cash to spare, after spending so much on the wedding, honeymoon, etc... It is best to be prudent and spend within your limits. ALWAYS take your time to complete your house and enjoy the process along the way. No point getting everything completed but be miserable at the end of each month paying bills and more bills.

I had no problem doing my laminate flooring later even with all the fixtures. And after having lived with ceramic for 3yrs, you can really witness the transformation unfold before your eyes! It really made a HUGE difference to the ambience and outlook of my home. Any regrets doing my flooring later? NONE WHATSOEVER!!! The short "financial break" not only allowed me to pay my renovation loan but also enabled me to save for my flooring at the same time, without having to compromise my lifestyle too drastically.
Just my two cents, hope it was helpful in some way or another...


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Melz ...

Chanced upon this thread ... u did ur laminated flooring after u have stayed in ur flat for 3 years ...

I'm thinking of laminating my floor too. I've been staying at my current place for 5 years liao and considering to so some mini transformation to my flat.

Is it a bit of hussle for the guys to do the laminating with all the fixtures in the flats?

How did they go about doing it.



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Ello shadow...

Honestly, the laminating work was short and quick for my 5rm flat.

MasterBedrm + 1 bedrm = 1 day
Living Rm = 1 day

My other bedrm, hacked and completely platformed 3 yrs earlier, due to the conversion of an entertainment den.

The only trouble you would have to endure... but come to think of it really, effort and not trouble actually:-

1. Moving all my stuff from both rooms to Living Room/Kitchen on day 1
2. And vice-versa Living Rm furniture to bedrms on day 2.

I encountered no promblems whatsoever with permanent fixtures like walk-in-wardrobe, headboard/sidetables, shoe cabinet, foyer entrance feature, water feature etc...

In brief, any corner, any angle oso can (laminate) my fren.

Just have to apply LEAVE, do some moving.... and trust me, it is worth all the effort once you see the end product.


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melz ..

Thanks for your quick reply ... so we hve to do the moving instead? Will the workers help us a bit here and there?

Currently I do not have any fixtures in my place .. was thinking of doing up a WIW after I have done my laminating. Currently the waredrobe tt I have is quite bulky and occupies 1 room ... it's quite a long and tall warerobe (almost to the ceiling). That's y thinking of dumping away the warerobe before getting the guys to do the laminating in that bedroom.

Hehe ... I'm staying in a 4rm flat ... flr area not too big so I guess it will be pretty fast for them lor.

Btw, do u mind disclosing how much did u pay for the laminating. Have to work out my sums first before deciding if I can go ahead and do it.


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halo ppl, me wanna make-over the flooring too since living with homo tiles for 5 yrs..wish to lay out laminate olso.. after doing some search.. we decide to do it but wat is the best offer in the market rite now..? and izzit really worth to spent 7k for the 3+living rm for a laminate flooring..? currently quotated from a P**G* sales person!!! 7.5psf


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Now there are so many other reliable brands in the market... quality is almost the same and they give lifetime warranty as well. Price range 3.5-5psf. If you want to use for kitchen area, yes it's better to use P**G* as they have a special very heavy duty product that suit kitchen environment


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thanx for your info, but not all brands give lifetime warranty rite..? some only 15 yrs.. and btw i'm not using it for kitchen.. hv compared with 3.5 - 5psf range and mostly has no much sound proofing; plain design.. P**g0 (made in Swe) quality;gd as other German Techn..still undecided..?


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laminate flooring still laminate flooring... no matter what is the brand or made in where, it can't achieve a good sound proofing if you compare with timber flooring... i just finish my reno, all my bedrms using S****M* laminate flooring... it up to my expectation, lifetime warranty, i like one of their design with grain feel surface


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ello shadow,

Hmmm.... I did the moving myself.. Paiseh plus moving with strangers may lead to an uncomfortable situation... should an accident occur whilst moving.
But I guess there's no harm asking the boss possiblility of moving help few days before they start work.

As for price, I spent about $4k plus for the entire house. All rms with different wood range. With the most durable one for the living rm...


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Thanks ....Hehe .. guess will have to discuss with hb first .. cos we did have no idea if we shld upgrade our flat or stay put


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Dear all, anyone has problems with creaky laminate flooring. We installed Krono*** flooring a while ago but the creaky sounds do not go away though contractor told us it would improve over time. Can someone pls help? thanks!


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hi i'm back. having problems with creaky floorings? - my friend has the same problem with the same brand. problem could be due to the design of the joints of the flooring. problem will be minimised if the flooring is glued together but nowadays laminate floorings are glueless with clip system. So it is important to ensure that the flooring design for the connect system is strong.
I shared that i used Wip*****t since 1 year ago and i have no problem with the gaps opening or creaking sound... still like new.
Very happy to hear from Melz that after a thorough research, he also decided on Wipar***. i also did a very comprehensive research before deciding on Wipar***t. i have to cos my total area is almost 2000sqft of laminate flooring.
Sending my thanks to Gary ( hp 9619 9019 ), of Wipar***t.


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Hi Ng san San Susannee..
Wow long name.. anyway.. creaky flooring?? How creaky is it? I mean does the flr boards move? Is the boards level? Walk around the edges if it is the case. Do you have furnitures on it already? Creaky sound shouldn't be that loud or obvious. I have done up on my rooms with flr boards and till this day no problem except as expected it has a feeling of hollowness unlike timber flring.

Hi shiok,
How are you and nice to 'see' you again. How's life!!! Think Gary should give you a treat on promoting him!!! Just kidding har..


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Hi San San,

I also have all the bedrooms installed with Krono 12mm Robusto clic but no problems with creaky sound. Btw, there's 2 mades of Krono in the market; one made in Germany and the other from China. Quality and Price are a great difference.


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no matter how good the clicking system is, if the floor screed is not level then the system won't work well.....


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hi guys, i also recently found out that there are 2 kronos in the market.. one is kr***tex, and the other is kr***span. Pls be careful. i nearly chose Kr***span, which later on , i found out from Kr***tex showroom at parkmall, that the span product is an imitation.. and made in China...and different in quality and price. But pple can get confused and thought they are the same family cos of their krono name. i check out the net earlier and read some feedback on some clicking sound after installing the kr***span product... whether its true, i also dunno..


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hi shiok..
welcome back... in fact was trying to get hold of you before i did my flooring but too bad you went M.I.A. But neverthelss, i am glad to have read your earlier posts abt Wipar***t. Very helpful and informative. Like you, I'd prefer to go into detail and do a thorough research before deciding. No regrets whatsoever.. Very nice my fren. Thx!

p/s: I especially enjoyed your "conversations" with a particular peculiar baby. Hahaha! Very funny indeed!


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Hi davy_barks,

it all depends on the brand and the thickness. Some can easily be done less than $2000 for the 3 rooms or even the whole flat.


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I've done my 3 bedrooms for $1800. Using supreme 12mm laminates. Just done up yesterday, like the feeling & effect. quite nice... keke.



Would like to know do anyone know how to maintain laminated flooring? I was told that i cant use a mop to mop the flooring as water might damaged it.

Greatly appreciated your advices


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Hi all,

The laminate flooring for my 3 bedrooms and Storeroom (including skirting for all bedrooms plus living room) cost 2500 excluding GST.

It is only 8mm and i know it is at a cost of $4.5 psf.

Why is the cost so different from plain? My calculation showed that the area (with 10% wastage) is 462 sq ft. Is $2500 too high?

Can anyone advise me? Possible to negotiate lower price?

Hi Plain, what is the price psf for your 12mm laminate flooring and the area involved? did u get from supreme direct or via your reno id?


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Hi tcflabby

my house is completing soon, though i do not use supreme laminate flooring for my 3bedrooms (i used another brand) but my id have quoted me supreme before was only $4.2 psf inculding skirting 12mm laminate flooring.

think you better check it up with your contractor.....


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Hi People,

Laminate flooring can look for Raymond Ee (hp: 98508818) from Supreme. The prices he quotes is competitive. Helpful and approachable.


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Hi all,

Have looked through the threads. Quite informative

Just wondering if there's any reviews on the different brands of laminate floorings after using it for a few years?

Thanks in advance!


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Alan>> Guess it's due to either marketing or the quality of the products. Well, I am not taking any chances. Since it's going to be long-term, I prefer to go for the tried-and-tested brands.


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Hi everyone!

I just got a quote from wiparquet and was quoted 5.50 psf.

Wondering if anyone is using wiparquet too? Wondering if my 5.50psf is slightly on the pricey side.

For those who used / thinking of using wiparquet too, perhaps we can discuss the specs of our laminate to learn more.